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Review #1, by x_Arsenic_x Back to normal

26th September 2012:
Hey there, I'm another loyal fan from your Quizilla days. I spent many nights reading your story in stead of sleeping. I wish you'd get a beta who could post the chapters on some other site in your absence. Love the story!

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Review #2, by AuroraTheNorwegian Back to normal

4th March 2012:
Hah! I found you! :D

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Review #3, by GreenIcePrincess Confessions of a Teenage Werewolf

25th April 2011:
So, I don't know if you ever get on here anymore as this story hasn't been updated for quite some time. I'd considered contacting you through Quizilla, where I first found this story, but to be honest I've forgotten the password to my account on there and I don't know if you get on that anymore either, so it seemed fairly pointless.

Anyway, let me start off by saying that I absolutely ADORE this story to pieces. It's one of the reasons I started writing fan fictions. I got totally jealous over the stories I'd been reading--about three of 'em, of which yours is one--and decided I needed to write my own.

But I'm getting off my point...I know quite well that this story has been finished, which I'm thrilled about because I actually got to read it all the way through once. However, ever since Quizilla changed their formatting much of the story has been lost (i.e. everything that was once in the results area), which made me incredibly sad when I went back to re-read...cause I like reliving certain fantastic stories.

Basically, my question to you is whether or not you're ever going to post the whole thing on here? I think it'd be quite amazing if you did. If not, I suppose I'll live without it. I know I wont die or anything but I figured asking was worth a shot JUST in case you ever managed to see this review.


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Review #4, by Katee Confessions of a Teenage Werewolf

1st December 2009:
Rohanelf! I read your story back when it was first put up on Quizilla - I remember being so eager for you to publish new chapters! I also follow your art (on DeviantArt) and you're so extremely talented! I just wanted to say that I love this story, it's my favourite fan fiction of all time, and it would be great if you could post the rest of it up on HPfanfiction - it's so frustrating to read it on Quizilla. Keep up the good work! Katee

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Review #5, by TantheCan Confessions of a Teenage Werewolf

8th June 2008:
I've read your story when you first posted it on Quizilla, so I just wanetd to say that I'm really happy that you decided to post it on HPFF as well! I love the reason you began to write this story... It's pretty awesome that you asked yourself what the purpose of Dorcas Meadows was during the first war and why she was killed by Lord Voldemrot himself, and then you took on the task of answering that question yourself.

Cassie is one of my favorite OC characters. I absolutely adore her personality. She is a tad bit out there, and that makes a very amusing character, and I actually laugh out loud when I'm reading your story. And I ABSOLUTELY love Cassie and Sirius' relationship; the I Spy scene was ridiculously hilarious!

I also really like your characterzation of James and Lily and their relationship.

I liked how you wrote the scene of Remus turning into a werewolf, and how Cassie and Lily found out about it.

You write the friendship of the Marauders and Lily and Cassie really well; its actually quite believable. I find myself laughing along and really getting into the story because of your writing style. Your use of humor is perfection; its not used constantly, but when it is used it works out excellently. Love this entire story.

The one thing I do have to say is that I feel like you forget about your other characters sometimes. For example, in that one scene were James, Lily, Sirus, and Cassie were talking I completely forgot that Remus and Peter were there until a few paragraphs later when you mentioned them again. Maybe you could also write them in somehow, so it doesn't seme like they're not as important as everyone else.

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Review #6, by krazy4kanines808 Confessions of a Teenage Werewolf

29th February 2008:
Hello rohanelf! 'Tis I, Krazy, another loyal fan brought over from Quizilla. I absolutely loved DT the first time, and I'm looking forward to reading it the second! I have two questions for you:

Numero Uno: I would like to print this entire bunch of awesomeness out on paper and turn it into my own private book, for my reading only. This would just make it easier so that I don't have to come onto the computer to read it when I feel the urge (which is often). I just wanted to make sure that this was okay with you first.

Numero Dos: It seems like there is something missing between the end of chapter three and the beginning of chapter four in the version on this site. You've deleted a lot of the beginning chapters on Quizilla, so I can't go back and reference. I seem to remember more explanation about the fact that James lost hold of the snitch, and that's what they're chasing. Was deleting that purposeful or am I just psychotic? Lol.

Anyways, thanks for being so awesome and for taking the time to answer my questions, as well as to write such an AMAZING story. You rock. xP


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Review #7, by Bookwyrm So It Begins

29th January 2008:
I just finished reading it on quizilla, and am starting over, it was, and is amazing!

