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Review #1, by hermionehero Offer And Announcement Of Marriage

18th November 2015:
Please write more! This is a great story & you are a very good writer! I love the characters, the plot, and the references to characters in the HP world!

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Review #2, by sambonifi9 Offer And Announcement Of Marriage

4th November 2015:
I wish you had kept writing this story. I love it.

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Review #3, by hermionehero The Beginning

27th October 2015:
I'm so excited for them!

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Review #4, by patronus_charm Friends Of The Past

7th October 2012:
wow what a great book and a chapter it's such a shame you're not writing it anymore it's so hard to find a good founders book

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Review #5, by Sophie Offer And Announcement Of Marriage

17th July 2012:
This story is amazing!! I live it And it's so creative, please don't stop writing!!

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Review #6, by A nonymous Offer And Announcement Of Marriage

24th January 2011:

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Review #7, by GryffindorGal Offer And Announcement Of Marriage

4th January 2011:
Love the stories :) Can't wait for the next chapter!

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Review #8, by claytontr0128 Offer And Announcement Of Marriage

2nd September 2010:
SO good. I'm with everyone else, I really wish you would come back and finish it.

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Review #9, by MrHorner Offer And Announcement Of Marriage

20th July 2010:
Well you have not updated in four years witch is too bad because I read both of the stories in a span of two days and I loved them. I read that people stole your stories and that is why you stopped writing. Here is something to think about; you stole the founders from J.K. Roweling. Haha I know it is a bit different but I do hope some day you finish this because I want to see how it ends.

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Review #10, by Meg Offer And Announcement Of Marriage

30th January 2010:
I really wish you would come back to this story like you said you would. I do realize that it is awful to have someone steal your ideas, but you must realize yourself that your readers want to know how the original (which is always best) is to go.

I came across the four founders without realizing it had a sequel, and am now greatly disappointed that I will never know how this story is to end. I did check on other fanfiction sites but did not find this story there.

But I guess after all this time, you will not come back.

Very disappointing indeed.

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Review #11, by sci_fi_rocks Offer And Announcement Of Marriage

30th November 2009:
this is really good, i hope that you continue

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Review #12, by hpfan106 Offer And Announcement Of Marriage

2nd May 2009:
Please come back!! I basically read The Four Founders and Year One during the span of two days, and I love it! Please come back and update soon!

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Review #13, by Twilight Imagery Offer And Announcement Of Marriage

19th October 2008:
Aah, what a wonderful tale! I'm so disappointed that you haven't updated in so long. Please update again soon!

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Review #14, by elizabeth Offer And Announcement Of Marriage

12th June 2008:
More, more, more! Please, please, please!
So scandalous, so wonderful!
I love it and I love the first one. Please continue :]

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Review #15, by Nooooooooo Offer And Announcement Of Marriage

27th May 2008:
How could you leave it?

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Review #16, by Emil Offer And Announcement Of Marriage

8th January 2008:
To bad that you decided not to come back, enjoyed your first story about the founders and enjoyed this one as well, hope you will reconsider.

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Review #17, by RwenaRvenclaw Offer And Announcement Of Marriage

3rd October 2007:
I beg you to update..!!
i'm so intoo this fic
I love it.. but I need to know how does it ends..
and do not care of other people stealing your plot.. there's no other story better than yours.. believe me, i've read like every other story 'bout the founders...


a loyal fan of yours (:

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Review #18, by kkevv Offer And Announcement Of Marriage

2nd October 2007:
i found the prequel of this story by accident and i loved it even though indid not review (sorry!).
I then went to your authors page to read this and although i loved it too, i was really disappointed that you weren't updating because people were stealing your plot. I understand that this may anger you but i beg you to update anyway for the immense amount of fans you have waiting for this story.

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Review #19, by Fleur Delacour Potter Offer And Announcement Of Marriage

6th June 2007:
this is realy good. please update soon! i'm a very impatient person.

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Review #20, by Fleur Delacour Potter Friends Of The Past

6th June 2007:
a really good story. 10/10

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Review #21, by Fleur Delacour Potter Mistress Mingle's Orphanage For Young Ladies

6th June 2007:
i think it's cool that the ancestors of some of the characters from K.K's books appear now and then.

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Review #22, by Fleur Delacour Potter A Ranger

6th June 2007:
this is one of my favorite stories. good job.

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Review #23, by Fleur Delacour Potter The Cloaked Men

6th June 2007:
i can't stand it! what's going to happen next?

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Review #24, by Fleur Delacour Potter A Letter

6th June 2007:
i was sad when i read this. your story is really good though.

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Review #25, by Fleur Delacour Potter Pupils And Past

6th June 2007:
Good chapter

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