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Review #1, by Lumariel Draconis The Chamber of Secrets

28th May 2008:
Your story is amazing. I hope to read more of it.

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Review #2, by juls The Chamber of Secrets

4th October 2007:
I love this Jo-- really. Brings a depth to them I have never read before. I see the love they have for each other in your written words. It's sad it is seen as an impossible match by the others.

I've only seen Helga written as a bumblely happy go lucky person, and to see her written with intelligence its remarkable.

I've also only seen Salazar written as a bitter hateful person, who's only ambition is to make the magical world pure. I've never seen him written in love-- and I love it.

So-- now ya know. You are a remarkable writer in my eyes dearest.

love ~~juls

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Review #3, by Weasley twins rock A Shrouded Prophecy

23rd January 2007:
Ooh, I really liked this, a bit of darkness and mystery not a founders romance! That one-eyed woman was absolutely wicked and I loved how you made her predict the future 1000 years down the line. The idea of Salazar fearing snakes and not minding half-bloods, I thought insane at first but I think that the reason that you gave for these vices was so well thought out.
Well done!

Author's Response: Thank you very much! I'm glad you understood where I was coming from. Most people are shy to the idea that Salazar might have been different from what we seem his as in the historical sense - that's why I had to challegen the traditional thought on him. He *might* not have been all that bad. :) Thank you very much for the awesome review and giving this one shot a chance. :)

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Review #4, by jez redfern A Shrouded Prophecy

27th December 2006:
i like this story
it gives a different take on slytherin

Author's Response: Thanks so much...I was hoping for the different take on Slytherin. :) Glad you enjoyed it.

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Review #5, by ElissandrAnne A Shrouded Prophecy

15th December 2006:
Ah, so Tom Riddle/Voldemort's birth was foretold 1,000 years before his time. And that very prophecy was responsible for Salazar's bigotry. Good story. Very good story. And very well written too.
Good job!


Author's Response: Exaclty! That's exactly what I was saying. Thank you so much for the awesome review. I'm glad you found the writing and the story well done. I appreciate you taking the time to read and review. :D

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Review #6, by juls A Shrouded Prophecy

15th December 2006:
Wow... wonderful story jo =) Truly worthy of the surename Alcott. (giggle)
Poor salazar, afraid of snakes till bitten and given the speech.
The prophecy maybe might have come to nothing if he had not added the bigotry. sadly, we will never know. It was not the prophecy that caused tom riddle/LV but the resullt of it. Oh lord am i making any sense?
Anyhow loved it. Ty for sharing huggle ~~juls

Author's Response: juls!! *HUGGLE* Thank you so much. I'm blushing, worthy of the Alcott surname *hehehe*. What a compliment! You totally made sense! It's true...prophecies only come true if someone believes them and acts on them. Thank you so much for the brilliant review. I'm glad you enjoyed it. :)

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Review #7, by mrs_heather_grint A Shrouded Prophecy

5th December 2006:
Wow, this story made me think. Every other story I've read has made Salazar an evil man. You managed to make me second guess that. You gave plausible reasoning for his questionable actions. I can tell some thought went into this small one-shot. I really have nothing to say, other than: I loved the characterization of Helga and Slytherin. It was so different from what I've seen so far during my time on the site. You gave them roles that I would've have thought better suited for Rowena and Godric, and it suited them well. Brilliant. 10/10 :]. And yes, I know who the woman was talking about :P. Dang, she's good. Have to say I prefer her to Trelawney!

Author's Response: I think so many people see him as an evil Slytherin. History is never written as pure fact, I think there are many ways it's twisted to reflect the side of the 'winner'. It's funny that you say some thought went into this piece, a few people have said that. It was a stray thought I had one day and grabbed onto because I thought it would be fun to write about - it was originally supposed to be part of a bigger Founders fic I'm working on. I think I'll still add this aspect into it, but I realized that this could be a stand alone one-shot. I'm glad you liked it and could see it as reasonable. When I started to flesh out this little idea I realized I wanted to mix up everyone's preconceived notions about the founders...that included Godric, Helga, and Rowena as well. After I did I really liked the craziness I could add and I tried to make it as believable as possible. :) Now I'm a die hard Sal/Helga shipper...I think it could have worked. :) *LOL* You prefer her to Trelawney! Nice! Thanks so much for the awesome review!!

