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Review #1, by LittleMissPrincess Sunshine On A Rainy Day

10th November 2011:
wait, is this over now?
is there a sequel?
and why have you stopped writing?!?!? :(

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Review #2, by Sara_Sj The Only Good Shots Are Those On Keepers

29th March 2011:
I kind of have to agree with C'est La Vie. I'm sorry. I just- I've always loved Fred and George and no matter how hard I've tried, I've never gotten their amazingness down like I wanted to- so I don't exactly blame you :P. But I'd appreciate if you tried a little harder? And if not making them as awesome as they are, don't make them worse. The way they were hitting on Michelle was...awkward to say the least.

Although I loved the fact that Oliver was talking about Michelle and he had no idea he was. It was funny :P.

I love Michelle though.

And, aside from all that (please don't take it the wrong way- I seriously mean it as constructive criticism) I love the story plot and idea. Most Oliver/Oc stories occur in Hogwarts but this one was different, and I loved it !

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Review #3, by C'est la vie The Only Good Shots Are Those On Keepers

28th March 2011:
I'm sorry, but I really don't like the way you've written the twins- especially George. They're supposed to be extremely funny and sweet, not "whispering dirty things" and such. Aside from that I still feel you weren't able to get them out right. That being said, you're story is quite good (besides that little bit :) )

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Review #4, by dramione_ftw_4ever Sunshine On A Rainy Day

23rd January 2011:
awe.. =)
I love it. A LOT. ^.^ Keep up the awesome sauce work okie? Pwease and Tank You. Update soon! And don't let it just FINISH there... Let's see how things go... okie?
I love your story, and it's brilliant,

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Review #5, by foreverme Trying To Get Oil And Water To Mix Isn't Easy

2nd January 2011:
i like it, it paint a image in the mind, its heartfelt.

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Review #6, by DracoLover Sunshine On A Rainy Day

11th October 2010:
Yayy finally they're together!!

Loving this story! Is there more?!!!

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Review #7, by DracoLover Keeping the Faith

10th October 2010:
I am REALLY loving your story! :D
Can't wait to see what happens next!

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Review #8, by DracoLover Halloween Is Supposed To Be Fun, Right?

10th October 2010:
Whoa! Finally a kiss!!

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Review #9, by DracoLover Trying To Get Oil And Water To Mix Isn't Easy

10th October 2010:
aww I wish Oliver would just take the hints and stop talking about Katie already! Great chapter though!

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Review #10, by denise Mondays and Mayhem

12th May 2010:
when are you going to put the last chapter.. its been like a year.. i really want to know the end!!

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Review #11, by jetteblack Sunshine On A Rainy Day

1st November 2009:
is it finished?it better not be...haha it is v.good

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Review #12, by unforgettabledisaster Sunshine On A Rainy Day

26th August 2009:
YAYAY, update soon please:) sorry I didn't review on the other chapters, I read straight through. :) I'll review on the next ones though!

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Review #13, by HB_x Sunshine On A Rainy Day

21st August 2009:
He, erm, anyway, just to let you know that i really love this and i cant wait to read the next hapter (is there one?) ha lol

Well, anyway its great


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Review #14, by Jaded94 Sunshine On A Rainy Day

19th August 2009:
So Sorry For My Lack Of Reviews. Just found this last night. It is an amazing story and i cannot wait for the next chapter. x

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Review #15, by laura lollypop Sunshine On A Rainy Day

16th August 2009:
my sentiments exactly. anyways, my thoughts. i love this story so far, especially the way you write this. some parts of this has really made me giggle but also other parts are much more serious, which i really like its good to have a balance. as this isnt the end (yet, i usually only review when i have read as much as i can!! saves me from saying something that just comes up in the next chappies)i would say the only thing i dislike about this story is oliver wood. but then, that is also a good thing because seriously who wants thousands of carbon copies crowding up their stories, all acting the same way??? so yeah oliver doesn't do it for me, too cowardy!! but im glad for a bit of originality. oohh and thankyou so much for the chappi in wood's POV, it DID make him seem much less of a dick. :P and this is the only "american in england" fic i have actually enjoyed and respected, as an englander myself. so yeah, stop ranting, thanks for fic that makes up for STUPID ENGLISH WEATHER NOT LETTING ME GO TO THE BEACH. ahem. keep writing!! x

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Review #16, by HollyP Sunshine On A Rainy Day

14th June 2009:
May of last year? Really? You desperately need to update this.


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Review #17, by Essie Sunshine On A Rainy Day

3rd January 2009:
Please update I'm desperate to know what happens next :)

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Review #18, by Essie Ha, This Is About Alcohol Too

24th November 2008:
absoloutely brilliant! very well written, the plot is engaging and the characterization is great!!

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Review #19, by ParalyzedInHeaven Sunshine On A Rainy Day

31st October 2008:
ahh i loved this! update soon, please? =) 10/10

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Review #20, by geminisangre Sunshine On A Rainy Day

27th October 2008:
Please post more! this story is ah-mazing!

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Review #21, by Tiny Dancer Drastic Decisions

19th October 2008:
"The sound came from the other end of the room and I recognized the high pitched female voice. It was Annabell, our lovely chaser. "

-Don't you mean seeker..



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Review #22, by spaghettiemandolino Sunshine On A Rainy Day

2nd June 2008:
Yeah YAY is the right word! Finally they are together and I really enjoyied the cap.
As I've already told you, i like the quidditch scenes in this fiction because you describe them so well. I like how her mood can change in a quidditch pitch and how you relate the game and the practice with her feelings. I'm not very clear maybe, but it's good to read about quidditch and find details and not just people flying generally and throwing the ball at every practice.
I also like the realtionship trainer/player, it so real!! Fields is a great character with a lot of personality even if he doesn't appear in every chap. He also seems a great coach.
The Oliver/Michelle scene was perfect, so sweet in the end!
Great work!

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Review #23, by Clymennestra Sunshine On A Rainy Day

30th May 2008:
This story is one of my all-time favorites! I love all the characters personalities and the little comments they say. I'm so excited for Oliver and Michelle to get together! I've been trying to find a good Oliver/OC story to read since I read Settling The Score and I finally did! Your story is different and interesting to read. Post more soon please!

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Review #24, by Clymennestra Waking Up Hungover Is Never Fun

26th May 2008:
This is my favorite chapter so far. I loved the whole contest part. I've barely read any of this story and it's already one of my favorites. Congrats! You are a magnificent author!

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Review #25, by SeamusFinnegan Sunshine On A Rainy Day

26th May 2008:
I am so glad that you posted... can u hurry with the nexty

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