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Review #1, by bee_lily One

19th March 2007:
someone whose penname was death cab for cutie reviewed a story of mine so i searched them on youtube and this is the song that came up. then i searched it on hpff and there's only 2 stories, but the other's r/hr and i dont care about them. james and lily are the most fascinating characters, to me, and the way you wrote this was so touching. i literally have tears in my eyes. i'm going to download this song. it has such a sweet thought- not morbid at all, i think, and this little story is so sweet too. i think i'm going to write a songfic of my own when im done wiht teh one im working on at the moment.
thanks for the inspiration and the realization of the fragility of love and life. this was beautiful.

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Review #2, by chocolatefrog One

10th October 2006:
OH MY GODDD!!! I LOVE THAT SONG!!!! even if it is the most emo thing that happened to me since losing all my candy last halloween hahaha, i loved how you made the analogy "i'll follow you into the dark" it was really good...anf the end...black...as in sirius...wow...i'm impressed =)

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Review #3, by Rogue_and_Raven One

28th February 2006:
this is so sad miccaeli. as soon as i finish reading all of your fan fics im off to do homework! (yeah right!)

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Review #4, by deligent denialator One

14th January 2006:
Fantastic. Quite sad, yes, but in a hopeful sad way. I truly enjoyed this one shot, no matter how sad it was. Great, great stuff.

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Review #5, by LunaB1134 One

13th January 2006:
this story is so touching. i cry. you capture death so well and its so well imagined that lily would have an experience like you showed. and the thing in the beginning almost made me cry, with them all so happy and joking. but lily's concerns are also very legitimate, and good. gah, you've got lily's character down pat, lets just admit it. cheddar to you! (okay i lied. exclamation points :p) Luna <:)

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Review #6, by Avantika One

11th January 2006:
I nearly cried! That was amazing.

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Review #7, by Padfoots_Shadow One

8th January 2006:
Wow! this is deep, very deep. the end is so poetic. im sad now :( , but its a brilliant story

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