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Review #1, by saveginny417 The Day Mary-Sue Died.

10th April 2006:
Um... well, Steph, I really have no idea what was going through your head when you wrote this. Really. I think i like MI better. just a thought...

Author's Response: HAhaha this was the depressive block between ch. 6 and ch. 12 going missing. Thankfully, Lori had my chapters up to 10. I re-wrote 11 & 12. Hhahaa you sneaky little sleuth.

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Review #2, by aradhana108 The Day Mary-Sue Died.

14th January 2006: was written very big mistakes....but there didn't seem to be much sense in the story...but i guess thats how it was supposed to be, right?

Author's Response:

LOL Thanks, Really! To be honest, this is a piece of s**t. Im honest. Bceause my "old" PC died, as did poor Amanda's, i lost ALL of my main story, Malicious Intentions.

You're right. There si no sesnse in the story, i was just bummed one day, and was in a totally hyper mood. It was intended to "peeve" off one of the moderators on Mugglenet, but since there was no real point on posting it one there, no real chance at HAVING it posted. Meh.

It did however. play a mian role in my argument that pretty much anytyhing can be posted on HPFF, not that thats a bad hting, its just that HPFF's rules are a lot less slack than MNFF's. Sometimes you just get so frustrated, so gettign a foot in the door is a big confidence booster.

Wow. I wrote another Novel in this review!

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