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Review #1, by This_Green_Shirt Part Two

5th January 2009:
i really liked the plot of this and i love how you had fred and george in this, but at the end it was a little hard to understand because you were all how they're like her brothers, but they're kinda feeling her up it seems.
oh well, it still loved it. =]

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Review #2, by FreddieKat Part Two

26th April 2008:
hmm well i'm really tired [too tired to think] so i don't really have a comment other than the cliche "wow, that was a great story!"

so i will leave the cliche "=D"

and another cliche "10/10!"

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Review #3, by Miss Chickey Pom Part Two

8th March 2008:
I LOVED this!

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Review #4, by Dumbleydoreyfreak Part Two

30th September 2007:
Hey, this is strange but great!

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Review #5, by is that how you spell it Part Two

11th June 2006:

wait. this is the end? NO WAY!!!!!!!!

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Review #6, by lindsey Part Two

8th January 2006: would be cool if you expanded it!!

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Review #7, by Amanda Part Two

8th January 2006:
I enjoyed reading it.

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Review #8, by BelleAme Part Two

8th January 2006:
cute, creative, wonderful!

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Review #9, by Emerald Dreams Part Two

7th January 2006:
Very funny, loved it!!

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Review #10, by jac Part One

7th January 2006:
confusing but funny

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