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Review #8, by twritny Confessions of a Teenage Werewolf

20th August 2007:
Just wanted to drop by and say I love your story. I've read it on Quizilla a couple of times and I cant wait to see the edits you make in this one. Looking forward to your next post!

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Review #9, by wingana Confessions of a Teenage Werewolf

8th July 2007:
hey there,
I'm one of your old Quizilla fans :)
I was wondering if you could possibly send me your story at all? i'm heading away soon and wont have internet access and i absolutely love reading it.
my email is iqreevo@gmail.com I promise I wont copy it or use it in any way other than to read it at home :)
hoping you are well!
p.s. I dont get on here much anymore but my story is Beneath The Ice. my character is Levi Alder if you want to track me down... i cant quite remember my login details at the moment... mybad...

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Review #10, by SabinaBoo Back to normal

30th April 2007:
I was an enormous fan of yours on Quizilla, I'm glad you brought your quizzes over here. Its such an easier format, at least for readers. :)

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Review #11, by La tela de Tiempo So It Begins

7th February 2007:
hey Rohanelf!!
i'm one of your old quizilla fans :D
i went by wingana and i had another one but i cant remember what that one was.
i LOVE your story! :D i have the whole thing saved on my computer because its one of my favourite reads :)
hope you're well!

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Review #12, by Ozoh the Wise Confessions of a Teenage Werewolf

7th February 2007:
Ok, I was just a bit curious about if the story would change in anyway from Quizilla or not. It has, slightly, but that's ok.
Fourth time running, or reading, whichever you prefer, of reading this awesome fan fic (sorry, I just like to brag, or boast, whichever you like)

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Review #13, by Dorcas Meadowes So It Begins

27th January 2007:

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Review #14, by Ozoh the Wise Back to normal

23rd January 2007:
Already read this on Quizilla and seeing as you did that ages ago I saw it here and am going to tell you how great it is. So...here goes...I absolutely positivly love this story and to tell you the truth have read it, 1...2... 3 times so far on Quizzilla.

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Review #15, by strange_magick (nsi) So It Begins

16th January 2007:
absolutely amazing. love it!

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Review #16, by niko345 Confessions of a Teenage Werewolf

14th January 2007:
hey!! how are you?? well i finished readin the set and its effing awesome good job mate!!!

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Review #17, by omgaaRAWR Confessions of a Teenage Werewolf

21st December 2006:
great story
can't wait for
more. = ]

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Review #18, by tickingclocks Confessions of a Teenage Werewolf

20th December 2006:
Wheeen are you gonna updaaate, I'm sooo bored.

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Review #19, by avellino Confessions of a Teenage Werewolf

14th December 2006:
Must *gasp* not do something *gasp* durastic... *gasp* *reaches for history book to hit herself* *hits self* *hits the floor*

please update?

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Review #20, by ss10009 Confessions of a Teenage Werewolf

3rd December 2006:
--must pull parody of story-- Perhaps it's time you knew...that you haven't updated in forever...update because someone might be crazy enough to burn down your house in the sake of driving pancakes.

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Review #21, by JenTigerPoter Confessions of a Teenage Werewolf

4th November 2006:
Update soon? Please?

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Review #22, by Emma P. Kadan So It Begins

9th October 2006:
i really liked this one, mate. when did you switch, though, from the other site? seems funnier thaan the old one, if you dont mind me saying, maybe it's the same, anyways, have a nice day.

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Review #23, by octans_orion Confessions of a Teenage Werewolf

3rd October 2006:
i love this so much,
i read it when it was on quizilla too
it's a shame i know the ending....
but i intend on reading it all again anyways.
your also an AMAZING artist.
i love all your work, your highly tallanted.

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Review #24, by RomTimberWolf Confessions of a Teenage Werewolf

1st October 2006:
You're not updating. . . Now I'm going to-to-*bursts into hysterical sobs*


Several hours later

Update soon! I miss this wonderful story. And I'm too lazy to go to Quizilla. . . Even if it is six inches above the mouse's current position on my favorites. . . . Yeah. . . . Anyway. . . . I don't know if you're even listening to my little rant here. . . MOVING ON!

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Review #25, by piecemeal Confessions of a Teenage Werewolf

3rd August 2006:
rohanelf, I just want to say that it's refreshing to read your work again! *does quick happy dance* I read this quite a while ago on quizilla, but stumbled across you here. I love the vivid characters, and am quite excited to go through the story again as you update here. Cheers!

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