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Review #1, by rowenaravenclaw94 How Could This Happen to Me?

15th December 2008:
oh. that was so sad! good job! 10/10! luna is the brightest of them all...
-xoxo, rowenaravenclaw94

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Review #2, by hann ;D How Could This Happen to Me?

23rd November 2007:
it's greaat :) verrry cuteee :)

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Review #3, by Not really a member... How Could This Happen to Me?

7th May 2007:
love! you make me teary. and to the person who reviewd and read despite your warnings and still bagged you, and gay people, i hate you so much. but much LOVE to the author!!!

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Review #4, by suspenceme How Could This Happen to Me?

9th July 2006:
it's really good it's just that it is so sad.

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Review #5, by hplssrmntc313 How Could This Happen to Me?

16th January 2006:
I really loved it..I thought it was quite beautiful. great job!

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Review #6, by Pup How Could This Happen to Me?

3rd January 2006:
*tear* Aw...

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Review #7, by Gina How Could This Happen to Me?

31st December 2005:
That was the most idiotic FanFic I have EVER read!!!!! I can't believe you would actually make Ginny and Luna gay!!!! That is sooo dumb!!!!! Go crawl in a hole and die!!!

Author's Response: I told you at the begining it was a femme-slash, and that if you were going to bash gays, or me for writing them, not to review. I'm sorry if you're u[set, but I'm sorry you didn't listen to my warnings; I am not sorry for writing the fic, seeing as I got reviews telling me that it was sad and good. I'd appreciate it if you left your gay bashing strictly to your mind, and I hope you won't read things like this in the future, because, apparently, you can't handle it.

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Review #8, by Nancy How Could This Happen to Me?

31st December 2005:
Thats so sad!! You're a really good writer!!

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