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Review #1, by SoldierofRebirth 50 Names For Draco Malfoy

20th October 2016:
Still one of my favorites after, like, 10 years, haha.

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Review #2, by slytherangoddess 50 Names For Draco Malfoy

4th March 2011:
I like this story so much :D Even though its non-canon. :)

I did find some little fix-it things to watch out for (its the writing major in me):
--Dialogue in a paragraph must match action in a paragraph. Meaning make sure who ever is talking in the paragraph is the one who has the action after the dialogue. Sometimes it was tough to figure out who was talking to whom
--The second is just some spelling and grammar issues. nothing too distracting, but i think there was a "3was" in there somewhere

Other than that I think it was a wonderful fic.

**runs away to review the sequel**


OPERATION: Green With Envy

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Review #3, by beep 50 Names For Draco Malfoy

8th July 2010:
um i expected a list

this sucks

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Review #4, by mercibeaucoup 50 Names For Draco Malfoy

7th July 2010:
Woah, your name's Josie?
Hah, that's so cool, so's mine! :D
Anyway, apart from a few small grammatical/spelling mistakes, it was brilliant and entertaining to read.
Thanks (Y)


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Review #5, by pooh 50 Names For Draco Malfoy

30th May 2010:
that was a spectacular of a kind

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Review #6, by sofimac16 50 Names For Draco Malfoy

23rd April 2010:
I really liked it... Normally I'm not much of a Draco/Hermione person and I rarely read them.

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Review #7, by Onna_Elwood 50 Names For Draco Malfoy

5th October 2009:
awww! cuteness, i've actually done something similar before! lol...

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Review #8, by _hermione_jean_malfoy_ 50 Names For Draco Malfoy

23rd July 2009:
OMG! i love this. best story ive read in a while.

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Review #9, by wand_waver 50 Names For Draco Malfoy

1st July 2009:
Wow, very impressive, I don't know if I could have thought up 50.

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Review #10, by ForbiddenBeauty 50 Names For Draco Malfoy

3rd February 2009:
So good, I could so see this on the big screen :)

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Review #11, by rowenaravenclaw94 50 Names For Draco Malfoy

19th March 2008:
good job! interesting interaction between the 2 there... can't wait to read the sequel!

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Review #12, by madam_cee 50 Names For Draco Malfoy

24th December 2007:
Whoa, this was amazing! =) I loved it! 10/10

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Review #13, by brandiemalfoy 50 Names For Draco Malfoy

15th September 2007:
i loved it you could have added corrupted it is really good

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Review #14, by d 50 Names For Draco Malfoy

3rd September 2007:
this is not a story in itself. it's chapter 1 of a two-chapter story. this end does not justify it's completion you see. it's not mysterious, it's untied. otherwise, i really like what you've written

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Review #15, by MistyMagoo 50 Names For Draco Malfoy

31st July 2007:
Oooh, I liked this :) Gotta love a D/Hr fic as good as this one :)

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Review #16, by Amber 50 Names For Draco Malfoy

26th July 2007:
I LOVED IT. It was brilliant. Gonna read teh sequal now ;] Definitly 10/10.

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Review #17, by Iris 50 Names For Draco Malfoy

24th July 2007:
Whoo, I Like It :). I am making a fanfiction by myself about Harry Potter. I've learned that I must write a characterdiscription down before I start with the story. You've helped me alot with Malfoy's & Hermoine's! Thanks!! Btw: I'm Dutch, so maybe this review is not completely correct. Sorry about that ^^'

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Review #18, by iLoveDraco4ever 50 Names For Draco Malfoy

7th July 2007:
dude, this would've made the perfect beggining for a great novel. Really, than t could have worked up and then they owuld really feel atrracted to eachother. Well anyways I give you 5 stars because that was absolutely amazing

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Review #19, by ginny_weasley_54 50 Names For Draco Malfoy

19th June 2007:
i like it

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Review #20, by Monkeymoiz 50 Names For Draco Malfoy

17th June 2007:
OOH! were you watching 10 things I hate about yoy lol
I really love it
It was so funny

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Review #21, by killmedarkworrior 50 Names For Draco Malfoy

10th June 2007:
that was awesome it must have taken a while to come up with 50 insults

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Review #22, by _Kaitlyn_ 50 Names For Draco Malfoy

10th June 2007:
Very well done. I especially like how Hermione didn't go through with the kissing. 10/10 some of the best writing I've ever seen.

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Review #23, by fantacular_pandemonium 50 Names For Draco Malfoy

20th May 2007:
Ooh...heated! Great job! Going off to read the sequel!

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Review #24, by angelabz 50 Names For Draco Malfoy

22nd March 2007:
its fab 10/1o
can't wait to u update

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Review #25, by Shadow Danzer 50 Names For Draco Malfoy

12th March 2007:

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