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Review #1, by Lucy Sirius, Remus and Mushy food

27th December 2017:
It was good I'd love to read more like
this one

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Review #2, by Aayyyysuckmycuzittasteslikewatermelon Sirius, Remus and Mushy food

22nd August 2014:
But guys can a baby really play go-fish?

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Review #3, by angelicdemon1209 Sirius, Remus and Mushy food

26th June 2011:
too cute.. :D.. especially the banner..

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Review #4, by Crescent Moon  Sirius, Remus and Mushy food

18th April 2011:
So funny!! I loved it XD

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Review #5, by Natalya Sirius, Remus and Mushy food

3rd April 2010:
"a noble and brave man who was kind to house elves" yeah except for kreacher

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Review #6, by kassandra466 Sirius, Remus and Mushy food

28th January 2010:
“Say ‘Daddy’,” said James smiling at his son. Harry gave a happy gurgle, but didn’t say anything.

“‘Daddy’,” repeated James hopefully. Harry waved his chubby little arms, knocking James’ glasses askew. James straightened them with one hand, holding Harry with the other.

“Mummy!” said Harry suddenly, holding his arms out to Lily. “Mummy!”

James reluctantly handed Harry over to Lily. “Say ‘Daddy’,” he said again, not really expecting anything.

“That’s right, Harry,” crooned Lily. “Say ‘Daddy is a git’.”

Harry chuckled. “Addy git!” he waved his tiny hands around enthusiastically.

James however, didn’t think this was very funny. “Lily, you’re corrupting him!” He looked around, and for the first time, noticed that Sirius was there.

As Lily handed Harry over to Sirius, he held out his arms and cried, “Paddy! Paddy Paddy Paddy Paddy!!” James banged his head on the wall. Repeatedly.

OMG!! haha!! that was AMAZING!! i LOVED it!! made me SMILE!! :D

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Review #7, by J_O_I_Rowling Sirius, Remus and Mushy food

21st January 2010:
when the story title and summary made me laugh, i knew this was going to be an awesome story. will recommend, and the dobby and winky convo's were funny too. my favourite part/s were harry saying everyone's names but 'daddy' and harry thrashing sirius and remus at go fish. great story!

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Review #8, by jaackiee Sirius, Remus and Mushy food

2nd August 2009:
Harry, James, Sirius, and Remus are too cute together(:

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Review #9, by Kelly Kill Sirius, Remus and Mushy food

23rd July 2009:
I loved it! (and i love you sirius ^^) yup yup very funny!

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Review #10, by Cassandra evans Sirius, Remus and Mushy food

28th May 2009:
that was so cute
it made me remember the time sirius died

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Review #11, by ginnypotter777 Sirius, Remus and Mushy food

13th May 2008:

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Review #12, by Lyubov Sirius, Remus and Mushy food

8th March 2008:
HAhaha I love this fic. I was laughing so hard the whole time I was reading it. Great job.

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Review #13, by moony101 Sirius, Remus and Mushy food

28th February 2008:
poor Sirius . . . . baby nimbus ! ! ! ! ! awsome story =)

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Review #14, by KilledByDrapery Sirius, Remus and Mushy food

19th December 2007:
I miss Sirius so much :(
But that was a really good story! Loved baby-Nimbus ^_~

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Review #15, by war and peace Sirius, Remus and Mushy food

16th December 2007:
i loved it.. especially the author's note. in fact, my fav part of your fics is the author's note!

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Review #16, by AK Carmel Sirius, Remus and Mushy food

29th November 2007:
wow this is my first fic for you elves!
Great job, very cute!
and Winky Kreacher's good now!

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Review #17, by dark_salazar_girl Sirius, Remus and Mushy food

29th November 2007:
I love this fiction! I really do. It's such a cute and funny story. I can imagine how frustrated James must be that Harry can say everyone's names except his. It's just another evidence of Sirius' irresponsibility. Long live the Marauders!

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Review #18, by malmal Sirius, Remus and Mushy food

21st November 2007:
that story was too adorable!
i loved its pure fluffiness, and sisrius was one of my personal favorite characters! good job

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Review #19, by OMG Sirius, Remus and Mushy food

6th November 2007:
The last line by Dobby is just so SAD... Sirius... DEAD.
Ah well. Great story.

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Review #20, by EvansPotter Sirius, Remus and Mushy food

6th November 2007:
i loved it. Someone asked JK on an interview where Harry got good looks and she said from both his mon and dad. So James is cute.

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Review #21, by Steph Sirius, Remus and Mushy food

3rd November 2007:
Hehe, that was so cute and funny...

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Review #22, by padfoot@my-dreams Sirius, Remus and Mushy food

25th October 2007:
Oh my gosh i cant do anything to control my horrible crying; Sirius was my favorite and this was to cute for me to handle! I LOVE THE DRUKEN ELVES! sirius my heart reach out to you in th heavens! lol but truly i crying!

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Review #23, by Raeltsa Sirius, Remus and Mushy food

9th October 2007:
Very funny, exellent humor fic!

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Review #24, by mandigrrl Sirius, Remus and Mushy food

6th October 2007:
i LOVED this!

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Review #25, by Hermione15 Sirius, Remus and Mushy food

30th September 2007:
LOVED IT! Especailly loved that harry would say everything else but Daddy!

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