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Review #8, by Shasterian Noble A Shrouded Prophecy

20th August 2006:
This is such a great story! You've done so well to keep such a significant story idea in such a tightly managed space. It's definitely added to my favourites.

I love the idea that Salazar was really a noble and nice man at heart but simply circumstances and a wrong decision changed his portrait to the rest of the world. It also explains so many of those little confusing things like why such amiable people as Godric and Helga would have been his friends in the first place, and why they fell out so significantly that he decided to leave.

Very clever piece! :)


Author's Response: You hit the nail right on the head! When I decided to write this piece I had been considering why Godric and Helga would hold the company of such a blackard - and then it dawned on me...history is often wrong and/or written from the perspective of the 'winner'. So what could have put Salazar in such a place? What would make him so hated; if, in fact, he was at least a bearable individual? That's how I came up with this little twist in history's telling. I think old Sal would be turning over in his grave if he knew the things people were saying about him. I like to think ambition is a positive trait as is holding to your opinion - and that's what I like to think happened all those centuries ago. It definitely reminded me to research the things I hear and learn if nothing else.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read and review this story. And also for the glowing review, I very much appreciate your works. :) I'm delighted to hear that this will be added to your favorites.

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Review #9, by ten_oclock A Shrouded Prophecy

20th August 2006:
Ooo... I read this because of Bibbs' reccomendation and I can say I was not dissapointed. This was compelling, well written, descriptive and had a nice twist at the end. I really liked it and will check out some more of your stuff. Bethan xxx

Author's Response: Bibbs is great isn't she? I'm so glad you liked this and happy to hear you weren't disappointed by her recommendation of it. :) I particularly enjoyed the twist of this story - it's just a reminder that history isn't always what it seems. "Think for yourself, question authority" was a motto I lived by for a long time, and I think this is a testament to that philosophy. :)

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Review #10, by Calista Stone A Shrouded Prophecy

17th August 2006:
Oh. My. Gosh. That was so awesome! I love it! You actually gave us reasons for everything! That would explain so much! I love it! You must have really thought this out... That was really good! Adding it to my faves!

Author's Response: I'm glad I've given you a new outlook on the way things could have happened way on back in the day and given you reasons for the outcome. :) It was a dawning realization one day as I was considering why admirable people like Rowena and Godric would associate with this Salazar guy when I came up with this. I found it fitting and I like toying with the perspectives we have on the founders. I like switching them all up. :) Thank you so much for the brilliant review. I'm glad you like this story.

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Review #11, by ilovecandy62 A Shrouded Prophecy

22nd July 2006:
THis makes so much sense! Wow! So good! And, Salazar that likes Helga. A bit ironic though, considering that the Slytherins feel above the Hufflepuffs. Great story.

Author's Response: Thank you so much! I'm gald you enjoyed my explanation. :-) I think the whole story is sort of ironic and not at all the typical view of Sal - hence my toying with the Sal/Helga thing. Ever since I did that I'm a huge Sal/Helga mind is playing tricks on me. *hehe* I'm glad you liked it. Thanks again!

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Review #12, by Ydnas Odell A Shrouded Prophecy

18th July 2006:
This is spectacular. What a twist at the end. You know this could actually turn out to be canon! So how I see a big twist coming in book 7. Maybe you hit on it here.

Wonderful job. Does need a bit of editing for grammer and such still which keeps it from being a 10. But an 8 is still quite good!

Author's Response: When writing this piece I considered all the things in history we take for granted or assume is fact...only recently are we realizing that some of the stuff written in the books might be a little slanted - since Sal was the one who left (or was kicked out) little to none of his input would have been recorded in the books. I'm glad you liked it - thank you!

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Review #13, by StepUpTimneh A Shrouded Prophecy

14th July 2006:
Wow. This is spectacular! Is the woman Sybill's great great great Grandmother? You justified Slytherin's hate for mixed a twist. 10!

Author's Response: Thank you so much! I'm delighted that you enjoyed it and found my explanation acceptable. The more I thought about it the more I was thought we might have Salazar pinned wrong. I'm not even a Slytherin fan, it just seemed wrong to judge him - so I tried to give him a reason and consider it from his perspective. Thanks so much for your kind words and review.

