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Review #1, by DaBluBanana Visiting Har- I Mean, Ron

17th September 2011:
Sweet, sweet, sweet! It was so cute and had me grinning the whole time!

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Review #2, by angelicdemon1209 Visiting Har- I Mean, Ron

26th June 2011:
OMG.. It's so cute... I love it..

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Review #3, by flozoeoreo Visiting Har- I Mean, Ron

2nd February 2011:
Aw, how sweet. That was beautiful. I love everything about it. Favorite quote:

"It was Ginny's turn to smirk. Idiot, she thought, you walked right into this one. 'You mean you would have tried when he was conscious?' Ah, isn't it interesting that Ron can turn the same shade of maroon as his socks?"

10/10 XD

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Review #4, by _hedwig_ Visiting Har- I Mean, Ron

27th January 2011:

^^ My only thought after reading this.

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Review #5, by TenTen Visiting Har- I Mean, Ron

4th December 2010:
That was really adorable, ^_^ I loved it.

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Review #6, by J_O_I_Rowling Visiting Har- I Mean, Ron

21st January 2010:
that was so funny and sweet! favourite quote - ((Ron smirked. “I wouldn’t have tried to snog Harry while he was unconscious.”

It was Ginny’s turn to smirk. Idiot, she thought, you walked right into this one. “You mean you would have tried when he was conscious?”))
you had me in stitches over it! ron/ginny conversation's are always good for laughs, but this was really good. great story!

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Review #7, by my wicked quill Visiting Har- I Mean, Ron

19th October 2009:
omg! i really ready fanfciction to fill up the holes JKR left in my head, like this scene so now, this is, for me, what really happened when Ginny went to go see harry! 10/10

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Review #8, by SiriuslyCrack Visiting Har- I Mean, Ron

1st June 2008:
Do I even have to say that I LOVED this one-shot? Brilliant, absolutely brilliant! Harry/Ginny rocks my socks (and Ron's too, I suppose) :D I love you for writing such cool (and sometimes hilarious) fics. Keep up the awesome work! *tackles*

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Review #9, by georgie4puppies Visiting Har- I Mean, Ron

8th March 2008:
lovely, very cute!!!

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Review #10, by Vanished Petunia Visiting Har- I Mean, Ron

12th January 2008:
Wow, I absolutely love this story! It's so hard to find an author on this site who portrays Ginny and Ron as well as you do. Fantastic! I'd give it 11/10 if I could. :)

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Review #11, by luvinpadfoot Visiting Har- I Mean, Ron

30th December 2007:
How happy...People do odd things in their sleep, don't they? My friend once had this whole conversation with a guy she liked, except she was talking to her giant teddy bear. Off topic, anyways amazing loved it! Especially the ending. It made me cry happy tears. There is too much depressing stuff on this site. 11/10!!!

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Review #12, by EvansPotter Visiting Har- I Mean, Ron

6th November 2007:
i loved it. that how i imaged it. beautiful story

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Review #13, by hjplover Visiting Har- I Mean, Ron

2nd November 2007:
that is so adorable! gosh, you're sooo good at writing great stories! this was great! :)

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Review #14, by A Diffrent type of Flower Visiting Har- I Mean, Ron

18th October 2007:
ah it was amazing

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Review #15, by obsessive Visiting Har- I Mean, Ron

18th September 2007:
ahh that's sweet. And it's a wonderful representation of Ginny. Good job, and I love it.

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Review #16, by fanficgal Visiting Har- I Mean, Ron

5th September 2007:
i like it :)

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Review #17, by Janhavi Visiting Har- I Mean, Ron

31st August 2007:
Hahahahahahahaah oh my god that was hilarious!! Also very sweet, hahahaha 10/10

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Review #18, by u_no_poo Visiting Har- I Mean, Ron

20th August 2007:
omg, this is the SWEETEST fic EVER. i think i'm in love with this story. i kept checking to see how much there was left to read, cuz i didn't want it to end! and there were parts that were just SOO UNBELIEVABLY SWEET that i had to read it over and over before i could continue. seriously, i love this. i've always wondered what ginny's thinking during harry's sixth year, and i could never find i good fic for it... until now! haha. ok well this is getting to be pretty long, so im gonna stop now, even though i could probably babble for ages about how this is the best thing ever!
ok seriously, im done now.

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Review #19, by dianap00 Visiting Har- I Mean, Ron

15th August 2007:
I love how you can make them so convincing. I really enjoy all their 'missing moments'. Ginny is such a softie. heh.

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Review #20, by =)) Visiting Har- I Mean, Ron

5th August 2007:
thats so cute!

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Review #21, by posers_sux Visiting Har- I Mean, Ron

3rd August 2007:
-claps- Another great story for your already wonderful (and pretty large) collection!

Loved it, very cute. Ginny and Ron all very believable! And, of course, the nice touches of humor you added *laughs*.


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Review #22, by HPsmartone32 Visiting Har- I Mean, Ron

3rd August 2007:
this is so sweet. i love harryandginny together!

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Review #23, by RHrHGShipper Visiting Har- I Mean, Ron

3rd August 2007:
Lol.sweet and funny.Love it

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Review #24, by joojoo Visiting Har- I Mean, Ron

30th July 2007:
Aww. That was sooo sweet. And ROFL on Harry's dream. My gosh. It was niec to see Ron and Ginny bonding a bit... we don't see much of that in the books. Anywho, I loved it.

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Review #25, by BurningBright Visiting Har- I Mean, Ron

8th July 2007:
hahaha this is a cute story. i like how you showed the relationship between ron and ginny. it was touching.

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