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Review #1, by ForeverCharmed98 Empty

7th March 2013:
I love the plot! Plz plz plz update soon!

Author's Response: Hello, ForeverCharmed98! As much as i would love to update this fic, I don't have the files anymore. My old computer crashed, and I'm afraid to say that I haven't backed up any of my HPFF files :( It has been eons since I've last written anything related to Ties of Two Worlds, and I'm not entirely sure if I remember how the story goes and how it should end. I would like to thank you for appreciating this though. And i could give you links to my all time fave fics as well,... if you'd like! :)

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Review #2, by Raslygri Of Deals and Dreams

28th June 2007:
I really enjoyed reading the flashback and it's nice that you're taking the Malfoy-Granger relationship slowly. Few authors bother to keep them in character, and so far Hermione's definitely been Hermione and Draco's definitely been Draco. Wonderful!

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Review #3, by Raslygri Headboy

28th June 2007:
The names you came up with for the potential head boys are very nice. But, wow, DRACO!! You write him so well. I loved what he was thinking: "
What is wrong with that mudblood…? She must have gotten into trouble..oh……this is awesome! Miss goody-two-shoes in TROUBLE… But what the hell was that in her eyes…?" It sounds so Dracoish.

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Review #4, by Raslygri Prologue

28th June 2007:
I love Draco/Hermione stories, and you've started off on a very promising note! You write the trio vividly and well. Very interesting so far.

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Review #5, by tigerlility Headboy

12th April 2007:
… he’s an undespicable loathsome egotistic ferret… I HATE HIM!

might want to change that to 'indespicable'- otherwise its a compliment in a string of insults

great so far

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Review #6, by ainzee-dotcom-at the library.. Empty

14th September 2006:
nyahahaha!!.. well, jem.. ainee's here.. jus dropping by.. jamie's really a good story-maker.. toinkz!hehe.. yah!.. really... and jem.. wala lng.. daan-daan lng ako.. ala kcng magawa d2 sa LIBRARY ntin na ewan ko..hahaha! naiinis ako ke mam garol..ambot!haha.. :) take note: were not related and even were not RELATIVES!!hahaha.. eeewwww!.. GOOD STORIES JEM!.. keep it up.. mwah! *hugs and kisses*..


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Review #7, by Hermione Malfoy Empty

12th September 2006:
Great work keep writing i will be back when you put more up.

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Review #8, by unknown Empty

9th September 2006:
really goodd cant wait till the next chap. comes out. which hopefully will be soon cause im anixious to read it!!

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Review #9, by Spottedtail Truth Unveiled

9th September 2006:
WOW awesome!

Author's Response: just like you!!! :D

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Review #10, by dorfam Romeo and Juliet

22nd August 2006:
update soon

Author's Response: ive finished the next chapter!!!! but havnt typed it yet... :3

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Review #11, by chinxed Romeo and Juliet

15th August 2006:

u rOck!!!


keep on writing!

or else....



Author's Response: but hey... i love your fics too! i uhm... just think that you post all 13 chapters... ohhhh... SCOTTTTTTTT!!! thank you chinked!! muwaaaahhhhh

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Review #12, by ashley5895 Romeo and Juliet

9th August 2006:
hehehehehehe i love that play!!! yea yea!!! hehe now me thinking of what draco&hermione must do... (a hole lot more hehehe's but not enuff time 2 write it all down)

so hurry up with more!!!! i love it like its good so more! hahahahahahaha( i dont know.. i think i had to much suggar or somethin else....i dont do drugs!!!!!!! hahahahahhehehehe ) well love it more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Author's Response: ohhhhh...... hahahah!!!!!! i lourve that play too!!!.... *nods* thanks... next chapter will come soon... i just have to deal with a few more strings.. and.... "sjafhsaluhseifhawifhwi" hahah..... i feel weird... thanks for your review!!!


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Review #13, by missrachel Romeo and Juliet

8th August 2006:
Yay lol next chapter? GREAT JOB

Author's Response: yay!!!!!! i lost the next xhappie... i got it here somewhere... *mumbles* but anyway... expect it in a week or so.... your reviews make me happy!!!!!! xxx

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Review #14, by Fallen Angel Romeo and Juliet

6th August 2006:
aww sweet! update fast! :D

Author's Response: okay okay..... as soon as our exam is over... haha! thanks for reading!!! xxx

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Review #15, by raspberry No Fairytale

14th June 2006:
heeeyyyy!! i know i should not review on my own story... but i have a HUGE problem... i CAN'T log in... HPFF won't let me...T_T


to those who know how to fix this or who is willing to help,
please e-mail me.


Author's Response: no worries folks!! i am back once moreeeeee!!!!!!!!!!! but i'll update in a week or so... or maybe this weekend... or,,... whatever....

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Review #16, by Dracosmybabisdaddi Romeo and Juliet

12th June 2006:
update..asap.... :-)

Author's Response: surrrreeee..... glad you like it!!!!!

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Review #17, by kels Romeo and Juliet

10th June 2006:

Author's Response: asap...promise!! after our exam...

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Review #18, by tonet Romeo and Juliet

29th May 2006:
ahem! ahem! lingaw siguro kanang play nila..
dba forbidden love man nang romeo ug juliet?..
bagay man pud... kay si draco kay pureblood man siya tapos
si hermione kay muggleborn man
tapos kontra man jud ang mga Malfoy sa mga mudblood..
kato ra man..
mag review na pud ko kung na ma post na nimo tong charper 8
weeeeehhhh.... wala lang nalingaw lang jud ko... hehe
see you soon..

Author's Response: hahahah... magpalingaw lang ka..!! have fun!

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Review #19, by tonet Tiwst

29th May 2006:
eow! hi bit... weeh! wala lng.. hehe..
haha! "bloody research? tama jud ka ana..
hehehe! bloody jud... wahahaha.. wala nako nagcomment sa imong istori fairness bisaya jud noh? hehe ...orig...
anyway nalingaw ko sa imong fanfic..
hehe.. geh basahun pa nako tong chapter 7 nimo..
^^, TAF rulz... \m/

Author's Response: haha... thanks bit!!!!!!!

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Review #20, by dHaRz Romeo and Juliet

24th May 2006:
* i miss y0u raspberry * hahaha... anyway, nice 0ne jem... update s0on... luvin' it s0o much! muwah! :*

Author's Response: ohh... i miss you too darlene!!! haha....!! thanks for the banner.. ulit.... hahahah.... :3

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Review #21, by kels Romeo and Juliet

20th May 2006:
very good. so keep going!!!!!!

Author's Response: love your reviews! thanks! :o

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Review #22, by Draco is love Romeo and Juliet

19th May 2006:
I really like this story so far.. although it needs more explanation at times and more conversation But I really like it other than that :D

Author's Response: i'll do that... maybe i should edit the last few chapters before posting the others, so it'll be clearer for you and the other readers! thank you very much!!!! ^_^

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Review #23, by Fallen Angel Tiwst

16th May 2006:
ok ok.. u got me hooked.. next part pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeee...:D

Author's Response: thanks!!!! next chapter is coming up!!

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Review #24, by Vegas Chick Tiwst

13th May 2006:
good chapter! looking forward to the next chapter to come!

Author's Response: thanks! next chap comming up....!!

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Review #25, by Black sisters Truth Unveiled

27th April 2006:

Author's Response: chapter 6 is out! chapter seven is done, as well, but the validation takes time... i've done chapter 8 and 9 as well!! thanks for the review!

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