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Review #1, by hpfan A Morale-Booster

29th August 2014:
A perfect story to get to know dumbledore more. Although this may not be the real feeling but is sure does feel real. The very important events of harry potter books retold by dumbledore . A must read if you like dumbledore.

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Review #2, by minnie Hot Chocolate

18th February 2007:
“Why is life so unfair?” she whispers.I know what she means. After years trying to have children, we thought we’d finally have a family, after we’d given up hope. But Minerva miscarried over the summer. We’re no longer together now – she needs her space.

I cried when I read this *snif*

Author's Response: Thanks again ... I don't know when you posted this, sorry if it took ages for me to respond, because I keep going through phases of neglecting particular sites. Plus this one doesn't have alerts so I have to check myself to see if I've recieved anything. Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #3, by minnie When Fears Become Reality

18th February 2007:
When I get no response, I bury my face in his hair and cry. I cry for the loss of a life who never knew love; who had so much to live for. I cry for the loss of the one boy of his age witches and wizards would mourn all over the world.And I cry for Harry.

I lost it at this point, again a very good job!!

Author's Response: Thanks again! I think I cried writing this one

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Review #4, by minnie Revelations of the Heart

18th February 2007:
But now I know what my greatest desire really is. It is to see Harry free.
But I know, as I leave the classroom and head for my chambers, the Christmas scene still playing in my vision, that is one thing that I doubt will ever be.

I never actualy tought abouth Dumbledore in this position, but you managed to write it down very beauteful! Keep up the good work!!

Author's Response: Thanks! ~Alex

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Review #5, by Minervas_soul Hot Chocolate

29th October 2006:
YEA!! MM/AD!! The begining was so sweet-poor minerva!! I loved the other two chapters too I just didn't want to stop and review- it was that good. 10/10

Author's Response: Aw, thank you. Poor Minerva. Thanks for reviewing! ~Alex

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Review #6, by mmcgonagall06 Hot Chocolate

28th June 2006:
I love it!. . .I'm a HUGE AD/MM ship as well and I absolutely love your story! I've added you to my Favorite Authors!!! The conflict between Albus and Minerva is so tragic and heartbreaking. . .I WANT MORE!!!!! Where's chapter 4????

Author's Response: Be patient! The first half of Chapter Four is sitting gathering dust on my hard drive and the rest is somewhere in my brain out of reach. I did have a plan for the chapter but I'm having difficulty accessing it now. ~Alex

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Review #7, by mmcgonagall06 When Fears Become Reality

28th June 2006:
Awww. . .this is short, but it gets the point across. Dumbledore loves Harry and cares for him like his own child (or great-great-grandchild, as the case may be). . .I think it's really sweet!

Author's Response: I was concerned about the length but everyone's convinced me it's fine as it is. The only problem would be submitting the fic to a beta archive because they have minimum lengths, but I'll work on that. I'm hoping to make it longer at some point but for now I like it. I'm glad you do. I like to make the point absolutely crystal clear in my fics ... yes, Albus really loves Harry. The end.

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Review #8, by mmcgonagall06 Revelations of the Heart

28th June 2006:
I like this so far. . .it's really good. I like the way you did Dumbledore. I'm trying to write a fic from his standpoint and it's really difficult.

Author's Response: If you haven't read it already, try Dzeytoun's "Here Be Monsters" on FF.Net and FictionAlley. It's what got me into fanfiction and into Albus's head. Before I read it I would never have been able to write from his POV.

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Review #9, by Chocolat_Chaud Revelations of the Heart

25th February 2006:
hmmmm well thats a problem 'caus i don't really have an acount here. *thinking* i'm really bad at internet stuff you see. Why don't you give it a shot at you're original plan of yourself making the banner and if you are REALLY REALLY i reapeat REALLY desperate hit me back on a responce telling me what you would like on it and i'll try get it to you. Though to avoid awkward sitiuations you can just turn me down (I really don't mind). anyways see ya and i can't wait till the next chappie!

Author's Response: For now I'm not doing banners, I'll wait and maybe if I get more hits I'll consider doing one. I've been concentrating on posting at FF.Net at the momet because I stopped getting review alerts without realising and thought no-one was reading. Silly me.

