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Review #1, by leigia Voldemort Victorious

11th July 2017:
Am not surprised by what happened to any of those people...quite predictable.

Will Harry and co do any of the physical work/hunt or everybody else will pay the price and they can just 'off' the horcruxes?

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Review #2, by leigia Three Rings

11th July 2017:
Secrets...can anybody in the group keep a secret that big? Ugh...the more people know, the easier it is for Riddle to discover.

I find it hard that nobody seemed to care that Hagrid brought his brother with him. Nobody can ignore somebody that huge in a muggle neighborhood. It's not going to turn out well.

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Review #3, by leigia An Unexpected Alliance

10th July 2017:
Interesting story so far.

Hmmm...secrecy doesn't seem to exist among the group. They constantly mention Tonks' name instead of her assumed name. Hagrid knows about horcruxes even though it's clearly obvious he can't keep a secret. Now Harry called out horcrux in the common room...out loud.

BTW, I'm still trying to determine how Draco became head boy...which shouldn't be possible...unless the governors forced the issue even though Lucius is in Azkaban (unless freed already).

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Review #4, by HarryGinny05 Godric's Hollow

21st April 2010:
Nice story so far. You got Ron's personality to perfection

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Review #5, by TheKeelog Lily Potter

22nd March 2010:
It is a refreshing change to find a fanfic that is readable. I realize that I am far too choosy, but the vast majority of what I find online is just unreadable, due either to weak characterization, horrible grammar, or implausible story. This is superb on all of those fronts. It was an enjoyable read to be sure. I would highly recommend it to anyone looking for quality fiction.

Now, with all of that said, I do have a couple of slight criticisms. Maybe this is just me, but it does sort of feel as though everything was just a bit too easy. Each of the horcruxes were just handed to Harry, with the obvious exception of the cup. As I was reading and really enjoying it, there was a sense of, "man, this is kind of easy." That sense stuck with me through the end. It was never jarring enough to make the fic unenjoyable, but it was there. Really, aside from that (and the multiple middle names for Lily, but that's just me), this was as good a fic as you're likely to find. I hope we see more from you in the future.

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Review #6, by eaglewillfly Godric's Hollow

21st February 2010:
nice alternative to book 7, its lookin good so far!

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Review #7, by allie_0608 Into the Pensieve

2nd August 2009:
Oh that was good!!! :)

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Review #8, by jenjen Lily Potter

16th July 2009:
Hi, is there gonna be a sequel...

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Review #9, by OlinPotter Lily Potter

16th July 2009:
What kind of ending is that?

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Review #10, by Tiffany Lily Potter

20th March 2009:
Great story! You should do a sequel - even if it is just a short one!

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Review #11, by AMYGRANTFAN Slytherin's Protection

9th June 2008:
i dont mean to be rude but second base for a 16 yr old and 17 yr old is kinda sluty. but that is just my opinion. but anyway i really enjoy this chapter adn the fight with ron ad ginny was classic just like in the 6ht harry potter book. please keep up the good work and i will be looking out for other stories by you. i am really impressed. i think that you need to shorten the chapters a little bit. and you also rush throw scenes. BUT I LIKE LIKE LOVE LOVE THIS STORY AND (CHAPTER)

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Review #12, by amerta Lily Potter

17th May 2008:
This was an amazing fanfic!!! loved it lots!! are you doing a sequel? i think that would be awesome!! great job! i really liked how you got all your facts right, most people don't bother but you did and that made the story way more enjoyable! keep writing!!!

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Review #13, by Lucky! Lily Potter

16th April 2008:
oh wow...tht is just awesome...I loved it...the ending was awesum...poor hermione n ron :( but if nothing had happend to thm it wud have too gud to be b true isnt it??.
I just wish u hadnt killed draco though...he was nice.

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Review #14, by Firebird23 Lily Potter

5th March 2008:
This is a really well written piece of fan fic. I'd forgotten all about it the second time I read it. Selective memory I guess, but I enjoyed it just as much as I did the first time round.

You're excellent.

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Review #15, by Odence1 An Unexpected Alliance

18th January 2008:

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Review #16, by Athyda Lily Potter

16th December 2007:
l interpreted the letter as Voldemort graciously losing. Like him saying, congradulations, you managed to rid yourself of my evil soul and my influence so now that my evil soul isnt in you and being a part of you let your true self come out and live your life. Am l right? ls that how you saw it? oh! and l loved the story.

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Review #17, by IPlayDrums1019 Draco's Duel

30th November 2007:
I haven't started reading the chapter yet.but man I love that banner there faces are amazing.I've loved the story so far Great Job!!

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Review #18, by Blackatt Lily Potter

3rd November 2007:
i love this story! although poor lily having all thoose middle names and half of them being boys'! anyway what does come out and play mean?

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Review #19, by Odence1 Lily Potter

14th October 2007:
you did a really good job at guessing what was going to happen in the 7th..really good writing

Author's Response: thanks I'm glad you liked it

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Review #20, by Armand Lily Potter

13th September 2007:
gr how could you do that to Hermione and Ron??? ahhh well, writers perogative i suppose lol. all in all a very good story.

Author's Response: Well, in my imagination it really was a matter of time. I mean, she is constantly showing improvement, so I think they will find happiness eventually. ;)

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Review #21, by Armand The Flight of Severus Snape

13th September 2007:
oh, please, please don't let this turn into a Draco/Hermione ship! lol. i absolutly loath that ship and Draco himself, lol. but other than that(if it happens) wonderful story.

Author's Response: Noooooo, Dramione's gross! LOL!

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Review #22, by Thee Moony Lily Potter

8th September 2007:
I liked your version much better then the real one. [= Congratz on becoming my third favorite writer ;] I'll be looking for more of your work.

Author's Response: hahaha! thanks, I thought the real one was very different from the style of the previous ones myself. :)

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Review #23, by Thee Moony Godric's Hollow

8th September 2007:
Ahh... Ginny didn't come. =( I'd normally quit here but you rock so I'm staying =]

Author's Response: Well, this was finished long before DH came out, so it isn't meant to be quite the same, but I'm glad you're enjoying it! :)

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Review #24, by Thee Moony Back to the Burrow

8th September 2007:
Ment to give you a 10 last time! Sorry... =\ I hope Ginny goes with 'em in this story [= Your an amazing writer.

Author's Response: Thank you!

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Review #25, by Thee Moony Into the Pensieve

8th September 2007:
Well done! You've got me hooked. [= Petunia!? *Gasp*

Author's Response: Thanks, glad you liked it!

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