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Review #1, by Danae A Previous Engagement

16th August 2014:
MORE SOON PLEASE! this is a wonderful yet weird story

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Review #2, by Ciggy A Previous Engagement

9th August 2014:
I'm really enjoying your story and would LOVE for the next chapter to be up soon. Please hurry, and thank you for being such a great writer

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Review #3, by Suzanne Sam GoodMorning...

31st March 2013:
Hey it's great so far but a word of advice is to try to put paragraphs in after you have speach or start a new block and if your writting a serious story then llonger chapters/pages is better. But i'm loving the story line and it would be great to make it longer!!

Author's Response: Thank you for the advice. I started this story when I was very young. I am about to go back just to finish it off and I am terrified to see how many grammar and formatting mistakes I made!

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Review #4, by S GoodMorning...

4th August 2012:
Um, why would Hermione go out and drink while she's pregnant?

Author's Response: People do strange things when they aren't thinking. Who knows. Silly gal.

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Review #5, by Manda Lips Brush

23rd July 2011:
OMG we have the same name, so cool! Anyway keep writing i love it!

Author's Response: Good name to have. Thanks.

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Review #6, by clairevampiress Lips Brush

7th January 2011:
Please please please please update soon. I really want to know what happens next

Author's Response: Fine. I shall grant your wish.

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Review #7, by Gwen Acceptance

29th August 2010:
Please updated its a good story what is Draco going to do when the baby is born r they going to be together n what about Ron

Author's Response: I will have to explain poor Ronald soon, wont I?

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Review #8, by Gwen Lips Brush

22nd April 2010:
when r u going to updated

Author's Response: NEVER. Or today.

One of the two.

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Review #9, by Gwen Lips Brush

13th April 2010:
Awesome Story write more

Author's Response: SIR YES SIR.

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Review #10, by Draco Lover 2012 Lips Brush

8th January 2010:
Please keep writing! I love this so far!

Author's Response: Thanks doll face.

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Review #11, by SilverAshlotte14 Lips Brush

23rd December 2009:
omg i want more! try to get somemore up soon...i would love it!

Author's Response: Gotcha. Done & Done.

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Review #12, by SilverAshlotte14 GoodMorning...

23rd December 2009:
im loving it so far...but one question...why was hermione drinking? shes so protective of the baby yet she had a drink...which is really harmful to an unborn baby.

Author's Response: I'm thinking old habits die hard. Stressful times can lead people to do some crazy things. I will explain this later.

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Review #13, by PermafrostQueen Lips Brush

23rd September 2009:

Author's Response: lol indeed!

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Review #14, by shrink4U Lips Brush

21st September 2009:
ohmygod, this is a great story
i almost feel bad for Hermone..using trickery...but desperate times call for desperate measures...

please update soon :)

Author's Response: Thanks Dolly!

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Review #15, by dane21 Acceptance

19th July 2009:
I really like your story.
Draco is kinda sweet accepting Hermione's baby.
You haven't update for a long time. I hope that you will continue this story. PLease update soon XD

Author's Response: Soon means 5 years yes?

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Review #16, by Spicy n Sour Acceptance

4th December 2008:
really goood
ive been waiting!
keep going!

Author's Response: I wish I had known you were waiting. I would have updated years ago.

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Review #17, by tonksloveswerewolves Acceptance

15th November 2008:
I really like this story, but had stopped checking ages ago! This was a very pleasant surprise when I randomly decided to check again! Hopefully there will be more updates in the future?



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Review #18, by TwinsConspiracy Acceptance

14th November 2008:
~I know all my comments were deleted, but i hope to re-read and comment again... i love it!! It was so sweet how he accepted her and the baby!! And he said he was sorry for not visiting! Please update!!! Please update!! I want to know what happens next!! A 1000/10!!

much love Cynthia~

Author's Response: I love you...

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Review #19, by mm24 Acceptance

8th October 2008:
Oh, my! That was really amazing. I love it. So glad about the update! I absolutely adore this story. Keep the updates coming! Thanx 10/10

Author's Response: 10/10 will review again.

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Review #20, by craziiJBlove Hermione's Lie

10th February 2008:
post post post!
great job

Author's Response: Post.

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Review #21, by harryp_lover Hermione's Lie

4th December 2007:
Hey I really like this one...please make more of it and let me know! I'm a new reader and I think that this one is yet another one of my favorates of yours.I read one of your other one it was the one where hermione had to leave ron.also one of my :)

Author's Response: So sweet. Thank you very much.

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Review #22, by angie123 GoodMorning...

13th October 2007:
Cool but why this kind of plot. lol 10/10

Author's Response: I like weird plots that are V.C. Andrews like.

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Review #23, by angie123 I Swear It's Yours...

13th October 2007:
wow ron is so dum sometimes. lol 10/10 but who's baby is it?

Author's Response: bum bum bummm

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Review #24, by hermionestwin1995 Hermione's Lie

21st August 2007:
I loved this cahpter

Author's Response: Thank you!

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Review #25, by Karma101 Blaming Ron

19th August 2007:
these chapters are short..but i love them anyway
you gotta tell me she lied to draco about the baby so to be safe rite?
so the baby does really belong to ron??
then why doesnt he fess up i mean he denied it...wat will happen and how will draco take the blow when he knows that this baby isnt really his and he gets to too attach..??
update soon!

Author's Response: So many questions.
All shall be answered.

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