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Reading Reviews for Addicted To You
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Review #1, by J_O_I_Rowling Addicted To You

21st January 2010:
this was much more tame than the usual stuff you put up (not sure if i'm talking to two people or one). it was totally sweet, and i think a great lily/james. keep writing!

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Review #2, by gitgit Addicted To You

19th February 2008:
that was really cute
i liked it :D

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Review #3, by luvinpadfoot Addicted To You

30th December 2007:
Awww! That was so sweet! I loved it! *grin* Happiness is a nice thing in stories, isn't it? 10/10

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Review #4, by EvansPotter Addicted To You

7th November 2007:
i love him*3. you may ask who? James Potter.

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Review #5, by hjplover Addicted To You

2nd November 2007:
just when he decided he was over her, she came to him. this was cute! and really sweet!

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Review #6, by blackpearl_ Addicted To You

12th August 2007:
That was sweet. =]

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Review #7, by Sarah_Lily_Potter Addicted To You

24th July 2007:

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Review #8, by cookiemonster Addicted To You

19th July 2007:
sweet =)

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Review #9, by DarkFaerii Addicted To You

11th April 2007:
THE CUTENESS...sighh...I love happy endings...BUT NO-ONE TOLD YOU THAT!! YOU HEAR!?
awww...the song you chose was so very perfect for this...and you made it fit very very nicely. Well done.

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Review #10, by Isolde Eris Addicted To You

27th February 2007:
Awww! How cute!

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Review #11, by Willow Lynette Potter Addicted To You

29th December 2006:
Luff it!
Totally cuute.

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Review #12, by ChizzaLazty Addicted To You

6th November 2006:
Aww... Clichè but really sweet. Made me feel all light. Nice one:P

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Review #13, by Aneres Addicted To You

12th June 2006:
Aw, cute!

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Review #14, by RupertsPheonix Addicted To You

26th April 2006:
Aww, cute oneshot songfic. good job!

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Review #15, by _Kreacher_ Addicted To You

13th April 2006:
another story from the disgraced elves, what would my master say! My mistress!

ps- my mistress wants me to tell you this is a great story- my mistress is obviously under alot of stress

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Review #16, by Jennifer Rosa Addicted To You

9th April 2006:
I always pictured them like that....

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Review #17, by hermionefanqt Addicted To You

13th March 2006:
It's a really cute story

Author's Response: Aw...

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Review #18, by ron_hearts_hermione Addicted To You

12th March 2006:
What was it that Sirus said???

Author's Response: ?

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Review #19, by Jade Potter Addicted To You

22nd February 2006:
awwww...I loooooove J/L! they're so cute together

Author's Response: We know.

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Review #20, by Pheonix_Lullaby Addicted To You

18th February 2006:
AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!

Author's Response: AWWWWWWWW!! WE LOVE YOU!!

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Review #21, by Hermione528 Addicted To You

14th February 2006:
Wow. Wowowowowow. SO sweet! That's really touching.

Author's Response: REally?!

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Review #22, by Snowstarr Addicted To You

9th February 2006:
Wow!That was so touching.

Author's Response: Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #23, by Water Spirit Addicted To You

31st January 2006:
What did Sirius say? TELL ME!!! such a nice story but why did you use heck so much? I thought that was rather strange but you have written most of the stories that form my favorites list and I hope to keep adding your stories to that list.

Author's Response: Um......... what's wrong with heck? would you prefer more swearing? YOU WANT US TO SWEAR! ~Drunk Elves

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Review #24, by emenem10 Addicted To You

30th January 2006:
Oh Jeez, WAY too cute! My favorite one YET! Absolutly spectacular story!!!!!!!!! Much Love, Emily

Author's Response: Aw.. you is too cute.

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Review #25, by Zaphira Addicted To You

26th January 2006:
awww...i ended up skipping the lyrics just so i could keep reading the story!!! i love it how it's a mixture of humour and romance... but it all fits perfectly

Author's Response: Thank's the point! But we want the lyrics to be read!

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