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Review #10, by Chocolat_Chaud Hot Chocolate

25th February 2006:
hey, i was just thinking if you would like a banner for this story. if you do just tell me on your responce, though i'm not sure how to give it to you so do you think you could tell me how if you do want one. i'm nothing compared to Anastasia but hey i'll try!

Author's Response: Hmm ... I was thinking of having a shot at doing a banner myself, although I really wouldn't know where to start - if I mess up I'd like to take you up on your offer, although I'm not sure how I'd like the banner to look. Do you have an account here? If so I'll contact you privately. ~*Alexannah*~

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Review #11, by Chocolat_Chaud Hot Chocolate

16th February 2006:
yes! a new chappie! loved the chapter just like the rest and tell Anastasia what a good banner maker she is. can't wait to read more. i'm not good at long reviews so considered it great that i got this far. anyways great story!

Author's Response: Thank you thank you thank you! I'll be sure to let Anastasia know. Chapter 4 is unfortunatly on hold until further notice - stay tuned to my bio for updates.

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Review #12, by Anastasia Hot Chocolate

15th February 2006:
I loved it!! The best one so far!

I am a AD/MM shipper as well, and I totally enjoyed their scenes. I loved the ''Min'' and ''Minnie'' names, lol. You presented them as a real and sweet couple. Nicely done!

I love the way you connect the books and your story. You use the things that have happened in cannon, but using your own input makes the story fantastic. I am a fan of ''Changes'' !

The last line was fantastic. It had so much

In a nutshell, this was exceptional. I want to read the next chapter asap!! ~Anastasia

ps1: I loved the title of this chap.

ps2: Thank you for thanking me for the banner!!!

Author's Response: Greetings, fellow AD/MM shipper! I'm glad they come across as a real couple. I don't think the books do the characters justice, because they're all from Harry's POV - not complaining; it leaves gaps for fanfiction to fill! I've been wondering about that who-found-Colin-Creevey thing for a while. I don't think it's a mistake somehow, and the real explanation probably isn't as innocent as mine. Hehe. That last line ... I don't know where that came from. Jealousy is something I write a lot of, and thinking about the situation with Albus and Minerva's marriage and Harry just seemed to fit. I can completely understand her feeling like that. Thank you for thanking me for thanking you for the banner!

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Review #13, by Chocolat_Chaud When Fears Become Reality

14th February 2006:
*Sniff sniff* that was so sad, it has so much emotion in hardly any words, you have to write the next chapter as soon as possible, i can't stand the suspence!

Author's Response: I've already written the next chapter - it's still in the waiting queue to be validated. So's chapter 5 of EaGL, if you read that. I am evil and enjoy making my readers cry - glad I succeeded. Thanx for reviewing! ~*Alexannah*~

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Review #14, by Anastasia When Fears Become Reality

12th February 2006:
Wow! INCREDIBLE chapter! Albus' mentality is showcased perfectly by your elaborate and heartfelt sentences. I am anxious --what happens next?! Excellent work, Alexannah! ~Anastasia

Author's Response: Hi, Anastasia - thanks a lot! The next chapter's going to be from CoS, so you don't actually see Harry wake - sorry! But thanx for reviewing ~*Alexannah*~

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Review #15, by Anastasia Revelations of the Heart

20th January 2006:
EXCELLENT story and a really original idea...Your writing style flows so naturally and genuinely...I am adding this story to my favourites and I cannot wait for the next chapter! ~Anastasia ps: When you can, check out my stories too! Thanks!

Author's Response: Hi again (again)! Thank you for keeping reviewing, lol. I'm a little stuck on chapter 2, but I know what's going to be in it; it's just not very long yet, so I'm working on padding it out a bit more. I'm writing v. hard on both fics, but I will find time to check out yours, too, lol. ~*Alexannah*~

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Review #16, by Desiree Revelations of the Heart

14th January 2006:
Interesting take on the Mirror of Erised. Certainly a possibility, albeit one I had not thought of.

Author's Response: Hi, Desiree. Finally, a review of Changes! Whoopee! Yes, it is interesting. You'll see a lot of Dumbledore you probably don't think about. The information about his family you might want to store in your mind for future reference, especially if you're reading my other fic, Emeralds and Green Light. Thanx for reviewing! ~*Alexannah*~

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