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Review #1, by fghy Because You Live: Harry and Hermione

18th February 2007:
I love this chapter.

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Review #2, by ritu Because You Live: Harry and Hermione

1st August 2006:
good story.. im not a h/hr shipper either, but i think it was good.. ummmmmm.. i hope you remember me for my endless reviews fer TVMJORBW.. i absolutely loved that story and if you ever put it on another site( which you should) put the link on your user page! you are such an awesome author...WRITE MORE comedy r/hr........ reallly funny~~
w00t w00t
bye bye

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Review #3, by Sudha53 Because You Live: Harry and Hermione

1st May 2006:
as much as i am not a harry/hermione shipper, i still liked this one.

Author's Response: Thanks Sudha! I'm not a H/Hr fan at all, but I have to write one of all of the ships, not just the ones that I like. But I've not sure that the rest of them are post-worthy, I find that they all sound the same. So we'll see how much farther this story goes. Thanks for reviewing!! = D

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Review #4, by Sudha53 Ron and Hermione

1st May 2006:
i liked this one better than the h/g one. i liked the hermione part the best. it was cute. but i must admit, i haven't found many stories quite as remarkable as the very manly journal... by any author. the amount of "story" you put into a small amount of writing is amazing, compared to many other authors who are forced to writ 35 chapters to achieve somewhere near the same effect. i am definitely looking forward to the next chapter in that one!

Author's Response: Thanks! I have to say that I luurrrvvveee H/G, but I thought that this one was better too, as it was a bit longer. But I didn't like the songs as much as "Collide." *Squeeeee* Thanks for all of the compliments on the manly journal! The next chapter was posted then rejected, due to it having a list...Which confuses me greatly since my first 3 chapters have also had small lists in them. Hopefully it will be approved now! It's driving me insane not having an update in so long, now that I'm finally able to do it! Thanks so much = D

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Review #5, by Ollie Because You Live: Harry and Hermione

24th March 2006:
another great review for a great story! lol, i think much of my random reviews dont i? well they're so great y'know? but see the thing is, ive already read and reviewed, but see cause these stories are great and we all love peppy, we give her more reviews.'s another ollie review that doesnt make sense! yay!

Author's Response: Hehe, thanks so much Ollie, I <3 times 5 your random reviews! But bad, bad, evil Peppy hasn't reveiwed anything of yours in a long time! I haven't been getting much reading done lately, to tell you the truth, but I will go R & R some Ollie right now. = D Yay, thanks for reviewing again!!

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Review #6, by BellaLuna Collide: Harry and Ginny

22nd March 2006:
hehe i likee it

Author's Response: Thanks so much for reviewing! = )

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Review #7, by Ginevra_Black Because You Live: Harry and Hermione

16th March 2006:
not my ship...but very well written!!! you're very good.please go on, with this and with the veri manly journal of ron!!!it's exilarating!! GB

Author's Response: Lol, not my ship either, but it had to be written, I suppose. Thanks so much for reviewing A (highly unpopular) Collection! Yay for you!!! = )

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Review #8, by Ginevra_Black Ron and Hermione

16th March 2006:
i think "fear of rejection" could be apropriate!!! nice one!

Author's Response: Yup, Ron and Hermione is all about fear of rejection isn't it ? I'm glad you liked it, thanks for the review!

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Review #9, by Ginevra_Black Collide: Harry and Ginny

16th March 2006:
this first one was really sweet, very ginny-ish!! i'm going on!

Author's Response: Thanks so much for R & R-ing, I <3 Ginny! = )

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Review #10, by Ollie Ron and Hermione

6th March 2006:
damn what nickname can we have for you? i call you peppy and you call yourself purple, celtic calls you purpy or something? i dunno, =D "they had loved and supported Harry. And even though it was less noticeable, Hermione had also supported him through many obstacles." what obstacles would they be? just im a bit daft and im not entirely sure... hehe ohhhh. anyway, well im loving how they both act and feel the same way and they think along the same lines which sorta make them perfect for each other except for the fact that if neither say anything cuase they dont think the other feels the same way then nothing will happen so we can only hope that ginny or harry say something. probably ginny. *whew, breathes* that was long, anyway, this was very sweet, i like it a lot, its absolutely darling. *haha* but yes, thank you for distracting me from my art assignment lol, and your review was so nice, im feeling kinda sick - i gotta cold- and it cheered me up so thanks! again: i love your cute stories! and congrats on your T.V.M.J.O.R.B.W. story, its doing so fantastically well and its absolutely hilarious! i love that one too!

