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Review #1, by theblacksisters The Final Battle

28th October 2013:
Awesome! That's all I can think of to say, 'cept maybe adding a bunch of smily faces? this was a great one-shot.

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Review #2, by AuroraLamia The Final Battle

29th April 2007:
I love how you did that, how you she is a hero for saving the one thing that she probably ever really loved. I like how you've writtenn her as not Evil but dark. Showing that although she can love she is bad, almost evil.

Author's Response: Thank you for the review, I'm glad to see you enjoyed it! :D

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Review #3, by mraudbdyy The Final Battle

19th April 2007:
I've never read anything like this before, and I'm so glad I did. The characterizations were amazing. I love the way you've written Bellatrix, because most people write her as purely evil and it's impossible to be just one or the other, there's always shades of grey. Her little scene with Rodolphus I think portrayed that really well, with her letting down her guard down with him and how she struggled with the words 'I love you'. It was creepy (in a good way) how she then just did a complete 180 and started to sing her little chant about the Aurors. She changed back into the monster so easily as though it were as simple as flicking a switch.

Neville was exactly as I imagine him. The fact that he stepped back from a fight with the woman that had practically orphaned him to help someone he didn't know, made him in my mind a hero too. I think it took more courage to step away than to avenge his parents.

The battle scenes were written with such intensity that I couldn’t stop reading. The part about the blood from the corpses sent shivers down my spine, as did the little girl and her siblings who strangled the Auror.

The end, of course, was my favourite part. I could really empathize with Bellatrix when she was trying to protect her husband. Even after all the terrible things she’s done, I was practically sighing with relief when she got Rodolphus, one of the only people she’s ever show love towards, on that boat. Your story was a refreshing portrayal of Bella and a real eye opener when it comes to what it means to be heroic. She sacrificed her own life for someone else, something you’d never think you’d see Bellatrix Black do. She died in perfect character too – insulting Harry with her last breath. I loved the very last sentence: ‘Who was the real hero?’ It leaves you hanging, contemplating the moral of the story, and you don’t often see that done very well.

Overall, brilliant story, I loved it. 10/10. This is going into my favorites.

Author's Response: Wow! Thanks! I'm glad you enjoyed this story so much! I was thinking of rewriting some of this story's weak parts, although I'm short on time, but I'll be sure to leave those scenes you mentioned alone. Thanks for the review! :D

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Review #4, by moonysgirl The Final Battle

31st March 2007:
This was one of the best fics I have read in a while. It just shows that every person is multidimensional and can't be 100% good of 100% evil, and that, as you intended, the definition of hero is vague. Harry was the obvious hero, having killed Bellatrix, but even though Bellatrix would have to be one of the people who are 95% bad, she risked her life to get Rodolphus on the ship and ended up dead as a result. On Harry's part, reinforced by a large group, he risked less but did more. However, when you think about it, Bella's trying to save one of the only people whom she has probably ever loved was equally if not more noble, as the goal didn't involve being vindictive.There are many ways to be a hero. Wonderfully done!

Author's Response: Thank you! I'm glad that you understood the message! I was recently told that the 'everything's not black and white' thing was cliche, so I was worrying about this one. It's my favorite work so far. *feels giddy now*

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Review #5, by almost_witch The Final Battle

16th January 2007:
Oh wow. This was such a brilliantly written story. I really loved it.

I havent read a story like this before and I loved the perspective you used in it.

I swear this story has no faults in it at all. Brilliantly written and I really loved the plot.

Author's Response: Thanks, though I wish my perfectionist self could agree with there being no faults. I've been having the urge to revise it again. Thanks for the review! ^^

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Review #6, by juliethemuggle The Final Battle

20th December 2006:
omg, it's so sad! especially the end. It was a bit confusing, but wonderfully written! I can only hope to write pieces half as good as this. 10/10. ~juliethemuggle

Author's Response: Thank you! *blushes* I do need to work on clarifying my writing, like you said, and also thanks for the review.

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Review #7, by delta The Final Battle

27th November 2006:
Wow. This was really deep and insightful. In every war, people take different sides and even the 'good' side can do actions deemed bad. Bellatrix was wonderful here. She was in character, yet remarkably heroic. I loved how you brought in both Neville and Harry and how Bellatrix cried with Rodolphus. This was truly amazing. Great story! :)

Author's Response: Thank you, I'm glad you liked it, it is one of my favorite to write.

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Review #8, by Ydnas Odell/DA Jones The Final Battle

20th August 2006:
This is awesome! One of the best battle scene's I have read. And written in a way that really makes you think.

