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Review #1, by Pacific Wizard December 25, 2005

13th January 2010:
Great story. Interesting and different. I was wondering why Harry wasn't able to grab his wand with blinding speed to save Ginny. I do hope that you didn't experience something like this in your own life. Your story ends on a positive note but it's still sad in many respects. Although Harry gains some redemption by his sacrifice, he still betrayed Ginny and to damage that trust is to deny all that their relationship could have been. From a creative standpoint you deserve an A+. I hope you continue this story in the future. I admire your talent. Regards, PW

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Review #2, by HP Rocks December 25, 2005

10th July 2007:
you've abandon this story haven't you? i wish you wouldn't. it has been a long time since you updated. i really love this story and i want more.

Author's Response: No I havent abandon this one I just been busy. I'll try to work on it.

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Review #3, by jennah13 December 25, 2005

26th January 2007:
This is a very good story. I think it is very touching. However, (and I'm not trying to insult you) you took the plot of this story from a 2001 TV movie called "Three Days." It was directed by Michael Switzer. "Three Days" starred Kristen Davis and Reed Diamond as the main couple, Beth and Andrew Farmer, and Tim Meadows stars as Lionel, the angel who gives Andrew a second chance.

I mean you no offense; I like your story. But I think you need to have a disclaimer that gives credit to the writers of "Three Days." If you didn't know, it was written by Robert Tate Miller and Eric Tuchman. Here is the URL address to the IMDB page for "Three Days."

Thank you, and good luck with your story. I am very interested to see how it turns out. I hope Harry is able to come back.


Author's Response: Thank you, I'll do that.

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Review #4, by Meeh! Merry Christmas

7th January 2007:

Author's Response: Thank you for the enthusiasm.

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Review #5, by Tajarae December 25, 2005

25th December 2006:
such a meaningful story!!

Author's Response: Thank You I think this is my favorite.

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Review #6, by kat_im_a_kitty_kat December 25, 2005

14th December 2006:
Please don't tell me that's the end? Is there more? That was so good. I really loved it!!! 1000/10

Author's Response: No, but I think the next will be the end. Don't get too upset because it's not finalized.

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Review #7, by Abi December 25, 2005

12th December 2006:'s sweet! Is there another chapter? It's a sweet story.a very sweet story...


Author's Response: Yes, there will be another chapter, but I think it may be the last.

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Review #8, by HarryandGinny Fan December 25, 2005

10th December 2006:
That was really sweet... and thank you ofr clarifying that it was AU. It was sweet... and I liked it. It was a bit rushed, and there were some spelling and grammar punctutations, but I liked it. 10/10... will there be a sequal?

Author's Response: Thanks and I think yes there will be sequel, but it may be the final; I haven't decided yet.

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Review #9, by crmccarth December 25, 2005

10th December 2006:
The plot sounds a movie I've seen on ABC or something...but it was a good story. Well done.

Author's Response: Thanks.

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Review #10, by Funleybubbles December 24,2005

10th December 2006:
Come on, longer! It was good. keep it up. (Sorry for the short reviews)

Author's Response: Thanks.

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Review #11, by Flower123 December 25, 2005

10th December 2006:
glad that they both lived. harry did a very nobal thing when he said to take him instead of her.

Author's Response: Yeah, and I could see him really doing that, can't you?

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Review #12, by Funleybubbles December 23,2005

10th December 2006:
I just have one thing to say, MAGNIFICENT!

Author's Response: Thank you!

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Review #13, by Funleybubbles Meeting Gabrielle

10th December 2006:
Aww, short, short and sweet. I like it. Good job, keep it up.

Author's Response: Thanks.

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Review #14, by Funleybubbles Merry Christmas

10th December 2006:
Oh my god! Those last couple of paragraghs were shockers! It was great really it was. It was so sad! I have to give it to you, very good writing! Most the time I'll go into a story thinking 'oh my gosh, i hope this person has good grammar and writing abilities and you didn't let me down. Great job, KEEP IT UP!

Author's Response: Thank you that means a lot to me.

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Review #15, by 2525yasmin Merry Christmas

10th December 2006:
I noticed in my reviews there are a lot of responses that are really rude, but I didn't right them. I think maybe someone, somehow, got a hold of my password and is trying to sabotage me. I am changing my password and am terribly sorry.

Author's Response: .

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Review #16, by ILoveLost1888 December 25, 2005

10th December 2006:
U make me cry. Why are they laveing in a muggle word? I hope that Harry will see the family again? Does Harry want a baby with Ginny? 20-20! ^.^ Keep going u! Have a happy holidays and new years!

Author's Response: Thank you

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Review #17, by GinnyxoxHarry December 23,2005

10th December 2006:
My b-day is on the 23! =) Truely wonderful story!

Author's Response: Thanks and Happy-almost-Birthday

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Review #18, by Starwolf December 24,2005

9th December 2006:
What a snake, although him having an affair doesn't surprise me all that much. Good job so far, keep up the good work.

Author's Response: thank you. I will start the next ASAP.

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Review #19, by ButterCup December 23,2005

25th November 2006:
I really love this story!! I really want you to update.
I was just wondering if you have abandoned this story?
If not, please update soon, I have to know what happeneds!

Author's Response: No, I have not abandoned this story it's just that during the spring and summer I kind of got out of the season. So now maybe I can start writing again now that's getting to be Christmas again. I am so happy to have a fan!!!!!!! I won't let you down.

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Review #20, by Eat_My_Dust December 23,2005

20th October 2006:
I really have to know what happeneds!!!!!!
Are you ever going to update??!!
Please Hurry!
And great job, I love it

Author's Response: I'm working on it as we speak just give a little while longer sorry for the inconvience.

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Review #21, by Bobby December 23,2005

26th July 2006:
Like um hi, are you ever gonna update this um pretty sweet story? i like kinda want you to like update pretty soon, kuz im like goin' krazy!!!

Author's Response: I'm sorry I'll get to work on it right now!

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Review #22, by kat_im_a_kitty_kat December 23,2005

2nd May 2006:
This is a really good story. Did you get the idea from that movie Three Days? Sounds just like it only better. Please update!

Author's Response: Thanks and yeah i did get most of the ideas from 3 days, but not all of them some are my own creation.

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Review #23, by Nitwit_T December 23,2005

28th January 2006:
Aren't you going to update any new chapters at all? =)

Author's Response: Yes I am i've just been on writers block.

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Review #24, by PureBlood Muggle December 23,2005

21st January 2006:
oh no... so sweet and so cruel...

Author's Response: yes thanx

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Review #25, by Gracee Merry Christmas

16th January 2006:
I was kind of disapointed with the plot line, and it needs some work. its not your best story.

Author's Response: yeah i thought it was in little need of some adjustments myself. thanx

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