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Review #1, by J_O_I_Rowling Friend or Best Friend?

21st January 2010:
pretty thought provoking story. i hate peter pettigrew, he is an ODD-BALL! and a MEANIE! and he's the reason *sniff* James and Lily are DEAD! and Harry's an ORPHAN!

i've never taken to heart any insult spread about me (bookworm and proud, i don't think that's an insult), but for one time, and he wasn't my friend. he called me beetle, grade six, because apparently i have big eyes (i don't wear glasses, uncalled for name), then the other boys called me beetle for the rest of the year. i go to an all girls school now, but still see him. er, you probably don't really care, but i felt like sharing anyway. oh, and i have a crush on him since grade six. what's up with that?

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Review #2, by luvinpadfoot Friend or Best Friend?

30th December 2007:
My friend spread a rumor about me once as a joke, but then it got blown out of proportion and went on for months. Here's to you Abby! Wonderfully written though. 10/10

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Review #3, by EvansPotter Friend or Best Friend?

6th November 2007:
i think that's what James thought of Peter. i loved it.

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Review #4, by BabyG Friend or Best Friend?

12th October 2007:
i liked friends and i hav a 'peter'

well she wont exactly sell our souls but she does get annoying

thanks it meant a lot

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Review #5, by HP7LVR Friend or Best Friend?

18th September 2007:
I rly rly rly liked this story, it was amazing. u/u guys r great authors
--Padfoot (NOT MOONY)

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Review #6, by SBSL Friend or Best Friend?

3rd September 2007:
that really good. different tho.

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Review #7, by Levi_osa Friend or Best Friend?

17th January 2007:
I Hated it So Much The Best Part Was This Part
Winky: we wrote this after one of our friends-
Dobby: -I don’t want to talk about it.
Winky: Did a ‘Peter’.
Dobby: WINKY!
Winky: Sorry. But it is true. So we dedicate this to all of those people…
Dobby: Who have ever had a friend that has…
Winky: talked about them behind their back,
Dobby: Been mean to them and told their secrets,
Winky: Or, in James and Lily’s case, pulled a ‘Peter’.
Dobby: We know how you feel.

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Review #8, by Wicked Vixen Friend or Best Friend?

22nd October 2006:
Your stories are always touching. I could totally relate to this one. Thanks for the nice read. Really grateful.

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Review #9, by Deli Friend or Best Friend?

23rd June 2006:
Im confuzzled by your last little bit with Winky and Dobby... that conversation made no sense.

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Review #10, by Sudha53 Friend or Best Friend?

3rd June 2006:
how very true.

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Review #11, by Snuffles_Snogger Friend or Best Friend?

30th May 2006:
Nice. I like it.
It definately sounds like something that James would think. It sounds like something ANYONE would think! I mean, honestly! EVERYONE must have had an experience at least REMOTELY like this! WE'VE ALL HAD DEATHEATERS IN OUR LIVES AND ALL OF THEM HAVE PULLED WORMTAILS, SO, THANK YOU, DRUNKIES, FOR EXPRESSING IN HP FANFIC WHAT WE COULDN'T IN NORMAL-NESS!

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Review #12, by ellen Friend or Best Friend?

16th May 2006:
i luv the drunken elves storys!

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Review #13, by magicgurl1234 Friend or Best Friend?

1st May 2006:
FINISH IT NOWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Review #14, by sammy lupin Friend or Best Friend?

14th April 2006:
awsome, it was a true Drunk Elves original, i love your guys stories

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Review #15, by beam Friend or Best Friend?

7th March 2006:
Once more to Dobby and Winky : Does really beetle suit to Rita Skeeter ?

Author's Response: HUH?!

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Review #16, by beam Friend or Best Friend?

7th March 2006:
VERY simple. And that´s GOOD!

Author's Response: Aw... thanks! ! ! ~Drunkies

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Review #17, by Pheonix_Lullaby Friend or Best Friend?

18th February 2006:
Awww! I loved it and I hope the person who 'Did a Peter' on you receives cruel and unusual punishment... Marauders style!

Author's Response: Nope, they never got punishment. ~Drunkie

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Review #18, by Angel_luvs_harry Friend or Best Friend?

13th February 2006:
It’s a very good story

Author's Response: Thanks.

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Review #19, by Jenny Friend or Best Friend?

6th February 2006:
I LOVE YOUR STORIES! I am always amazed and entertained by them! I have decided i am ur No1 fan! That was brilliant, and i actually think thats what James is thinking. UR DA BEST!

Author's Response: Glad you are entertained by them... and you'll have to fight with Lava and some others for the no. 1 fan title! ~Drunkies

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Review #20, by Irca Friend or Best Friend?

2nd February 2006:
I like your stoties, but those dialogs are even better.

Author's Response: Aw.. ~Drunkies

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Review #21, by Hermione528 Friend or Best Friend?

28th January 2006:
another awesome one!!

Author's Response: You is awesome! ~Drunkies

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Review #22, by Hazel Potter Friend or Best Friend?

26th January 2006:
it's good peter is evil you should have used harder languige on him poor lily and James *cry**cry* *sob**sob*

Author's Response: Na. ~Drunkies

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Review #23, by lunalovegood616 Friend or Best Friend?

24th January 2006:
here are ur regular fries. sorry they took a bit.... hey! i like fries 2..... :) i love this story....

Author's Response: Go the fries.

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Review #24, by HermioneG Friend or Best Friend?

21st January 2006:
I've read this before (has got to be months ago), but I didn't leave a review, then. Good fic, it describes James' thoughts very well. He should have known that Peter would have... um... 'pulled a Peter'!

Author's Response: We kinda feel sorry for Peter... this fic almost wrote itself. *snort* We is guessing James isn't much of a good friend to Peter as Peter is to him if he evaluates his friendship like that... meh. It wa just a little ficlet. ~Drunkies

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Review #25, by lunalovegood616 Friend or Best Friend?

14th January 2006:
lol.... curly fries, or regular fries? what do want w/ those???? lol...

i hate it when some1 pulls a peter..... *shudders* makes you feel so useless......

Author's Response: Regular, please. ~Winky

Author's Response: WHAT! I LIKE fries! ~Winky

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