Author's Response: Yay Ollie, thanks for reviewing!!! 2 reviews, WOOT. I have many many nicknames, damn me for not making a one word penname. Anyways, the obstacles...hmmm not exactly sure what they are, but the reason I put that is because I think that Ron and Hermione would obviously have feelings about all of their adventures which they would want to talk about. But they don't talk to Harry, because they don't want to trouble him or make him think that he's troubling them. So I think it would be obvious that they would talk to each other about everything they're been through with Voldemort and what not. Hmm..did that make any sence at all ? Yay, I'm so glad you liked it!!!! Hope that your cold gets better!!! Yay for T.V.M.J.O.R.B.W. I'm so happy it's going well, I just hope that the next chapter doesn't let anyone down!! Thanks so much for reviewing Ollie!!!

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Review #11, by DM is MY MAN Ron and Hermione

4th March 2006:
seriously... no one's reviewed yet??? at least while I'm writing it... but not such a big fan of R/H, PLEASE I BEG OF YOU... DO A DRACO/HERIMIONE ONE PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF *tommy-boy* PLEASE DO DRAMIONE ONE!!!!!!!! I WOULD LOVE YOU MORE THAN ANYONE!!!!!!

Author's Response: Nope, sadly, you're the first review for this chapter....*cries quietly in a corner But you did!! YAY! Hehe, Tommy-boy, have you been reading T.V.M.J.O.R.B.W. ? Well, Dramione should be coming soon-ish, but I'm afraid it might not be as happy as this one, but I may write two, one with tons of fluffy Dramione for you, my lone reviewer <3

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Review #12, by elsbeth22 Because You Live: Harry and Hermione

23rd February 2006:
as an avid hater of H/Hr this was, to me, more humorous than romantic, there fore there was so much I was laughing at, this one sounds like everyother H/Hr fic I've read, wrapped up in a nutshell. So for that it was enjoyable. No 15 chapter fics of...ummm...wont say, but short and simple and so uncanon it reminded me of "a story to last 5 minutes". Thank you for the entertainment. ~Elspeth

Author's Response: ....Hehe, I'm not quite sure if that's good or bad. So I'm gonna take it somewhere in the middle. I HATE seeing Hermione with anyone other than Ron, so this was almost painful for me to write. And I just started a Hermione/Draco song-fic, so I'm pretty repulsed with myself right now. I hate writing things that I can't see ever happening in the books, so that could be why I don't like Hermione with anyone but Ron. I'm very worried that my stories are all turning out the same, and I'm trying hard to think up more original ideas. I'm hoping the Draco/Hermione one will be better, and not like every other D/Hr fic. I have a Ginny/Draco one done, and it's pretty much exactly like all of the others, so much that I'm debating whether to post it or not. But anyways, thanks so much for the 2 great reviews!! = )

Author's Response: ....Hehe, I'm not quite sure if that's good or bad. So I'm gonna take it somewhere in the middle. I HATE seeing Hermione with anyone other than Ron, so this was almost painful for me to write. And I just started a Hermione/Draco song-fic, so I'm pretty repulsed with myself right now. I hate writing things that I can't see ever happening in the books, so that could be why I don't like Hermione with anyone but Ron. I'm very worried that my stories are all turning out the same, and I'm trying hard to think up more original ideas. I'm hoping the Draco/Hermione one will be better, and not like every other D/Hr fic. I have a Ginny/Draco one done, and it's pretty much exactly like all of the others, so much that I'm debating whether to post it or not. But anyways, thanks so much for the 2 great reviews!! = )

Author's Response: Oops. Double posted response again.

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Review #13, by elsbeth22 (not signed in) Collide: Harry and Ginny

23rd February 2006:
so I'm looking through steve's favorite stories and I see your story, the journal one, in there so I take a look, next thing you know I'm reading your songfics, I am a big fan of songfics and have written many (though few if any are posted) so it was enjoyable in the least to read this. I think you ended it too quickly but it was short, simple and to the point, just the way I like it. Over all this wasn't that bad of a story, The song you included was cute..almost perfect for the ending. Out of CC I only see one thing that really jumps out at me: " in frount of her best friend ", I think you need to take out the 'u' in front. Other than all that this way quite enjoyable and I look forward to reading the others... ~Elspeth

