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Review #1, by ina otaku Harry Potter and the Magical Malady

30th June 2003:
update soon please pppllllllllleeeeeaaaaaasssssssseeeeee!!!!!!!!!11111

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Review #2, by Rose Harry Potter and the Magical Malady

15th June 2003:
Hey, this is really, REALLY good. @ 1st i waz a li\'l edgy, but it\'s really, really amazing. gr8 start (i would say plot but that hasn\'t actually been introduced yet :-S) just a couple of oversights, sumwhere in the middle u misspelt \'flying\' as \'fling\' and it\'s not Ritalin it\'s Riddilyn (or Riddylin or Ryddilin, im not sure) well, that\'s it cyz!

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Review #3, by Mich Harry Potter and the Magical Malady

28th December 2002:
Hope to see more soon, I liked it and am interested to see where you are going.

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