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Review #14, by lupinlove A Shrouded Prophecy

14th July 2006:
i LOVED this! it's a very interesting idea that would explain the basilisk AND the slytherin way of thinking ... great job :D

Author's Response: Thank you! I'm very glad you enjoyed it! It was a very fun piece to write for the perspective and different view of Slytherin. Poor guy, I really think he might have been painted wrong now - course I'm probably way off base *haha* but it's fun to consider the possibilities. :-) Thanks again!

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Review #15, by is that how you spell it A Shrouded Prophecy

14th June 2006:
woohoo! roking story!

Author's Response: Thank you, I'm glad you enjoyed it.

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Review #16, by Bibbs A Shrouded Prophecy

3rd June 2006:
Good God, girlfriend! This one had me totally hooked! If you can believe it, my mouth literally fell open into a great big "O" when I got to the end.

Okay, one thing at a time. First of all, I really liked the way you assigned certain subjects to each of the founders. I myself was thinking Rowena would be best at Potions, being the smart one. But never would I have considered Salazar for Herbology! I thought it was really interesting. And, God love him, he was a good guy. Funny that you mentioned he would be looking for a divination teacher considering who he stumbled upon in the end. But no, like your A/N said, he didn't offer her the job.

I knew something was up when he was in the forest and said that he hated snakes. You totally switched everything around! I love the way he became a parseltongue. I had always thought he was simply born that way, but yours is so much better and more exciting. And it was so cool to see the basilisk brought into it! That was definitely the best explanation for the whole snake issue that I have ever read!

Obviously, the best part is the end. The reason for him wanting to accept only pure bloods...genius, I tell you! You kept him as a good guy instead of the evil man that he is always portrayed as. And ironic that the boy he is so determined to keep out of his school is one of his own decendents.

Aw, I'm raving. I loved it, every little detail. I'm going to go tell Propmaster. She reads my recommendations.

Author's Response: I’m glad you had a shocked response to this piece, it is intended to be a surprise. When you realize what happened, when it all comes into focus…people have it wrong; people have Salazar wrong.

Ya know, I got really sick of the traditional view of the founders. That’s what spawned this. I know history is written from the point of the winner or an aristocratic white man. I myself have went to seek out alternative history, written by women or marginalized groups of people (religious, social, cultural) – and it won’t be the first time I’ve said this (see Matt’s reviews and my responses lol) but I think I spent four and a half years and several thousand dollars on a college education to write period or accurate fanfiction. Okay, stepping down and pushing my soap box to the side lol! I don’t like the stereotype that Salazar automatically taught potions or that the head of Slytherin House has always been the Potions Master – that’s a silly thing for us to cling onto. So I drove my proverbial hammer into the glass ceiling and wiped the ‘traditional’ view of that and went as opposite as I could with Salazar’s strengths…yet gave them reason. Salazar thinks (and it’s unfair for us not to) that Herbalism is a very key talent – truly where would potion makers be without herbs to make said potions?! (K, pushing soap box away again.) A note about the A/N and the link to the end of the story regarding that…I seriously considered having him ask her to teach Divination – clearly he believes her assessment but I think he’s afraid of her too and that’s what stops him…and the whole thing about her wanting him to close the school – lol, we can’t forget that she would sabotage it if it meant it would get it closed up.

I wanted to give people a real view of what history could have been yet still with the same outcome (the facts remain – Sal did dismiss all the Muggles, he was a parseltongue – but why is it so unbelievable that those things were as a matter of doing right?). Because Hogwarts history is written from the view of a Gryffindor. The sad thing is that modern day Slytherins take it for granted what other people have fed them…my Salazar would be turning over in his grave – so to speak. And don’t get me started on what the Chamber of Secrets was really made for. This all goes back to my personal endevour to do things that are possible but not probable.

Yes, the true irony…no matter how hard he tries, no matter what he does it all comes back to him – after all that person is his descendent. Too bad she didn’t tell him that, lol.

*Blush* Oh dear, Propmaster! I’m intimidated now lol! I do hope she enjoys it as much as you have. I know my views are very skewed and I’m tainted by my always trying to see the other side of things now. I just hope people read this with an open mind and consider what is accepted as truth.

I so appreciate your reviews Bibbs! I’m glad you liked it.

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Review #17, by Red A Shrouded Prophecy

25th April 2006:
once again very carefully written, meticulious and just really great. I really liked the reasonning behind Slytherin only accepting pure-bloods. Also, I really liked how you show Salazar in a much better light than in the books, but then again a reason for why someone did what they did, almost always shows them in a better light than just seeing the action. Still very thoughtful and an enjoyable read!

