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Review #1, by Ron Farinetti Epilogue

14th April 2016:
I loved the Story.But I have One Question, Is English Your First Language? I really think that maybe You should have someone proofread Your Work. I could hardly get through all the Spelling Mistakes and if it wasn't mistakes in Spelling it was just the wrong usages of the Word You Used.I'm very sorry for sounding so mean but, it was very hard to get through to end of the Story. AgainI loved Your Imagination and ideas, but the Story in General was just very Terribly. Written.

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Review #2, by Mack Time at the Burrow

15th June 2013:
Again, who's the beta?

Nice story line, but grammar and such sucks, makes it a bad read!

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Review #3, by Mack Chapter 2 The welcome Guests

15th June 2013:
Great story... But who in the heck is your beta/ editor?

So many errors!

Find a better beta.and your stories will read so much smoother.

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Review #4, by Hinders93 Time at the Burrow

11th May 2009:
I reached a count of over 100 spelling and grammatical errors before I was halfway through the chapter. Spell checks aren't exactly difficult to use, you know. I shall stop reading now as I can't read without getting angry.

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Review #5, by sinwillys822 Conversations with the Enemy

26th November 2008:
he might be talking about ron and hermione but he might also be about duncan. i think maybe harry should see his arm

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Review #6, by sinwillys822 Duncan's confession

26th November 2008:
i figured with the ear thing he was an elf, can't wait to read the next chapter. suggestion spell check.

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Review #7, by Malfoie The Letters

29th May 2008:
Great start i just don't like how everything is so close together..

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Review #8, by De_mocker Epilogue

13th January 2008:
Thanks for the read mate, it was interesting and captivating...thanks again for letting me wander around in your version of the potter world, was fun!

cant wait to read the sequel...

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Review #9, by De_mocker The Power of Love

13th January 2008:
interesting...just outta curiousity, why can't harry remember anything???

Love the party scene, its got a good balance of emotion...

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Review #10, by De_mocker Zero Hour

13th January 2008:
nic`e battle scene...what harvest was ole vol-der-butt talking about???

Was sorta hoping duncan had more weapons, maybe next chapter huh???

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Review #11, by De_mocker The Unexpected

13th January 2008:
I really like this chapter, it had everything and left you wanting more, your really good at the whole suspence shindig...lol! so im guessing harry ends up with gin???

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Review #12, by barrypotter Epilogue

25th October 2007:
wonderful ...wonderful.really great...i liket it much

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Review #13, by Ariana_Moonfleet The Letters

23rd October 2007:
Hi, I liked the idea in your story but it was very confusing with the grammar, I just wondered if you would like a hand with sorting it all out into more manageable paragraphs, I just wondered also how old you were and whether English was your first language which would explain some of the confusion.

I loved the idea of using letters within your story too, please please get back to me on this one because your story has great potential, and I would be more than happy to edit for you!

Alicia x

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Review #14, by 1freakedoutkid The Letters

13th June 2007:
um. there are literally over a hundred small mistakes in this story already. most of the grammar and spelling... but the style of your writing... is cringeworthy... i admire you for writing this much but mke it easier to read. Dont draw 1 sentence out into four... basically... get someone to edit it for you... cause it literally scares me... you had to have noticed this when you were writing it and i know im a hypocrite for the "..."s but this story has already lost its appeal to me.

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Review #15, by Concused_Duck Chapter 2 The welcome Guests

10th June 2007:
I've read Barb's fics and this one already but I got bored && read psychic serpant and this one because Ialways felt that this was a better plot than her second one. However, the grammer and spelling in your chapters are not up to scratch- I think that you need a Beta.

Aside from that I think that this fic is fantastic but please space out the paragraphs. Big blocks of text put people off and tbh it really hurts my eyes =[

For future info, there should be a space between each spoken line eng:

"good morning harry," said dumbledore.


Different descriptions should also be like this.

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Review #16, by ???? Time at the Burrow

20th March 2007:
Have you considered fixing the spelling and spaces? 'Cause it's reallt off putting!

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Review #17, by bob 357 Time at the Burrow

22nd February 2007:
Your word substitutions i.e. less for else and lack of a competent editor have forced me to stop reading your story.

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Review #18, by HP King09 The Letters

31st December 2006:
I've read this story a few times and your other one but what I want to know is what the hell happened in the forest last year. From your point of view. The stories are good but I was kinda lost when I first read it so I think you should make a story for what happened in the forrest last year or something. Thank You, by the way can you check out my story.

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Review #19, by brituk The Letters

17th November 2006:
I began to read this story but just couldn't cope with all the appalling grammer/spelling error's. They detract from the story and make it impossible to get into it. You urgently need an editor.

Sorry for the poor review I know it sucks but so does the grammer etc.Rick

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Review #20, by elli0812 The Letters

20th September 2006:
ginny's name is ginerva just an fyi

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Review #21, by harry4all Broken Friendship

5th September 2006:
bloody brilliant story there man completely different plot i like it very much may let harry blow the two of them up would have been nice just kiddin keep writing

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Review #22, by harry4all Time at the Burrow

5th September 2006:
very good so far i like the plot but harry has too much of a noble streak with sorry this and sorry that and the story is just full of so so many spelling and grammatical errors u could have done a beta reading write can i be urs ?

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Review #23, by danfan4ever The Extraordinary Mr. Potter

2nd June 2006:
your story is very good, but there are a lot, a lot of typos... and there are also large paragraphs that could be broken up so they don't seem so long... your plot is excellent so far but if you read over your story and found the lil mess ups, it would be much better and easier to read

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Review #24, by TotBr1 Epilogue

15th April 2006:
With the exception of the grammar mistakes which made the story cloudy at times, I really loved it. Is there a seqel?

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Review #25, by Concused_Duck Epilogue

11th March 2006:
pfffft!!! NO WAY! it cant have finished :( now im depressed! i hope there is a sequel!!!! *crosses fingers* in fact im gonna go check!!!

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