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Review #1, by alexis0599 Voldemtorts newsest attack

29th January 2011:
Nice start you spelt somethings wrong but it is really good One question Snape is supposed to be mean why isn't he mean to Hermione ike he is in the books.

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Review #2, by Dalek194 Voldemtorts newsest attack

20th May 2010:
This is a very short start, but it looks interesting. I don't Snape would react quite so kindly about Hermione sending him a letter, but ah well. But I see that it ends here, it was abandoned. It's a shame as we don't even get to see any of the main plot at all. The grammar could be better. I wish you had continued, as then I'd have got more of an idea of what the story would have been about.

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Review #3, by Harrysgirl Voldemtorts newsest attack

26th December 2003:
It's very short, but still interesting. I like the way you have made Hermione so swotty that she has asked for extra homework. It's very like her character. Well done : )

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Review #4, by Froggyy1 Voldemtorts newsest attack

25th August 2003:
OK a good start.....when are you going to add more......Hope it is soon..... You have a good start at some thing that could be a great story.... hope to see an up date soon.....

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Review #5, by MuggleLover Voldemtorts newsest attack

22nd July 2003:
Ok where\'s the Gin/Harry action? more please!

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Review #6, by Snakegurl Voldemtorts newsest attack

18th July 2003:
Good Start! Please do continue. I havent developed an opinion about it yet, because it is only one chapter so far. I am hoping you continue! I want to see where this is going! ~Snakegurl~

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Review #7, by nicole Voldemtorts newsest attack

13th July 2003:
hi this story sounds like its going to be great once you are keep writing PLEASE!!!

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Review #8, by Pixie Voldemtorts newsest attack

2nd July 2003:

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Review #9, by sampotter Voldemtorts newsest attack

30th June 2003:
write, write, write!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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