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Review #1, by lily flower Prolouge

24th April 2008:
this i think will be really good

keeep on writting


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Review #2, by HPANDMESHIPPER Prolouge

2nd September 2006:
omg plz updateEEe!! cant wait =D!

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Review #3, by Gwenalyn Prolouge

30th December 2005:
I've already reviewed for one of your other stories, but it'll bear repeating....update!!!!!!!!! I seriously can't wait. I like how you sort of kept Voldemort's supercilious kind of tone, even when a doctor, not a "dark lord." by the way, I know its a bit random, but i like your penname...I would never think of anything like that, but its awesome and nicely memorable.

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Review #4, by ravenclawshortie Prolouge

30th December 2005:
really cool story. update soon

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Review #5, by Gwenalyn Prolouge

17th December 2005:
update please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is awesome! I wanna know what comes next. I'll die of suspense if you don't post soon!

Author's Response: Dont die! I promise to update as soon as I get it written...

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Review #6, by emenem10 Prolouge

15th December 2005:
Not like we know how long your fics usually are... I'm kidding, harping really, and don't mean anything offence in my reivews. I'm sorry if you take anything the wrong way... Can't wait to see where this one goes! Much Love, Emily

Author's Response: no im not so far i have 10 chapters written of Just married...kinda and im about half way done.....and i have 16 chapters of Life Happens done and im maybe a fourth done maybe less depending on how it goes (that story is my baby)......while this story i dont see going beyond 2 more in contrast this one is waaaaay shorter....

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Review #7, by Ember Blaze Prolouge

13th December 2005:
That. Is. Fricking. Awesome. I LOVE IT. That's soooo awesome, can't wait for mext update :) ^^

Author's Response: Im so glad you liked it.....I havent started writting the next chapter yet but I definitly have Ideas so hopefully it will be done soon....

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Review #8, by ginnyevenstar Prolouge

13th December 2005:
An interesting take on the imagination...although Harry must be really insane to invent seven years' worth of his life...excellent suspense though. ~

Author's Response: well how crazy do you have to be to think you are a wizard? lol......Im glad you liked it!

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Review #9, by RiddleMeNot Prolouge

13th December 2005:
Nice twist. People do tend to rebel against those who think you're crazy, or sedate you. I’ve been calling Ginny Jenny for years (and getting yelled for it). I can also see how easy it would be to confuse the girl who gives you sponge baths with someone you are in an intimate relation with. I wonder how Harry 'thought up’ Ron and Hermione.

Author's Response: yeah....and there will be a whole theory on just how Harry came up with his delusions and why he sees people the way he does......and explinations on Ron and Hermione......and also a couple appearences but a few other characters.....

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Review #10, by BexRox Prolouge

12th December 2005:
MOREMOREMORE!! I loved it, though I need to know what happens next!

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