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Review #1, by SiriusSeriouslySaid Perfect

22nd June 2011:
I absolutely feel like a disappointment to my father sometimes. I love this song! please keep on writing!

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Review #2, by Hope4tomorrow7890 Perfect

3rd June 2008:
1) I love that song and SP used to be one of my favorite bands, 2) You write masterfully and brilliantly, and 3) it was an excellent tribute to Sirius. =]

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Review #3, by luvinpadfoot Perfect

30th December 2007:
Yay for my wonderful Siri! I love him and Winky and Dobby and Charlie and the list goes on and on. Amazing! 10/10

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Review #4, by DestinyPrayer Perfect

19th August 2007:
This was awesome,
I really love the song and It fits
so well!
I give it a 10/10!
And youre right,Sirius Black...may he rest in peace

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Review #5, by Sarah_Lily_Potter Perfect

24th July 2007:
I loved this one too!!


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Review #6, by JazRox Perfect

10th June 2007:
that was great, loved winky and dobby talking :) 10/10 :)

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Review #7, by dreamseeker Perfect

20th April 2007:
So sad *sniffles* We all love Sirius!

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Review #8, by were_kneazle Perfect

25th March 2007:
he is not restig he is HIDING DOnt say i'm in danial cause i ain't HE IS ALIVE

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Review #9, by prongs_new_evans Perfect

24th December 2006:
That was totally WICKED! I mean *clears throat loudly* that was good for your first songfic. I'm looking forward to more of those. Keep writing fanfics! They're what I looked forward to everyday.

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Review #10, by fredthefrog252 Perfect

21st December 2006:
I am the founder for the RSPCHE (Royal Society for Protection from Cruelty to House Elves) and we sent official warnings to the Blacks about the be-heading of elves.

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Review #11, by JenTigerPotter Perfect

31st August 2006:
SIRIUS ISN'T DEAD! I'm one the few , the proud! THE ONES IN DENIAL!!!!!! Yes, I KNOW I'm mental, thanx for the compliment! Good story.

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Review #12, by tani Perfect

17th August 2006:
*starts playing the last waltz*

Sirius Black

coool fic!

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Review #13, by SiriusGal Perfect

19th February 2006:
Awwww.....poor Sirius! Reading this just makes me want to give him a hug!!

Author's Response: Aw...

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Review #14, by prongsie_potter_rulez Perfect

19th February 2006:
HE IS DEAD BUT NOT GONE PADFOOT LIVES ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sorry - moment there. THAT WAS BRILL!!!!!!!!!!!!

Author's Response: Go paddy!

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Review #15, by BattyTwatty Perfect

19th February 2006:
That was sooooo sad!!!! Had me a bit teary!!!! Poor Sirius!!!!! That was brilliant!!!!!

Author's Response: Aw.. dont cry!

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Review #16, by Snuffles_Snogger Perfect

16th February 2006:
It wasn't the best songfic ever, but i love the way you portrayed Sirius. That definately showed the other side of him. And here is my theory: Sirius isn't dead. He's actually in Canada and living with talking mutant beavers who are a secret underground branch of the order and contributing greatly to the plan to kill voldemort. They are also a special ops team who will be the ones that take him out, with Harry's help of course, and so when Voldemort is gone, along with his followers, and Bellatrix CAN'T hurt Sirius, our dear dear Snuffles will come out of hiding and be the godfather he always wanted to be.

Author's Response: No, it wasn't the best songfic... but we love sirius. ~Drunkies

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Review #17, by Charmy_n_Chicka Perfect

13th February 2006:
Charmy present. Even though I hat the song, it was suitable for this fic. Bye!

Author's Response: Aw.. ~Drunkies

Author's Response: but why do you hate that song? ~Drunkies

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Review #18, by presi Perfect

11th February 2006:
Love It! you two are great writes! I always look forward to your new stories!!! Nice Job! MEL

Author's Response: Aw.. ~Drunkies

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Review #19, by Pheonix_Lullaby Perfect

11th February 2006:
It doesn't suck! It's great! *cries*I love Sirius!*cries more*

Author's Response: Aw.... thanks for reviewing~Drunkies

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Review #20, by pearluna Perfect

10th February 2006:
i love the new banner, guys!

Author's Response: Really? ~Drunkies

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Review #21, by Georgeoholic Perfect

2nd February 2006:
I WUV IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love Simple Plan so it was so very enjoyable to know that someone else likes Simple Plan besides me. I always sing to the song lyrics. Bye! Great story!

Author's Response: GO SIMPLE PLAN! ~Drunkies

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Review #22, by Zaphira Perfect

26th January 2006:
ooh profoud last sentence, eh? I keep forgetting Sirius is dead...*sob* WHHHHYYYY???? oh least there are still gooc fics like this that i can read to console myself...

Author's Response: Yep. ~Drunkies

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Review #23, by lunalovegood616 Perfect

24th January 2006:
lol... ok, i'll stop embarrassing u guys..... want some oranges?!?!?! here!

Author's Response: Yep! ~Drunkies

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Review #24, by HermioneG Perfect

22nd January 2006:
Pretty dark. It did NOT suck. I can't picture Sirius saying 'Mudblood', though. Or thinking.

Author's Response: Really?! Hmmmm.. we might want to revise this... thanks for pointing that out. ~Drunkies

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Review #25, by aussie_angel_91 Perfect

19th January 2006:
i loved this story :) it was great!

Author's Response: Aw.. we loves you too! ~Drunkiesq

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