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Review #1, by asianvoice Friends are forever, Boys are Whatever!!

30th April 2006:
Nice story. Can't wait to read the next chapter.

Author's Response: glad you like it. next part almost 90% done. im just busy right now, all my teachers are packing work on so i dont know when it will be posted.

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Review #2, by bumi924 Woah...reapeat that?

31st January 2006:
great story !!! up date fast !!!

Author's Response: aw thanks! *hugs* this is the first time ive had a chance to go on the internet...but thts only cuz im home sick. maybe i will finish writing ch 3....*ideas*

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Review #3, by lions_main one step away from insanity

15th January 2006:
um i wouldn't have James ask laureen. i would have laureen think James wanted her to go out with him, cuz she misunderstood, and Remus would have been really mad. and James would have been really confused why Remus was so mad cuz he didn't do anything (cuz he did'nt ask laureen out)

Author's Response: thanks for telling me this in a constructive way, i really appreciate it. once you read the next ch(its out) hopefully it will make a little more sense. you see james didn't really know what he was doing, and still loves lily. trust me, i know what im doing(somewhat haha). thanks so much for the good idea though, and thanks so much for reviewing. *hugs* ~lauren

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Review #4, by emily one step away from insanity

12th January 2006:
what james loves lily what were you thinking

Author's Response: *sigh* if you are insulting me than you are really dumb. didnt you read any of the story? its a james/lily story! they do end up togethr! DUH! but hellllllooo if i just had them get together thatd be boring, there has to be some drama! and please if you are going to insult my story please use constructive critisim instead of just implying im dumb. read the next chapters and you will see more lily/james. you dont get a hug

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Review #5, by hogwartsgirlhg one step away from insanity

10th January 2006:
hinda confusing

Author's Response: eh, sorry it was confusing. if you need anything clarified i would be happy to help you understand it. but thank you so much for reviewing! thanks! *hugs*

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