The horrible thing to think about is the heroism is not reserved to the good. A hero is simply someone who is willing to sacrifice themselves for others and is willing to sacrifice even themselves for a cause. Heroism is morally neutral. It is an action taken within a set of circumstances. The sad fact is that in real life their ere heros among the Nazi's and there can certainly be heroes among the DE as well as among the DA.

JKR values courage and again courage is morals neutral. No one can really say for instance that terrorists lack courage.

I think you took up an interesting topic and handled it well. But I don't think you need the ending where you point out your moral. Let the story end where it will naturally end... perhaps with a line like "At least she knew Rodolphus was safe...." and let it point out its own moral. Trust the reader, because at the end there you take the reader out of the story instead lf letting the superb images linger in their minds, and you do images well. This story completely filled my mind while I was reading it.

It also bothered me a bit, about Parvati being so frightenend and crying. I think she has more fiber in her then that. Maybe she is a bit superficial but came across as a little to soft for a Gryffindor. Maybe you should have her say a heroic defiant sounding thing before the end, but either way she should face her death bravely. Her opponents don't have to be cowwards for Bellatrix to be a hero. But this is just my opinion of the char, so it is ok if you feel otherwise.

I gave it a 9. This was excellent.

Author's Response: Wow, thanks. :D I'm glad you got the point, that was the whole meaning of the story. I'm not sure how I can make her braver, but I'll see what I can do. I guess I could add something subtle in her. And by the way, in case you suspected it, I didn't kill off Parvati that way because she's a gossip or something, I just needed one of those lesser characters rather than, say, the trio themselves. I'll see what I can do, I didn't mean to imply with the scene that she was weak, but rather that Bella was terrifying... but you're right. I'll try to edit it some. Thanks. :D

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Review #9, by Jimmer The Final Battle

10th August 2006:
Hey, great one-shot. Also, I was in such a hurry when I replied to one of your reviews that I didn't even answer your questions (the ones that I can answer).
First question: Charlie was ambushed, would he really know what exactly happened? (getting stunned is like being unconscious, he wouldn't know if he was kicked or punched or what). Answer: I always thought that getting stunned was like not being able to do any physical movements but still be able to feel and see what was going on around you. Although now I think that might be a little off. But oh well... Second question: Instead of "Dear Muggle-lover" you could put "Dear Bloodtraitor" ... though, calling Weasleys insults on what seems like a buisness-like letter seems a bit personal.... Answer: I think you're right about Dear Bloodtraitor, that would definately have been better. And about the letter, it's Voldemort, he can write the letters how he wants, he was never good with manners..... And the only reason Voldemort came to their house was because he had heard Charlie was there, the weekly inspection was an excuse (though they do happen). Third: Instead of making words like "VOLDEMORT" all-caps, how about put it in italics? Answer: I didn't know how to italicise words when I submitted that chapter, I did know before your review on telling me how.... I just didn't think it was important enough for me to change that and then have the validators look at it for that one reason. same thing for "First, combine "The man was still hanging around the Weasley's house." and "Making sure Voldemort wouldn't return." into, "The man was still hanging around the Weasley's house, making sure Voldemort wouldn't return."" and Also, "he reversed death, so wouldn't Mrs. Weasley at least think he would be a great enemy against Voldemort? You just might want to re-word that." I like it how it is. Also, Ginny being gone for 7 years is a big/small part of the story (mainly the sequal), but not because she was with Harry and Minerva. BTW there's only two more chapters to this story before I start submitting the sequal. This was like one big prologue to the sequal! It's called Secret's Undetected are lives Uneffected! (that was going to be the last chapter's name for Ginny's Letter). Thanks for the reviews and for pointing out those mistakes. I hope you follow my story and it's sequal until the end!

Author's Response: Hehe, okay, thanks for clearing that up, though it might be easier to send a PM next time ;)

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Review #10, by firebreathingradishes The Final Battle

20th June 2006:
This is amazing. Definitely one of my favorite stories. :]

Bellatrix is perfectly characterized. I like how you gave her more depth than the usual "I'mgonnacrucioyourass"-Bellatrix. The rhyme that Bellatrix says in the flashback is very clever. I could see her saying that. I love the tension that happens between Bellatrix and Neville.

The battle is very much like what I would imagine Voldemort planning. The "Sectumsempra" part with the dead bodies is absolutely brilliant (though a bit gruesome... perfect for Voldemort). "It hung in the sky, like the moon’s evil twin." I love that line. Fits the story perfectly.

Bravo. I could go on forever about it. :]

Author's Response: Thanks! I'm so glad you enjoyed it. =D

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Review #11, by VBall_player23 The Final Battle

28th May 2006:
WOW..that story was really good!! I really like the ending too! It really makes the reader think. I think i have the answer too..i think the real hero was Neville..