Author's Response: I have found, through my studies, that history is often written to the benefit of the one holding the pen. So much of HP is written from the eyes of a Gryffindor so we just assume that he's write. I went into this with the intention to address the story from Sal's perspective. How would he have told the same story? One we took for granted happened like McGonagall said. I had fun with it and I'm very pleased to hear that you enjoyed it!

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Review #18, by Gilded Sorcerer A Shrouded Prophecy

17th April 2006:
Hello Mandy, As you know I have endeavoured to review all of your stories, and this I wish to do with the most respected and open-mindedness that I have. "The Fall" is a very mystical story, entailed in that powerful gift of descriptive writing that is your crest! =)) This is simply a marvellous retelling of the story of the Founders Four, told from Salazar’s perspective as he reminisces back, and it provides us with a look into future Magical History; yet, once again, you entice the reader with the much suspenseful art of mystery. "All the things that he had dreamed came to fruition in a castle hidden in a patch of forest that housed all sorts of magical creatures. . . ." are your beginning words; But then see how you end this story: "There is only one solution…Hogwarts must only admit students of magical birth to study; if the prophecy holds true then this can be our defense." What amazing lines, rich in meaning, description, and sustenance. I can only hope this momentary pause in HPFF will help us concoct even better ideas for the future, since it would be my pleasure to continue reading your work. Happy Easter, Matt

Author's Response: Matt! It’s always a pleasure to see you here, you know I adore your reviews. This piece is actually a much later segment of Chasing Daydreams that I wrote when I thought was going to discontinue that story. This is the section of story I created that inspired Chasing Daydreams…I wanted to get to this point…and I wanted to address the Chamber of Secrets and what I think it really is and why it was really made. But I’m hoping to actually get that far in the (now) parent story of this piece and pray I don’t have to desecrate Chasing Daydreams by jumping ahead again and do the actual story little justice in a one shot. But I did have to get this one out of my head; for now at least. :-) I’m beside myself to think that you’ll one day reach your endeavor and read and subsequently review all of my stories – that is a huge honor I can’t even fathom; you reading and reviewing any of my pieces is such a joy! I saw that you updated your story. I look forward to printing it out and taking it on my soon approaching vacation and sinking into the whole thing again – I promise I’m not neglecting it. I will be updated in several of my stories this week before heading out ocean side this weekend for my long awaited stay on the beach (in paradise) as such I would like to let you know (because you questioned me about it once upon a time) I have been putting my HP stories aside as I have taken on a bigger challenge of writing an original piece! I hope to be posting the first couple chapters of that story on our sister site Fiction Central before I leave. Anyhow…all that aside (I’m sorry I get so side tracked when writing to you, it’s like addressing an old friend or kindred spirit :)) I blush at your kind words and am very pleased to hear them. I have been working on description and adding as much as possible (without overdoing it) since I realized, a few years back, that it was one of the huge things my stories were lacking. Now description is the most joyful part of a story to write, in my mind. Again, thank you…you are always an inspiration Matt! I hope you had a lovely Easter (thank you for the warm holiday wishes) ~Mandy

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Review #19, by timeturner A Shrouded Prophecy

13th January 2006:
Extraordinarily interesting take on this here. I enjoyed the way you mentioned how they came together and the break regarding Salazar added a nice bit of adventure and darkness to the mix. Honestly, this would make a very good ficlet where you describe how each of them displays the character traits they are most known for later on. I was curious as to why you chose twelve students…was that arbitrary? Nicely done and I really would like to see you do more along the same lines.

Author's Response: Thank you timeturner, I really appreciate your kind words of encouragement on this piece. I'm delighted to hear that you think I should do more along these lines. This is but a section of an entire founders fic I had planned but have since put on the back burner. This little bit, that I had planned way out, was eating at my brain though so I just decided to make it a one-shot. I hadn't considered doing one on each of the founders! I think I might try that, as I have a different (well different is a relative term, a different from the tradtional is what I mean) view of them. Again thank you so much for taking the time to read this!