Author's Response: Thanks so much! This one was pathetically short, I envy all of those writers who can whip up their 3000 word song-fics with no trouble at all. I will fix that spelling, thanks for pointing it out! I always spell front wrong. Grr. Thank you so much for the awsome review, I'll be sure to check out some of your stories sometime! = )

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Review #14, by Ollie Because You Live: Harry and Hermione

11th February 2006:
dropped her out onto the roof? gallant harry, real gallant. nah haha, kidding, i love this story - it seems so much more real, i know its ron/hermione in the book, but after reading this...there's now a possibility that harry could get together with hermione...wee-ooh! she has always been there to support, never giving any problems of her own...i spose i never really thought about that until now. spose she wouldnt tell the guys her problems though would she? i dunno, but this story has definitely turned around my thinking...i love it! i thought the song was celine dion at first - confusing. but then i relaised its not. it is a nice song, goes well with whats happening in the story...nothing wrong with this story except for a few spelling typos, other than that - perfecto-mundo!

Author's Response: Yay = ) Your reviews are so long, I love it! Personally, I'm not a H/Hr fan, mostly just because I'm fully in love with Ginny and Ron....not as a couple, just the character. = P So I prefer the couples that let everyone be happy = ) Hence Ginny/Harry and Ron/Hermione. Dropped her onto the roof, yes I'm an odd ball. The first day I posted it it said "Harry opened the window and dropped her out," but luckily I noticed that. That would be a bit too violent for this fic, I think. Thanks again! <3

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Review #15, by roselilah Because You Live: Harry and Hermione

7th February 2006:
i reallyy like it! except, before you wrote a song about harry/ ginny, and now its harry/ hermionie.... i'm confused! keeep up da awsome work!

Author's Response: Thanks so much for the great review!! = ) This is just a series (or A Collection...muhahaha I'm so bright) of songfics, just all one shots with no connection to each other. I'm going to attempt to write one of all of the popular HP couples. Repeat: These are not connected or related or happening at the same time. They're not a story, just a series of one shots grouped into one collection because it looks nicer. Thanks for pointing that out, I must go put it in the summary. Thanks again for reviewing!!

Author's Response: P.S. If you're looking for a full length story (or what will hopefully become a full lenght story), chack out my other story, The Very Manly Journal of Ronald Billius Weasley......story...story...story...story ect

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Review #16, by blondgirlie Collide: Harry and Ginny

7th February 2006:
oohhhhh! i lurrvee it! sooo good! that song is da best! this story was so well written! you are SUCH a good auther!

Author's Response: Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee thanks so much, I'm so happy = ) I thought the song fit rather well, which would explain why I used it, I suppose. Jesse oh Jesse, how do I love thee? Anyways thanks so much for the really nice review = )

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Review #17, by peppermint_rainbow Collide: Harry and Ginny

2nd February 2006:
*sighhhhh* so rommmannnttttiiicccccccc..... nicely written, fantastic song. nice one babe! please write more!

Author's Response: Thanks = ) Ginny/Harry are my favourites. <3 I love the song too, more just got posted! It should hopefully be approved soon. Thanks for R&R-ing, yay for you. Nice name, by the way. We could form a group, the bag of candy or something.

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Review #18, by just a reader Collide: Harry and Ginny

20th January 2006:
wow. awesome songfic. It goes nicely with the song. Collide by Howie Day is an awesome song. Hope you add more songfics.

Author's Response: Thanks so much for ready and reviewing! I heart Collide so much, it's one of my favorites. And I was listening to it one day, just after I finished HBP, and it was just screaming "HARRY AND GINNY" to me, so I wrote this. More will be up soon! DAMN YOU EXAMS!!!!!

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Review #19, by rainbow_13 Collide: Harry and Ginny

17th January 2006:
thats sonngs beautiful. so's ur fanfic. i can seriously relate to it (lets just say my friends brother is very very good looking but can't see me, its like i have an invisability cloak on! argh!) ur story gives me hope! *sob*

Author's Response: Thanks so much, I adore this song (although I've never actually heard of Howie Day...How did that happen?), and I adore my readers who review!! I'm so glad you liked it. Ahh, the curse of the friend's brother, I know it well. Don't worry, maybe things will work out for you and Mr._____, just like Ginny and darling Har-Har.