Author's Response: Hmmm no one's said it was Neville before, that's interesting. He did have the ability to stand aside... I like your answer. Thanks for reviewing =D

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Review #12, by leila The Final Battle

30th April 2006:
bellatrix... in an odd way... this really makes you think about things from another perons perspective, huh?

Author's Response: Thank you so much for the review, and that was my goal so I'm glad you thought about it that way. =)

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Review #13, by Yuu The Final Battle

28th April 2006:
This was very interesting and with a great dramatic effect. I definitely enjoyed the action, which was the main reason why I followed the link in the forums. :) It was also refreshing to see a different side of Bellatrix.

Author's Response: Thank you, I'm glad you enjoyed it and liked the different side. =) Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #14, by holly bergman The Final Battle

25th February 2006:
Good story. I have to admit that Bellatrix was being remotely noble but that doesn't stop her from being an evil git. I don't really think that Harry would be able to murder someone though. He couldn't kill Sirius in the third book.

Author's Response: people change as they mature. And third book was before even Cedric died, much less before Sirius and other people died. But thanks anyway for the review- and yes, you don't have to be 'good' to be 'noble.' Thanks

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Review #15, by PhoenixStorm The Final Battle

24th February 2006:
*stunned* omg! I cannot tell you how much I loved this one-shot (recc'd to me by Lucid, you having to deal with my babbling is her fault ;) ). It's just so amazingly written.

I found a few mistakes, primarily grammar things, but I didn't take out everything :). mountains and in front of the Death Eaters, however, were piles and piles of bodies If you're going to have the however, the and needs to be a but. Voldemort icily laughed softly one or the other, and make sure you put whichever after the 'laughed'. Our gravestones will bear the honor Not a mistake, but if you want to go british you would put 'honour' :). She grinned as she silently repeated the rhythm did you mean rhythm or rhyme? you are left behind; The Aurors either the semi colon needs to be a fullstop or the T needs to be a t. to see a crowd of centaurs charged down the hill they rested tense, 'charging down the hill they rested upon.' Realization sank in the brit thing again, realisation.

Anyway, just wow! From beginning to end you wrote this brilliantly and I completely loved reading it. Your descriptions are great, and your characterisation spot-on. Only thing that's just struck me, isn't Regulus dead? or is this not confirmed in the books? but it doesn't matter much, he was a lovely touch to the story and I think you wrote him well. Especially at the beginning when he was talking to Bella.

Now bellatrix was just perfect. Even when she was comforting Regulus I felt she was really really Bella. and this bit It’s okay. If either of us die, it’ll be in service to the Dark Lord I could quite easily imagine her saying. She strongly believes in Voldemort and you manage to write this in excellently. Also the bit when she's killing that Auror But I think it goes more like this,” Bellatrix whispered was very bella, as well as the whole manic rhyme (very good btw) and general crazy things she said in this.

One of my favourite parts to this was the scene with Neville and Regulus. I loved the parallels you drew between the them, and how they were neutral towards each other in that moment. Also liked how you gave Bella someone she cares about. This bit The Death Eaters cheered for victory, for triumph, and for death I also felt summed up the death eaters really well.

Now my absolute favourite bit is the end of course. That was just an amazing end. I love how you twist perceptions in this fic; it's very cleverly written. How you made Harry the 'bad guy' and Bella, of all people, the hero was just incredible, and utterly believable - a feat I would not have thought possible. And the last line is perfect too Who was the real hero? I'd quote the whole bit before, but it'd be a bit long :D. I don't think you could have ended this in a better way, and I am simply stunned by how great this fic is. Wonderful job :).

Author's Response: er, wow, thanks! I know that the pureblood names are easily mixed up- bleh im a little tired of researching them- but Regulus is Sirius's brother, and Rodolphus is a Lestrange family memeber who married Bellatrix, who was originally Bellatrix Black. Wow, thanks for all of those grammer hints- I'll update it now. Thanks alot, I'm very glad it was recommended. If you'll excuse me, I've got grammer to fix. Thanks!

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Review #16, by Cill The Final Battle

12th February 2006:
I've got chills. This was amazing, really great. I loved how you portrayed Bellatrix, how your description of her in the beginning was human. When she came out of the tent, she was just as we saw her in the books. That characterization was right on. Neville was great, too. How he just left Bellatrix. He didn't avenge his parents, just taking care of his friend. Absolutely brilliant.

In this story, you developed a strange fondness of Bellatrix, I was almost mad at Harry for killing her. The end was so bittersweet.