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Review #20, by PhoenixStorm A Shrouded Prophecy

6th January 2006:
ooo wow. Now this was a most intriguing story. I haven't read many Founders fics, half of one inf fact, but I loved this one! You just string everything together so well and believably that I could easily take this for the real thing. You've twisted my expecations of the characters in this brilliantly, managing to make them so different to what I imagine, yet so believable that I don't question them. The fact that Salazar is the Herbology teacher, that Helga taught Transfiguration, that Godric was a sorrowful young man with poor beginnings all add to this fic to make it truly great. The small details are what make me really love this story.

You have a few mistakes, very small ones, but I felt I should mention them as everything else is pretty much perfect. That he could changed the world should obviously be change. unheard to him I wasn't too sure about this one, it's where he's talking about Rowena's background. I think 'unheard of by him' would sound better. learn to manage on his own, his strange new connection to snakes. should be '...his own: his strange new...'.

Now this is a very original take on the story of how Salazar's aversion to those of muggle descent came about, and you tell it very well. Little by little you build the story up, and I find myself completely taken in by it. My favourite touch to this has got to be that you made Salazar afraid of snakes :D. This is so bizarre and something I'd never have htought of in a million years that it becomes very plausible in my mind.

The story of how they got the land and built Hogwarts is another great touch. The tasks and trials they had to overcome seem very fitting as their prize is Hogwarts, and it built up the ralationship between Salazar and Helga, as well as Salazar and snakes, very well.

I'm not sure I completely agree that Salazar is responsible as such for Voldemort, but it's something I'll let pass here :P. And the irony that his actions to try to prevent Voldemort's coming actually contributed to Voldemort's beliefs is very clever. Just shows how much we can't predict the future, and how it doesn't help a bit to know of it in any way. If anything, he probably made it worse :D. Anyway, a wonderful story, and it was a pleasure to read :).

Author's Response: Wow PhoenixStorm, You are an amazing and thorough reviewer. I think this might be the best review I’ve ever received, thank you for that. I’m absolutely delighted to hear that you found this piece believable. I know it’s a very slanted view so my hope is for people to suspend their disbelief long enough to enjoy it and maybe consider that we don’t always get the whole truth about everything. Though Sal taught Herbology, he’s still arrogant about it – that’s why I liked that idea. He thinks it’s the best (and most important skill) where we often scoff at it, but maybe we shouldn’t and maybe Sal was a little right about it. After all the petrified people in CoS would still be petrified if it weren’t for Herbology. I think people give Helga too little credit, and as such I like to think she was bold. I had the intention of writing an entire founders fic where this would be but one piece of it; unfortunately my vision is limited and if I can’t see the light at the end of the tunnel I have difficulty pursuing it for any length of time. I am very glad you pointed the grammatical errors out to me! I’ve read this piece so many times to find mistakes that my brain automatically fills in the negative space and corrects those problems. I’m going to fix those problems up right away! Salazar and the non-magical persons in Hogwarts was way too easy and simple of an explanation to me. Though it is how the story works and such we don’t need to know anymore (when we read the HP books) than he didn’t want Muggles in – I like to think the story is deeper than that (it seems to me that the story is always deeper than face value). I considered this for a long time…Salazar had to have some positive attributes or the other three (always portrayed as perfectly virtuous, which I’m sure they weren’t) wouldn’t have had any reason to associate with him – let alone partner to open a school with him. I just don’t think he was all that bad of a guy, I mean who doesn’t value determination? How they got the land, *sigh* I really would have liked to write more there; but it wasn’t for this piece. :-) It is meant for my longer story but I felt I should touch on it just for fun. I’m so glad you like it and thought it fitting – I was a bit worried about how it would fit in this piece, I didn’t want it to come off as random. Salazar’s relationship with snakes is important again for the longer piece…a curse that is so vile it can be passed down through the bloodlines…he wasn’t happy…haha! Anyway, here’s my secret, I’m a Helga/Salazar shipper. I would love to write a wiry (but believable) love tale (alas, I’m no good at romance, lol, it’s probably a good thing too). Yes! YES! I’m so glad you see the irony of this little piece, that was my intention all along. Yes, my guess is he made it worse! I’m so glad you liked it and you got that little bit! Thank you so much! I so appreciate you reading this and reviewing it for me. Your review was beautiful and really helped me out a lot (I’m even considering going back to my original intention of writing a novel length version). You are a wonderful reviewer, thank you for that! ~Mandy

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Review #21, by Darkheart (NLI) A Shrouded Prophecy

29th December 2005:
I rarely read fics of the founder, this one was pretty good. I like how you described each one of them uniquely. The way you made Slytherin talk to snakes was very creative. I would have never thought it to be because of a potion and a snake bite, also the bit with the woman telling him about Voldemort was good too. I couldn’t find any grammar mistakes, good job!

