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Review #1, by prettysmile215 Baby

27th April 2008:
Wow this was such an intense chapter!
i just found this story and i have to say im already
completely obsessed with it. Your an amazing writer
and i hope you update soon!!

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Review #2, by Remus4tonksalways Really?

25th April 2008:
AGH NO get rid of Jay!!! REMMUS! loll i love the story so far!

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Review #3, by tonksloveswerewolves Damsel in distress

22nd June 2007:
hm...makes me think of the show Grey's Anatomy.they have a lot of s-e-x...and I mean A LOT...10/10 even though I don't like Jay

Author's Response: thankyou. Bxxx

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Review #4, by tonksloveswerewolves New Years Eve- The very sweet and the slightly sour

22nd June 2007:
*gr*...I don't like Jay...He's a Barry-Dru (manly Mary-Sue) in my opinion...he's too perfect...*gr*

Author's Response: yeah he pisses me off too!

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Review #5, by pink101 Baby

15th February 2007:
really enjoyed reading the whole thing , very cute!

Author's Response: thankyou very much.

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Review #6, by hpfan4life62442 Baby

3rd November 2006:
please do a sequal please

Author's Response: maybe i will one day, but i can't see it.

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Review #7, by seriously_lovin_sirius Baby

19th September 2006:
ok...the chappie is kinda short, but i guess it fills everything we need to know about tonks and remus and jay...kinda sad actually that it is not remus' baby, but you can't really change that

Author's Response: I know... i was very tempted to make it remus' baby, all happy endingy. the next chapter will be longer, i promise! thanks, Bee

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Review #8, by BilboBaggins Baby

10th September 2006:
I can tell you didn't rehearse.

Author's Response: i know, sorry... busy few weeks.... Bee

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Review #9, by seriously_lovin_sirius A little Jealousy Dr?

31st August 2006:
personal experience? i know exactly what you mean, i could basically relate to all of this (except the dead exs part), but still, i know how tonks feels at this point...and jay is naughty, i don't like him.

Author's Response: thank god, i thought i was the only one who picked stupid, jealous, naughty men... i'm glad i hae company in that particular club- i was starting to feel lonely! thanks for reiewing, Bee

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Review #10, by hpfan4life62442 I love You

28th August 2006:
YAY YAY I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!! oh and by the way might now me by my other sn katieweasley sooooo hi finolly u updated YAYYYYYY update soon did i mention that i love you?

Author's Response: sorry sorry sorry.... i had exams and went travelling, etc., etc.... but i'm back now and i've almosdt finished the next chapter (round of slow applause for bee!).... thankyou so much for reading and reviewing, Bee

and by the way if u have ten minutes read my new story "The miracles of marriage and ......." i'd really value an opinion because i've no idea if its complete drivel, or a work of genius!!! ;)
thanks, Bee

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Review #11, by sonal Dinner

22nd June 2006:
what happened here? r u like finished? plz write more

Author's Response: i've been studying and doing exams but i'm back now.... and the next chaptter is almost finished!!! thanks for reading, Bee

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Review #12, by katieweasley Dinner

15th April 2006:

Author's Response: Sorry.... sorry.... sorry.... i've been studying and doing exams... but i'm back and the next chapter is almost finished... thanks for reading and reviewing so faithfully, Bee

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Review #13, by brunettesrule Dinner

18th March 2006:
I love how you’ve gotten them back together how they did – with all the fighting and stuff… I’m a bit surprised that Tonks felt guilty over dumping Jay and thought for a split second about getting back with him and leaving Remus, but there ya go.

Author's Response: she was more guilty about how she almost used him, and cheated on him... by the way watch this space on the whole, yay their back together thing, it could change!!! Thanks, Bee

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Review #14, by brunettesrule A little Jealousy Dr?

18th March 2006:
Well, I didn’t plan to review any chapter individually from these ones… But I had to for this one. First of all, I think you have portrayed Jay’s jealously absolutely fantastically – and yes it is fairly obvious it’s from experience lol – and the way that Tonks got annoyed with him first, especially because she’s so stubborn… The one thing I would suggest is that you could have hinted a little at Jay’s jealously a little in the earlier chapters – subtly so that Tonks doesn’t get it, but maybe readers could read between the lines… Maybe you have done that, and I just didn’t get that, because I was reading this late last night, so yeah… Just something to think about! Anyway, I’m off to read the next, what, 20 chapters!!!!