Although, when you use the curse 'Avada kedavra' so frequently, I think you should at least spell it right. So, Avada kedavra, not Avada kedarva ;)
That was however the only spelling mistake I noticed. Thank you for this lovely story. Lucid recommended it and I don't regret reading it the least. It was brilliant.

Author's Response: oh oops I'll have to change that, hee. Thank you, I'm glad it was recommended. Wonderful you enjoyed the story, I hope it'll be just as good for others as well. Thank you for reviewing.. Gah I never know what to say when people take the time for such a review. Thanks.

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Review #17, by Lucid The Final Battle

11th February 2006:
This was absolutely amazing, you really took the breath from me as I was reading this, I just couldn't breathe out - it was so intense. I have rarely read such a well constructed or thought out battle scene, I tell you I could rave about for hours, its really excellent. You have really created something whole special here, and I had to sit back and go ‘woah’ and then proceed to tell lots of people just how terrific this is. I cannot believe that this has only four reviews… it deserves far more, and I am sure you will get them.

Your grip on the scene and the characters in it was masterful, you threaded it throughout with beautiful words and imagery to counter the darkness that resonates through it. I think it’s that darkness balanced with the hope, which keeps the reader on the edge of their seat. The way you portrayed Neville is the most beautiful and perfect way possible, I don’t think I have ever seen one better than what you have done here. This line particularly stood out to me – “Neville, instead of replying, or avenging his parents, turned to tend to his own fallen mate” it had such feeling and significance, and showed just how wonderful Neville is, how much better he is than Bellatrix on the inside, where it counts – I truly loved that line.

Your portrayal of Bellatrix, though, was absolutely brilliant, again you have such a firm and strong grip on her character. At no point am I ever in doubt that’s who she is, you show many aspects to her, and all are insightful and terrific to read. You really do such a great job of writing her.

The end paragraph is the cherry on the cake of what you have written though, after showing the violence, madness, pain, suffering, and the revenge – you leave the reader with such a bitter taste in their mouth, a melancholic feeling of an empty victory. I can’t help but feel so sad for Harry who finally avenges Sirius but then there’s nothing left for him, the death of Bellatrix doesn’t fulfil him.

I really hope that you write many, many more stories because once I have exhausted the others I shall be pestering you for more. Once again, this was fantastic… really well done.

Author's Response: Wow... Thanks alot for the review. I'm glad I spent the time on this fic, then. I'm afraid anything I say won't be significent reply, but once again, thanks for taking the time to tell me your thoughts. I really enjoyed writing Bellatrix, I'm really glad that it turned out great.

Author's Response: Thanks alot for recommending my story! I'm really happy that you've found it that enjoyable. PS: my other stories are a little... different. I used to have a similar fic, but I deleted it due to... problems. Thanks alot. =^.^= (I am working on a Bella n Narcissa fic btw if you're interested)

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Review #18, by bellas blanky The Final Battle

19th January 2006:
you killed her off and had potter win? seriously guys this was a great piece, very emotional and really gripping. i loved the way you did bella and rudy, most interesting.

Author's Response: thanks, and yes, I figured I couldn't proove her a hero in the most apparent way and I figured 'sacrifice'. Thanks, I'm glad you liked it. ^.^

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Review #19, by Noblevyne The Final Battle

15th January 2006:
The description and characterisation in this is fantastic, you have managed to pull of a wonderful portrait of Bellatrix and that's a talent I see rarely, you give her human qualities and don't diminish the monster in her, well done!
The battle was well staged and thought out, I am honestly enraptured with this one, into my favourites it goes!

Author's Response: Wow, thanks, I worked hard on it, thanks for the review and favorites, umm im kinda speechless so sry for lack of words. ^.^

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Review #20, by magpie quill The Final Battle

14th January 2006:
i loved this. hero is a completly arboutrery word. it just depends on wich side your on. i love seeing both of them. bellatrix and harry two very diffrent hero's.

Author's Response: thank you, I really enjoyed the review. I'm glad I gave the message correctly. I thought ppl wouldn't like it at all cuz Bella killed Sirius... *gulp*

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Review #21, by dim at best The Final Battle

14th January 2006:
This story made me think, and gave an entirely new perception on heroism. A hero can be put to both, because there's different heroes for different causes...this thought would've never hit me if I hadn't read your story. You stayed true to the actual happenings in the book, loyalties and all, yet you still managed to portray Bellatrix, not in a good light, but a heroic one. Great job =)

Author's Response: thanks, this was just an inkling of mine, im glad it turned out so well and made u think. But dont think too hard- it hurts. X.x ty for review!

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