Author's Response: I'm glad you liked this and were able to read it even though it's a Founder's story. I have an idea of each founder in my head and I wanted to touch on it, at least a little, in this piece even though it was mainly about Salazar. I'm glad you enjoyed it, thank you for reading it and reviewing it. I promise to read your one-shot as well. Thank you again!

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Review #22, by jynx67 A Shrouded Prophecy

27th December 2005:
Wow, the beginning and middle of this is extraordinary. I love your imagination, how the founders actually were and how they got the castle. The ending, however, seemed a bit rushed, at least to me. It's a great idea and your descriptions are wonderful. This is a great story!

Author's Response: jynx – thank you so much. Coming from an author of your talents, who I admire, this review means so much to me. I hope one day to write a more in-depth adaptation of how they got the land and the castle, their deals with the man who owned in and their trials of that week. I agree with you about the end being rushed, it felt that way to me as well…but I was also a bit worried about dragging it out too. I couldn’t come to happy medium, haha! I hope to keep revising it until I get it right where I want it. I really need to look at it with a fresh eye and that, unfortunately, might take a couple of weeks (if not months). Anyhow, again, thank you very much for you kind words and gentle CC - I really really appreciate it!

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Review #23, by StarBlack A Shrouded Prophecy

27th December 2005:
I have only to say that you make me fall in love with your writing. That probably seems creepy but I adore your stories. I can't believe you constantly make me think of things from another POV. The flashback was awesome, as always. This elagance is what I've come to expect from your writing. I swear you should write an actual novel just so I can have a copy. :-) lol Okay enough of the amazement. I wish you would rub some of your talent off on me. Simply wonderful!

Author's Response: You know all my ideas because you are like my creative beta, my idea bouncer…hehe. I’m so glad I finally got this one out of my head (and now you don’t have to listen to it anymore)…I was so worried that it wouldn’t come out as well as it sounded in my crazy little mind. I’m glad you liked it and all of my stories. I appreciate that you enjoy my writing style and you give me hope, as you know that I often feel that my writing is getting stale. And just as a side note, you are equally as talented – I promise. So my next challenge, something linear and what others might call ‘normal’…hmmm…we’ll see. :-) As always, THANK YOU!!!

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Review #24, by Jaydah A Shrouded Prophecy

27th December 2005:
Great job Joela. I've never read a story with this plotline before, but I very much enjoyed it. You went outside the usual "evil Slytherin" image and made Salazar unique and truthfully, I liked him! And, a Slytherin and Hufflepuff as friends. It's good to step outside common cliches, because people get sick of reading the same story over and over again. You were very origninal with your work, not to mention that it was written beautifully. My opinion, the woman is talking about Voldemort.. Why oh why didn't Sal listen =). Great job Joela, I'm glad I read this! I'll read more fics of yours, since you caught my eye. Sorry it took me forever to review this =)

Author's Response: I’m glad you’ve not read a story with a plotline like this before, it’s nice to hear that I might have touched on something a little different. I so like to challenge the easily accepted with something feasible, maybe even possible or probable. I wanted to consider a reason…a real reason for why things turned into history as they have for the Potterverse. Since I have read many alternatives to what is commonly believed in traditional history I thought it might be the same in the Wizarding world as well. I simply adore the idea that Salazar and Helga may have been friends, I don’t know why it tickles me so but I really like the thought of it…maybe just to spite the common theories. Anyhow, I really appreciate your review and am glad you like it. I’m sorry it has taken me so long to respond to your review but I recently had surgery and am just now getting up and around again. Again, thank you. (I'm delighted to hear that you might look at my other stuff because you've enjoyed this so much. :-)

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Review #25, by lovinrain A Shrouded Prophecy

21st December 2005:
The old lady is talking about Voldemort. This was a great story, and it explains why Salazar had the sudden notion to only allow pureblood wizards in. This was an awsome idea, and I love your writting. lovinrain

Author's Response: She so was talking about Voldemort. :-) I'm glad you saw it. Thank you so much for your kind review and nice words about my writting. I really appreciate you taking the time to read this and let me know what you think.

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