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Review #1, by Jameslovelily123 Before the Funeral

18th July 2009:
i just love hermione she is my second fav. character in hp before ginny she's my fav then harry then ron then luna :)

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Review #2, by potters_princess Before the Funeral

19th April 2008:
This is so GREAT! its really cool!

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Review #3, by xXmalfoysgirl4everXx Before the Funeral

24th January 2008:
This story is absolutely wonderful! It really explains how they got together; even if they really didn't 'hit it off' until DH. However, maybe they did get together after the funeral, and hid it from Harry. I remember when Harry got angry at them for "talking behind his back" when he was on guard duty, maybe they were talking about getting together and everything. Well, enough ranting. This story is amazing! You should totally write a sequel, like after the war and everything. I love it! 100/100 -malfoysgirl

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Review #4, by ginwannabe Before the Funeral

15th December 2007:
That was beautiful. I'm a huge sucker for Ron & Hermione. I only wish this really had happened, and we hadn't had to wait until the END of DH to see them kiss!

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Review #5, by ronil_wazlib_luvr Before the Funeral

27th November 2007:
that was amazing! I love missing moments

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Review #6, by Ella Black Before the Funeral

8th September 2007:
it was sad but really well written i liked it

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Review #7, by symphonyofwords Before the Funeral

17th July 2007:
I just finished reading all of your stories, and I must say that you are by far the best writer I've come across on the entire site.
I hope that you decide to write a few more tales, I'm keeping an eye out for the next.

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Review #8, by Roshy Before the Funeral

29th May 2007:
so that is the begining of *Daddy* is it. i loved it

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Review #9, by jenny8 Before the Funeral

27th May 2007:
very good keep writing!

~jenn x

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Review #10, by SilverShadow04 Before the Funeral

23rd May 2007:
That was just sweet I knew it would touch me because the scene it was set in but it was really sad and sweet. I loved how you portrayed Hermione's emotions so effectively. A really heartfelt story you never ceast to dissapoint dear :)

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Review #11, by not_that_girl Before the Funeral

12th March 2007:
i love it!

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Review #12, by fantacular_pandemonium Before the Funeral

2nd March 2007:
Hey, great story! I loved it!

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Review #13, by hogwarts_girl_5 Before the Funeral

11th February 2007:
nice fanfic...i liked it...

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Review #14, by Star Potter Before the Funeral

19th January 2007:
Brilliant. Absoloutely brilliant. 12/10!!!

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Review #15, by Green Sky Before the Funeral

7th January 2007:
I don't think it was too out of her character to behave like she did in the sixth book. I think it was always bubbling under the surface. I'm glad Rowling finally gave Hermione a little more depth. And you as well. Cheers.

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Review #16, by call me crazy Before the Funeral

28th November 2006:
Great story! I loved Hermione's thoughts, they're what I would imagine hers to be if the story was in her POV.

I wish this happened in the book. Maybe it did. Probably not, but I can whish, right? Great job!

you've only been with Ron for nine and a half minutes and you're already thinking of marriage … I really liked that line.

Great job! 10/10!

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Review #17, by ibelieveintruelove Before the Funeral

23rd October 2006:
Very sweet idea, I really enjoyed it!

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Review #18, by Carrot Stix Before the Funeral

9th September 2006:
Aww i love it.. I dont think Ron would act like that but meh! Thats what fanfictions for!

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Review #19, by psychofreak Before the Funeral

31st August 2006:
Never phased me at all. Awesome short story! And good research with the A/N. Can't wait to read many more of your works. Peace Out!!

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Review #20, by mary_hpfan Before the Funeral

27th August 2006:
aawwww that was so cute it was so cute i can't bealive it ! =D
i'm adding this 2 my favorites right away ( i meen how can't u add this 2 ur fav.s =D )

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Review #21, by angelchaser13 Before the Funeral

24th August 2006:
I've read all three of your stories; my favorite is definitely DADDY. This one is # 2. *sigh dreamily* It's like Ron & Hermione are made 4 each other; think they'll get together in Book 7? Please reply, and I'm going to get a few of my R & H get-together stories up soon. R & R them--please!

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Review #22, by t0mf3lt0nl0ver Before the Funeral

20th August 2006:
I loved it. You are awesome at writing Ron/Hermione fics.

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Review #23, by FireFawn2 Before the Funeral

11th August 2006:
This was really good. I liked that you, umm, brought out what JK was trying to show in Hermione. The woman, and the love. Well done again!

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Review #24, by Emma_Star Before the Funeral

8th July 2006:
I really loved that! It was very sweet, and well written!!


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Review #25, by unknown_force Before the Funeral

7th July 2006:
Cute, it fits with HBP and there was a bit of humour with Ron teasing Hermione with the whole telling people about their relationship at Bill and Fleur's wedding. Great story!

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