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Review #20, by meee Collide: Harry and Ginny

15th January 2006:
i loved it!!!!!!!!! i loved everything about it> lol > especially how u tied it to wht actually happened in the book- bravo

Author's Response: Thanks sooo much!!! When I read HBP, I almost peed my pants when Harry kissed Ginny, (I've been waiting for this since book 2 people!) and I imagined she almost did too. So of course I just had to write about it. i'm so glad you liked it!!!!

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Review #21, by steve34 Collide: Harry and Ginny

14th January 2006:
Don't know the song, but I really liked the emotion in the story. I really connected with Ginny's thought processes, which is scary, considering I'm an adult male. Must watch "Transporter 2" again, apparently.
Some small typos, but the important one is "Gryffendor". I can forgive most typos, but names should be correct, especially if they reference canon material. (My opinion, of course).
I really liked this new aspect on a scene from canon, told in canon from another person's perspective. Really well done!

Author's Response: Thanks so much for reviewing!!! About the whole connecting with Ginny's thought processes, I don't think it's that abnormal. I usually identify with Harry and Ron's thought processes, and I'm a teenage girl. I also once read a story where I really identified with Lucius Malfoy, which was really weird. Sorry for the typos, I've read so many stories where Gryffendor is spelled wrong that I can never remember the correct spelling. And most of the time I write late at night, which makes me too lazy to go check. Really must stop that. I'm so glad you liked it and took the time to read and review my stories, it means alot to me!!

Author's Response: Dammit I spelled it wrong again. Gryffindor. Yes. I'll write lines sometime.

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Review #22, by malfoysswtlilluver Collide: Harry and Ginny

7th January 2006:
i love it. it goes great wiv hbp

Author's Response: Thanks so much! I'm trying to follow canon as much as I can, so I'm glad you saw that! Yay for you for reviewing!

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Review #23, by Ollie Collide: Harry and Ginny

6th January 2006:
not the puppy dog eyes!!! awww that was so sweet, my heart was thumping so hard when harry was coming through that door in the common room, i knew he would kiss her, but when you see (hear) it from ginny's perspective its so much different and i didnt realise it would shock her as much as it shocked me. well ive finally reviewed your story, so sorry i havent gotten round to it before now but i seriously have the worst memory you will ever meet in someone, then i was freaking out cause we couldnt add stories and they didnt say why so i thought i had major compouter malfunctions, but dont worry, i will review every single chapter you write to make it up to you, even if you do a 50 chap story, you deserve it: you're the nices, bestest reviewer ever so i praise thee pep!

Author's Response: Hmmm...the puppy dog eyes seem to be getting me more reviews than the story...I could use this to my advantage! *Imagines a story full of puppy dog eyes and no plot whatsoever* I've wondered what Ginny was thinking at that moment since I read HBP, so I just had to write about it. Aww you're so sweet, I'm so glad you reviewed my stories, and it's ok that it was a little delayed = P But I highly doubt I will be writing a 50 chapter story, although I really should due to extreme shortness of my chapters. Eeek you're an amazing reviewer too!

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Review #24, by Bookangel Collide: Harry and Ginny

3rd January 2006:
Aw, jeez, those puppy dog eyes get me every time! I enjoyed reading this story, the song fit very well. I love the line "You and I, collide" it just seem incredibly romantic! I'm looking forward to reading the rest of the collection too!

Author's Response: Eeeee! I lurve this song so much, and it just screams Harry/Ginny to me, so I'm glad you liked it! The rest of the collection is coming along nicely, but they're all very short, which is making me sad = ( But I've got lots of nice reviews for this one, and it was short, so I'm still hoping! = ) Thanks for reviewing!!!

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Review #25, by 188__dragon song__881 Collide: Harry and Ginny

1st January 2006:
lol i got to say the puppy dog eyes got me! This is really good, I like the song it fits in with the story. I havent read a songfic that has been about a part in one of the books but from another characters perspective i really like it, are am definatly going to read more of your work!

Author's Response: Eeek thanks! I see that you've read and reviewed all of my stories, which makes me sooo happy, and you liked them, which makes me more happy yay!!! *Does happy dance* I really love writing my dear Ginny, and I personally think that Harry is highly overused. (But I suppose that's ok, because the books are called Harry Potter). Plus, all of Harry's thoughts are recorded in the books, so I like to try to think about what other peoples' veiws would be. Thanks again! And I will definitely keep writing if I keep getting such great reviews! *Puppy dog eyes for good luck*

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