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Review #1, by SweetJesusMione I'm A Tool!

10th June 2014:
I Can't Believe It Why Not Ginny Harry Needs Somebody New To Love Him For All Eternity.

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Review #2, by Matt So many seem to need to be alone these days

1st August 2011:
Like the Draco/Suzon interaction. I think Harry attempting to use the cruciatus curse is a bit extreme though.

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Review #3, by Babycakes12241990 How can you kiss Malfoy?

3rd November 2009:
Conasse means dirty whore or b**ch..hehe i had to go look it up..i thought it was funny the story by the way.

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Review #4, by Jac Everything Begins And Ends With You

19th May 2009:
Glad that Harry and Gin resolved their issues. I wanted a little more bashing, but I like that they came together at least.

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Review #5, by Jac So Much Pain

19th May 2009:
This was beautifully done. Very moving love scene between the two. Please tell me Ginny gets to tell the trio+1 off. Please oh please. I'll just continue reading and see.

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Review #6, by Amy Rose So many seem to need to be alone these days

12th March 2008:
hey... im not that big a fan of Lucius Malfoy but Draco... yumm.. theres a guy i'd love to take a bite out of.. lolz... liek the story so far but u have a few typos...

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Review #7, by TFinger2 I Can't Tell You I Love You

22nd February 2008:
Oh, gag. I just HATE angst. A repentant Malfoy is just barely conceivable. A horny Ginny is completely believable. But I can't put the two of them together even with duct tape, superglue, and staples.

Couldn't you please just kill someone? *shudders*

You are a good writer, so please don't take me too seriously. I'm still reading. But I'm basically an action guy and all this hormonal crap and angst is killing me. *whine*

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Review #8, by TFinger2 You're beautiful!

22nd February 2008:
Wel, idunno. You seem to be trying to rehabilitate Malfoy, but I'm not so sure Harry and Ron are wrong about him. If he had any choice, any other refuge, nothing so far makes me think he wouldn't knife them all in the back out of spite. And Ginny's self-pity and angst is getting pretty tiresome.

Guess I have the emotional range of a teaspoon. But I can't see Harry going with Suzon where he was too chicken to go with Ginny. However, you write well and I'll keep with you a little longer to see if any of these folks grows a neuron. Looks doubtful do far, though, no offense. They just seem like an overly hormonal bunch of teenagers playing grownup.

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Review #9, by Stargirl27 I Couldn't Stop Thinking Of You

8th February 2008:
Yes! :D
this chapter was amazing!!! i was in

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Review #10, by Stargirl27 L'amour Est Plus Fort Que La Mort

8th February 2008:
Damn...i was hoping for Ginny and Draco to be together.

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Review #11, by Stargirl27 So Much Pain

7th February 2008:
i just love Ginny and Draco :D

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Review #12, by kimberlie L'amour Est Plus Fort Que La Mort

2nd January 2008:
OMG ginny and draco need to end up together!

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Review #13, by RaynaSunfire Am I Dreaming?

8th December 2007:
I have to say i almost didnt think i was going to like you story for a minute there. But after i read the ending i think it is fantastic! I have started a story. And im sorta at a block and not sure where to take it. I would love it if you would read what i have posted so far and review it and give me your true opinion. It is titled, "Where will i go from here?"

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Review #14, by JoshBails Scared, are you?

15th November 2007:
hehe."good for you"
"you bastard"

gantastic matee

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Review #15, by WOW. You'll Be Much Safer There

7th November 2007:
34 chapters and your own version of the seventh need a life. a real one. outside of Harry Potter. I wouldn't go around telling people that if I were you. I'm not even reading this. I'm not catering to your obesession.

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Review #16, by Purple Flames Am I Dreaming?

4th November 2007:
should she not be Hermione Weasley..??

Author's Response: ah well maybe, i just thought she'd publish under her maiden name.

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Review #17, by ihs Am I Dreaming?

4th November 2007:

Author's Response: THANK YOU!

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Review #18, by Iggyboo Am I Dreaming?

3rd November 2007:
I just wanted to tell you that I absolutely loved this story!!! I found it today and could not leave until I read the entire story!!!


Author's Response: Thank you so much for letting me know that, that's fantastic!