Author's Response: thank you... i did think about having his jealousy earlier on, and i might still change it, but as i was writing it i talked to someone who had an almost schizophrenic split personality, so one moment their practically his holiness the Dalai Lama and then they flip, and become jealous/violent/angry/ out of control, etc. this comes in later in the story... thank you very much, Bee

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Review #15, by sonal Dinner

18th March 2006:
u shud probably just continue this. where has jay disappeared off to? aren't u planning to bring him back. puhleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeez....

Author's Response: oh yes, he'll be back, no fear there, and his oh so very prfect and kissable personae may just start to crack (actually it defetly will, i've already started writing it and its such fun!!!!!).... there's going to be a nice lot of jealousy, confusion and masses of manipulation coming up in a couple of chapters, so enjoy!!!!! Thanks, Bee

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Review #16, by brunettesrule A little Jealousy Dr?

17th March 2006:
I'm just reading this now - I'm going to read up 'til you have posted and then I'll start doing proper reviews... I LOVE it so far though!!!

Author's Response: Thankyou, enjoy, Bee

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Review #17, by katieweasley Dinner

12th March 2006:
from here please i love itttttttttt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Author's Response: Glad you like it!, thanks for reviewing, you made a very ill feeling womans(thats me by the way) day, or possibly week!!!, Thanks, Bee xxx

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Review #18, by bexi_potter to shoot or not to shoot?

12th March 2006:
ooooo yay! "'Dinner' wasn't an euphemism for let's go up to your room and have sex, you know," hehe! i luv that bit! seriously, i love the story. it's brilliant!!! yaayness! lol. update soon! bexie xxx

Author's Response: "Well i think a woman needs to make it clear that dinner does not equal sex (possibly unless its dinner at the Ivy with a single Jude Law, then it probably isn't euphemism but just a delay, i mean you want to get your nice dinner first!)" quote, Bee in mad feminist mode!!!! the next chapter is waiting to be validated, keep reading. Thanks, Bee the romantic feminist XXX

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Review #19, by bexi_potter why not shoot the messenger?

11th March 2006:
o yay! she broke up wiv him!YEEEESSS! lol. i'm really sorry I hate him so much, but i have a bad feeling bout him. It's a complicated emotion. lol. update sooooon pleease!!!! lol. luv bexie xxxxxx

Author's Response: the next two chapters are waiting to be updated... glad your pleased i broke them up. but you might be disapointed yet, he's not just going to disapear off the scene!!! thank you for reviewing (and keep going!!!), it made my day as i'm ill in bed and to infectious to be visited by anyone, i'm having withdrawl symptoms from hugs and kisses!!!! Bee xxxxx

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Review #20, by bexi_potter Angel Ginny

11th March 2006:
yay! im so glad he loves her, and won't let her go! that's so brilliant!!! YAAAAAY!! n i bet ginyn n harry were writing dirty things in that book, ryt? hehe. write more soon! bexie xxxx

Author's Response: ofcouse they weren't, they were writing about school work and international politics(!!), honest.... of course he loves her, i mean she does have pink hair!!! thanks, Bee

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Review #21, by bexi_potter Yes

11th March 2006:
yaaaay!!! get in there, Remus!! woot woot! lmao. thank u so much!!! YAAAY!!! *virtual luv n hugs 4 bee!!!* lmao. thanks! u brightened up my day! bexie xxxx

Author's Response: glad it pleased you.... i loved writing it!!!! Bee

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Review #22, by bexi_potter Are they?

11th March 2006:
oo, sexual tension, i luv it!! yaaay! please get e'm 2geva! i'd luv u 4 da rest of mi life! lol. off to read the next (hopefully slightly sexual lmao) chapter! bexie xxxx

Author's Response: don't worry they will.... i mean come on its remus and tonks, they've got to!!!! Bee x

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Review #23, by bexi_potter Stories

11th March 2006:
awww that's so sweet.....more remus/tonks love!!! everyone lvoes it!!! and you write it so well! lol. write more! bexie xxxxx

Author's Response: its coming, its coming. be patient!! Bee xxxxx

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Review #24, by bexi_potter Joshua

11th March 2006:
no killing Remus, no killing Remus!!! Remus is so incredibly hot, and you so could not do that!!!! lol. reading more now! bexie xxx

Author's Response: don't worry i could never bring myself to do it... even my most unoptimistic moods!!!! cheers, Bee xxxx

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Review #25, by bexi_potter Goodbye, Hello, I'm sorry

11th March 2006:
awww, well at least they're in the same room, i guess.....better than nothing.... lol. keep 'em comin! bexie xxxx

Author's Response: Thankyou, i intend to...

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