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Review #1, by Plata A Conundrum In Itself

13th January 2010:
It is easy to feel sympathy for him/her. Good work.

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Review #2, by moony101 A Conundrum In Itself

15th November 2008:
i love the writing, but who is it?? i mean, i could see it as almost anyone in the Marauder era, but is it? or is it from earlier, or later? anyhow, it's still amazing.

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Review #3, by luvinpadfoot A Conundrum In Itself

30th December 2007:
Who did you base this on?!?!?! It's killing me! Tell me! 9/10

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Review #4, by Voldemortia A Conundrum In Itself

20th December 2007:
Thats sooo good, I read that before a couple months ago and I read it again just now, both times its was soo saad

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Review #5, by Cfm887 A Conundrum In Itself

16th December 2007:
Well who was it?! Great story, but I am very curious who the heck you are talking about!

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Review #6, by Gypsy_Girl A Conundrum In Itself

20th November 2007:
How could you not tell us who it is!?!?!?!


Although, when I was reading it, I was thinking of good old Minerva. But who knows!?

Not us. Only you. *squints*

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Review #7, by Accio Brain A Conundrum In Itself

15th June 2007:
Im trying to think of who this person could be but I keep remembering the brilliance of your writing so I dont really get far.

Love, Voldemortia xx

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Review #8, by Elie A Conundrum In Itself

9th May 2007:
Brilliance. Absolute brilliance.

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Review #9, by Nymphie Lupin A Conundrum In Itself

10th April 2007:
HM... I'm gonna take a whack at who it is? Dumbledore? It seems like it would be him with all of the big words and deep deep thoughts. But, it doesn't really matter who it is. All that matters is that this rocked the house!! awesome job with it!! I really loved it and keep up the great work!

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Review #10, by WonWon Sweetheart A Conundrum In Itself

27th March 2007:
Absolutely beautiful. I don't think this was written to describe a particular person as so many others do. To me, I think that any person can some-what relate to at least a few statements written...even if that's not felt that way to me. There are a few things written which are so deep and so captivating that it could make any mind travel in circles. I'm extremely impressed...well done!

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Review #11, by HP_anonymous A Conundrum In Itself

18th November 2006:
Huh. That was really good. I'm just a bit confused. Who was the person? Or are we not supposed to know? Huh.

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Review #12, by Bubbles_456 A Conundrum In Itself

20th September 2006:
OMG i loved it so much!!! ~Lizzie

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Review #13, by JenTigerPotter A Conundrum In Itself

31st August 2006:
If you ask me, this story is conundrum.

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Review #14, by tani A Conundrum In Itself

17th August 2006:
i reckon it harry or luna

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Review #15, by tani A Conundrum In Itself

17th August 2006:
great fic!

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Review #16, by Hunny_Baby_Doll A Conundrum In Itself

1st August 2006:
Aww. Depressing in a way. Hm. [x

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Review #17, by fallenstarr A Conundrum In Itself

13th July 2006:
I loved this. Very thought provoking and deep. It is a work of genius. Sometimes I even think the same thoughts about myself. I love this so much.

Author's Response: Teehee

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Review #18, by The5Potters A Conundrum In Itself

9th July 2006:
Wow-I like it a lot. Who's the person?

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Review #19, by that 1 mauraders chick A Conundrum In Itself

23rd May 2006:
Who is it?

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Review #20, by Misty_Rey A Conundrum In Itself

21st May 2006:
Very angsty, guys! But who is this anyway?! I was waiting for the big twist and you didnt give it!! Oh well, nevermind. Still good.

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Review #21, by Jade Potter A Conundrum In Itself

4th May 2006:
Who is it??????!!!??? I'm so confused!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!It could either be Luna, Harry, or Hermione. Possibly Neville, but he just doesn't seem like the one who would think this way... anyway, plzplzplzplzplzplzplzPLZ!!!!tell me who it is!!!!!I'm just dying to know!!!

Author's Response: Yes, it could.

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Review #22, by danyagirl A Conundrum In Itself

16th April 2006:
it's very good, but the egg and apple analogy was a llittle wierd... you could have used a bit more detail, but I really like it. It's Dumbledore, right?

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Review #23, by Snowstarr A Conundrum In Itself

27th March 2006:
All your recent stories are really short. This was really short but still real good. I just wonder who it was, but your not going to tell me are you?

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Review #24, by Jay the Dragon A Conundrum In Itself

22nd March 2006:
Who was the narrator?

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Review #25, by Captain Chemo A Conundrum In Itself

20th March 2006:
Y'all did a very good job. It really could be anyone. At different points in the story I went 'Oh, it's this person' but then I would think it was someone else. Good job!

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