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Review #1, by Cara_Maureen Costumed Catastrope

29th August 2007:
YAY HOT PANTS! hahahah I love this story.
Teehee it's hilarious. Hm Snape in hot pants- a disturbing image to say the least. Hehehe I'm looking forward to seeing what Fred and George do with the hotpants. That should be interesting.
woop 10/10

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Review #2, by Jade Potter Costumed Catastrope

24th June 2007:
oh my god, I'm crying from laughing so hard!!! I can't feel my face from smiling and blushing(Millicent Bulstrode in hot pants is just too vivid of an image...) I LOVE this story! :)

Lots of

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Review #3, by kelzey Costumed Catastrope

9th January 2007:
wow, you guys are amazing, please update! thank you!

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Review #4, by Islander Costumed Catastrope

22nd September 2006:
Oh my goodness, this is soo funny!! Please continue, you're cracking me up into a million pieces! Another chapter, and it'll be a trillion! Goyle and Malfoy in the hot pants. . . Pansy and Millicent. . . Snape and Dumbledore! EEEEEEESH! Yowwow, I love it all! What fun squick!!

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Review #5, by Islander Revealed

11th September 2006:

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Review #6, by RadFan Costumed Catastrope

15th August 2006:
This is tooooo funny!!!!!!!!!! i can't stop laughing!!!! all the funny images of snape and Dumbledore!!!! that is seriously gross. Pansy and Millecent that was hilarious. well this should be good now that Fred and George has them. really really funny story. i started laughing so loud that my dogs started barking at me. anywayz keep it up!!! oh yea, NOBODY HAS WASHED THE PANTS!!!!!! gross much!!!!! hurry with the next chapter!!!!

Until your next chapter,


Author's Response: Do you really think that Dobby would allow those wonderful little pants to go unwashed? He could never do that!! Thank you so much for your wonderful review! - The PL's

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Review #7, by dimezlilsis2006 Costumed Catastrope

2nd August 2006:
I LOVE THIS STORY! I feel HORRIBLE about Millicent though! Poor girl...

Author's Response: you feel bad for millie? what about pansy she's the one who felt Hermiones wrath? A think a dog face is a little worse than rejection! ;) Thanks for loving it though! - The PL's

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Review #8, by malfoy_go_bleh Costumed Catastrope

26th July 2006:
hee hee! are they gonna give them back or wear them themselves???? please update soon!!!

Author's Response: Fred and George give those Hot pants back to Ginny...do you honestly think they want their little sister wearing them? You will just have to tune in to find out! - The PL's

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Review #9, by hjpobsessed Costumed Catastrope

23rd July 2006:
Write more! Update! Fred and George should be hullarious! This is almost ingenious humor! UPDATE SOON!

Author's Response: Almost ingenious? hmmm we must be losing our touch ;)... thanks so much! - The PL's

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Review #10, by the_golden_trio Costumed Catastrope

20th July 2006:
Wonderful chpt! i have always enjoyed this story!

Author's Response: We love that you are enjoying this story! We are having lots of laughs writing it! - The PL's

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Review #11, by misshermione Costumed Catastrope

20th July 2006:
You are geniuses. This is such a hilarious blend of mental imagery and characterization! You had me literally laughing out loud the entire way throught! Keep it up!

Author's Response: oh darling! Thank you so much. A loyal fan to the end, and we love you for it. Laughter is the best, isn't it? - The PL's

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Review #12, by Rose Too Much Revealed

19th July 2006:
oh my god

Dumbeldore and snape?!

Author's Response: *nods* Have no fear it is no more disturbing than Pansy and Millicent....ok maybe a wee bit more disturbing! - The PL's

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Review #13, by Ms_Malfoy Costumed Catastrope

18th July 2006:
uh-oh, fred and george in posession of the hot pants...eek... lol... good chapter, look forward to the next chapter : )

Author's Response: Yes fred and george...we are certain that there will be loads of silliness in that chapter!! Thanks for reading! - The PL's

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Review #14, by Rose Hello...Evil.

17th July 2006:
Those shorts really are going EVERYWHERE!

Author's Response: They do get around dont they? - The PL's

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Review #15, by Rose Desperate House-Elves

17th July 2006:
I absolutely love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Author's Response: Thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - The PL's

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Review #16, by Rose Revealed

14th July 2006:
I loved it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i can't wait to see where you're taking this! esp. with Dobby

Author's Response: Thanks! We hope you enjoy reading it as much as we enjoyed writing it! - The PL's

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Review #17, by StepUpTimneh Costumed Catastrope

14th July 2006:
Hilarious! Another great chapter :P I lurvee Dumbledore's tattoo!

Author's Response: We're fairly sure that Dumbledore does too. Thank you! - The PL's

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Review #18, by oreogirl25 Costumed Catastrope

8th July 2006:
oh hilarious more

Author's Response: Thanks! - The PL's

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Review #19, by Nymphadorax Too Much Revealed

3rd July 2006:
Oh Dang! This is hilarious! Dumbledore with a Born To Be Wild tattoo! That's so Dumbledore! I can't wait to find out what Fred and George have in store for the hot pants! I think I'm gonna buy me some now...lol j/k. Anyway brilliant story!

Author's Response: Yes!! The Productive Lunatics are starting a fashion trend!!! Be sure that Fred and George are going to have alot of fun! - The PL's!

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Review #20, by Hermione288061 Costumed Catastrope

26th June 2006:
Oh no!! What are Fred and George going to do??? Well this is an amazing story!! Keep up the great work and update soon! XD

Author's Response: Fred + George + hot pants = lots of fun!! Thanks for sticking with us! - The PL's

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Review #21, by fairyville Costumed Catastrope

25th June 2006:
Oh yeah update!!!!!!!

Author's Response: Oh yeah review!!!!! - The PL's

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Review #22, by HermioneG Costumed Catastrope

22nd June 2006:
An update?? You've no idea of how surprised I was when I saw that! This chapter was not your best, but it was still good. Are Fred and George going to wear the hot pants? And if they're not going to do that, what will they do with them? I hope you'll update a bit faster next time. And if you don't, please promise me you will update some day. ~HermioneG

Author's Response: Hey we are busy girls with busy lives...we write together when we have time, and often get distracted by other things that we love to chat about with each other! There are only a couple chapters left but we hope you will enjoy them more with each one!! When we have time to write them, that is. - The PL's

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Review #23, by loony4luna Too Much Revealed

22nd June 2006:

Author's Response: Thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Review #24, by Ms_Malfoy Too Much Revealed

5th June 2006:
eww, please tell me snape and dumbledore aren't gonna wear them...eww! lol

Author's Response: As us no questions, we tell you no lies. - The PL's

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Review #25, by Ms_Malfoy Hello...Evil.

5th June 2006:
eww, so many people have worn them now without washing them, once hermione and ginny get then back they're gonna be disgusting*sour expression* lol! great chapter! i'm on the edge of my seat, are herms for gin ever gonna get 'em back? eek! lol

Author's Response: Dobby and Winky would be insulted if they could hear this...they is good houseelves and they is doing the washing of their present from Miss Mione everynight ...even is Harry Potter if traded them for the Headmaster shorts. - The PL's

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