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Review #1, by Mrs SiriusBlack Pure Shores

29th May 2007:
OMG!!! That was sooo good! You didn't make any spelling or grammar mistakes! Alot of authors on this website do not even know how to spell some of the characters' names! The plot was really good and the sweet! Keep up the good work!

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Review #2, by BambiesBooh Pure Shores

1st September 2006: in shock.
I've never been a fan for Hermione/Draco fanfictions, but you are the best writer I think I have ever had the pleasure of reading. This story is amazing and I think I might actually read some Hermione/Draco stories now.

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Review #3, by Miss BubbleGum Pure Shores

5th January 2006:
That was ... Perfect! I bow to you! Well done.

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Review #4, by SUNSHiNE ON A CLOUDY DAY Pure Shores

4th January 2006:
that. was. so. BEAUTIFUL! it could have made me cry. it was so perfect. each and every word was placed delicately into where it should have been and if not, the story wouldn't have sounded the same. i really really liked this story!

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Review #5, by real_life_sucks Pure Shores

4th January 2006:
holy jeasly crow. I'm deffinitly adding you to my favorite author's list. And you can have cookies. I forgive you for killing Draco. Don't you feel loved?

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Review #6, by Peachy Pure Shores

3rd January 2006:
It was a great story... but too much of the imagining part.... the one you repeated twice... thats why its a bit long... but it was really nice!!! : )

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Review #7, by sydney d Pure Shores

1st January 2006:
i loved it, i would add it to my favorites list but i could'nt find the link.

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Review #8, by Beth Pure Shores

28th December 2005:
I liked it, it was very well written and had a good plot-thing (You can't really say it had a proper plot!). Seeya!

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Review #9, by anome Pure Shores

21st December 2005:
OMG REALLY GOOD STORY so much detail and idk somehow it was sothing

Author's Response: ah yes soothing, I'm surprised and glad people feel that. thanks for reviewing, I appreciate it.

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Review #10, by Lady Gryffindor Pure Shores

20th December 2005:
Superbly realised. :) I love that song, 'Pure Shores'. You put it to good use ... I loved the lyrics throughout the story. Great job.

Author's Response: hmm well, there was a time when I was a lot fonder of the song but I still thought it fit perfect ... ergo, I used it. glad you liked it, thanks for the kind words.

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Review #11, by CharmedLife19 Pure Shores

16th December 2005:
That was so beautiful, so serene... I loved it. Funny, I actually feel rather relaxed after reading that...

Author's Response: hehe. goody you felt relaxed, exactly what I felt when writing it. thanks for the review, I appreciate the nice words :)

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Review #12, by fate48 Pure Shores

15th December 2005:
oh my freaking god!! The story was soo deep, i was practically imagining myself instead of Hermioen!! GREAT JOB!!!!!!!

Author's Response: that is so what I want to achieve, that you can totally feel what is going on. I was a little worried about the whole story, but thanks for the nice comment, made me smile.

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Review #13, by Hannah Pure Shores

14th December 2005:
Awesome! I love your use of imagery. Your story combines good dialogue and awesome description all into one without an excessive of one or the other.

Author's Response: I am so glad to hear (or rather read) that, I was so worried about the whole description thing and if it worked well or not, cause I wanted you guys to read and totally feel the atmosphere, see it in front of you. so, glad that worked.thanks so much for the nice words, I appreciate them tons.

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