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Review #1, by Hayleekins Whiskey Lullaby

15th October 2011:
First of all: this song, is AMAZING. I love it with my life, definately one of my top 5. It makes me very happy to see someone else appreciate such a great song! Secondly, the story goes very well with it :) I think you did a good job with the characters and their emotions. I think it is a really well done story, and I applaud you!
Happy Writing,

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Review #2, by thesugarquill Whiskey Lullaby

7th September 2006:
Before I forget, butterbeer is one word.

Onto the good stuff then. You do a wonderful job of portraying emotion in this fic. I really felt for the characters. It was easy to put myself into the situation, which, in itself, was quite believable. Each pairing, Ron/Hermione, Harry/Akina, they all have magnificent chemistry and play very well off of eachother. I never once questioned the nature of their relationships. Also, I was very impressed by the turn around in this story. Usually in a fic like this, the switch (Ron being a drunk to Hermione being a drunk) feels strange and out of context, almost like you're suddenly half way into a completely different story. But in yours, there was a delightful flow throughout that was quite successful in keeping me interested. The irony we mastefully written. Well done!

As for what needs work, you make a number of grammatical and spelling errors and your sentences tend to run into eachother. At times, because of these mistakes, the fic becomes a little hard to follow. I suggest finding a good beta on the forums to help you out with all that. It'll make a world of difference, believe me.

On the whole, Whiskey Lullaby (love that song by the way) is a beautifully haunting piece of fanfiction that I think people will truely enjoy. I know I did! You're a wonderful writer, buriedalivebylove, really. Great work!

Author's Response: Oh wow, I really don't know what to say. Like your review for Jupiter, you made me feel really good about my writing. As for the finding a beta, I appreciate your advice for me to get one, and I did advertise in the help wanted forum after reading this. I thank you so much again. Really.

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Review #3, by Sky Goddess Whiskey Lullaby

7th July 2006:

Author's Response: That was the idea

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Review #4, by slyjazz Whiskey Lullaby

22nd May 2006:
oh mi gi.... it almost made me cry *sniffle* thats really good!

Author's Response: I'm glad to know that my writing can move a person that much. Thanks!

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Review #5, by evelyn potter Whiskey Lullaby

27th March 2006:
that was so sad, i just wish that i had the music to go with it. loved it absolutely.

Author's Response: Thanks so very much for taking the time to review. xoxo

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Review #6, by Emma Whiskey Lullaby

25th January 2006:
Aww! im sorry to hear this fic matches your mood! It is very sad, but good at the same time. the song was v. fitting

Author's Response: Thanks for reviewing lovely <33

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Review #7, by Twisted Fate Whiskey Lullaby

7th January 2006:
Wow...that was great. So sad but very nice how you wrote it. I wrote a song fic to this too if you want to read it. Anyways, great job.

Author's Response: Thanks. I'm gonna read and review it today. Thanks so much for being my first reviewer

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