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Review #1, by Emma anywhere but here

18th March 2006:
Does Sammi end up with Draco?! OOh cliffy! Lol. I'm in a hyper mood. Don't know why though. Great story!fd

Author's Response: ya she did. or u can assume whatever u want. lol. thank you SO SO much for the review!

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Review #2, by Foshofosho anywhere but here

12th January 2006:
i absolutely love all your stories !

Author's Response: thank you SO much!!

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Review #3, by Chocolate Frogger anywhere but here

1st January 2006:
I'll review. Nice, simple yet...oh what's the word...elegent. Well that's not it, but close enough.

Author's Response: haha i know what you mean. its really hard to think of the right word sometimes. lol. thanks so much for taking the time to read a few of my stories AND leave reviews!!!!!!!

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Review #4, by Paige Weasley anywhere but here

1st January 2006:
Like it a lot.

Author's Response: aw thanks!

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Review #5, by libba_liz90 anywhere but here

26th December 2005:
another few chapters would make me exremely happy! (no I'm not always this weird just when I'm reading and reviewing fanfiction b/c in other people's opinions its nerdy so you know, if youre going to be a loser why not do it full throttle?) anyways...storylines...technically Draco didn't say he liked her so you have a lot of room there. Have some new girls jealousy would work well for this character.

Author's Response: haha i dont think your weird. maybe just for you ill make some kind of sequel one-shot to this. ill play around with it tonight and see what i can do :) but i wont be posting anything soon with the whole 'closed submission' thing going on. anywho! thanks for another review!

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Review #6, by libba_liz90 anywhere but here

26th December 2005:
Yes! the last one went through! ohk so I'll tell you what I tried to tell you four times each previous one unsuccessful. I LOVED this story. Loved it in the giggle shivers up your spine happiness kind of love of a story. But alas I am sad..sad because, besides the fact I had to try 6 times to review (ignore the fact that the amount of times keeps increasing), I am sad because I want more to this story. Instead I am left with a sugar induced bitterness (haha is that an oxymoron?!) that this story that I love is done. Besides shaking your head at my randomness...make a longer story out of this I beg of you.

Author's Response: hmm, well im really glad that you liked this one so much. im not exactly sure this one was one of my faves becuz i think i wrote it in study hall at school one day when i was completely bored. i might think of adding another few chaps just for you. :)

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Review #7, by libba_liz90 anywhere but here

26th December 2005:
someone doesn't want me to review this story. this not only depresses but ennerves (sp?) me. I'll leave another one someday telling you the brilliant details of what it entailed.

Author's Response: LMAO, thanks for trying so many times to leave me a review, most people would have given up

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Review #8, by marauding anywhere but here

25th December 2005:
oh, I like this one the best out of all your "draco/oc" fics... this is great! =)

Author's Response: im so glad that you liked it! thanks for taking the time to lkeave a reply!

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Review #9, by Hermytwin027 anywhere but here

13th December 2005:
This story is good for casting Draco in a new light - one where he's just like everyone else & not (seemingly - although I think he's good really) evil! The whole 'falling in love with your best friend' thing is perhaps not the way I'd have gone cos we see a lot of that with Ron and Hermione, but then again I tend to stick with them cos they're my fave. Anyways, great fic! Keep on writing!!! :o)

Author's Response: thanks! im so glad you liked it!

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