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Review #19, by elenthari I Couldn't Stop Thinking Of You

7th August 2007:
let’s go on. chapter 32.

i think you did a good job of drawing a credible picture of how harry’s and ginny’s relationship goes exactly NOT the way any one of them or the readers would have expected it to. i could very well imagine those scenes you described, the very everyday ones as well as those when ginny’s reflecting on what is missing between her an harry, or rather, what there is too MUCH between them where there should be nothing.

malfoy’s thoughts though were even more - if you excuse that word here :) - fun reading, because you could feel very acutely what he was feeling, and after all that is what a story is supposed to do. his GROWING hurt instead of that often claimed decline of that feeling as time passes, seemed very convincing to me, and i liked the way he was, at the beginning, pretty well controlling his actions, as long as this kind of shock (i’d call it that, anyway) lasted, but then getting more and more restless as the truth and what his splitting up with ginny REALLY means for the future *sigh*

malfoy is such a lot damn cooler in your book than a) harry, and b) he ever was in any of rowling’s :) let’s face it, the way she got rid of him in the end was a little heartless, or to be more critical in writing terms, quite unimaginative... i really don’t understand why she built this tension between those two boys, only to give them such a stupid finale. my opinion :)

the way ginny and harry finally come to the conclusion that their relationship had gone past its expiration date i liked a lot. naturally, since i was holding my breath for ginny and malfoy getting together again *g* but whatever i whished for, i liked very much, what they said so maturely and wisely about how things won’t work out for them and how love can change from one form into another without its meaning caring less. would that reality was always as clearcut and people as sensible as those you create for your books! *LOL*

in fact, i WAS sad at the moment in spite of malfoy. i think that’s one of those things you as a writer are rather talented at: turning around people’s opinions and feelings for the characters they follow through your stories, and i really wished i had that touch for those things.

harry had one of his rather few moments of clairvoyance here, i think. if he had always been as clear-sighted, a whole lot of things would have gone differently. so, as you didn’t make up that harry was actually stupid enough to split up with ginny (but mrs. rowling herself did), imho, you grant harry more personality development than his creator did...

be that as it may, the best part of that chapter definitely was the ginny-malfoy dialogue afterwards. i was grinning a little, when malfoy was being so melodramatic (not that he didn’t have every reason to feel that way! but it was really a little difficult to imagine him SAYING these things... he really is a drama queen. one more*g*), and ginny’s own remark about that really hit the mark :)

as did his own thoughts after that, but of course he can’t decline ginny’s invitation. and good that he has to do what you (and i!) want him to do, because...

cahpter 33.

... that picture was just SO cool, i was laughing out loud when it commented and wouldn’t shut up for a second, and blazoning forth such delicate truths you really don’t want to be told by paintings *pf*! LOL that was a damn good idea! and one that mrs working never really used to its full extent, i think.

of course it was great and a relief when malfoy finally caught up with and started to believe what ginny was trying to tell him all the time. thank you very much for posting the alternative ending, otherwise i would have had to harass you to hand it over privately :)

i was just about to add some more general thoughts as to the comparative qualities of your book 7 over the actual hallows, BUT since there is one more chapter to go, i think i’ll rather save them for the next and last review, with your leave.

well, i hope i have done what i could to make you post that very last chapter. be sure i absolutely LOVED the story all in all. and, if i had to make a choice between either reading your version or the original, i would take YOUR version of whatever book, any time!

love you LOADS and Loads and loads and...


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Review #20, by elenthari I Couldn't Stop Thinking Of You

7th August 2007:
my dearest fairy,

i have to make up now for not reviewing such a damn long time, so, this may become a little more extensive than your usual review, but i'll try and cover the last three chapter here :) and while i’m at it, i'll point out as well what i like better in your version than the actual deathly hallows, alright?

let's start with chappie 31.

*blush* i definitely need to return the praise: you made me start writing again, at all. if ever anything comes from the effort, i'll have to be grateful for you endlessish (:-)) patience! and after that rather sad ending of another friendship, it was you who made me believe once more that there are people who deserve to be loved as and called friends...

but let's not get teary, which is not so easy after all the tragedy in the last chappie. though, you were really less generous with ending (likable) lives than mrs. rowling was.

what i was definitely happy with was harry coming to terms with suzon’s choice and resulting death. i was glad he stopped moping and feeling guilty for other people’s fully intentionally made decisions. after all, i think i said as much before when the topic arose, the prophecy was made about suzon as it was made about harry and neither of them was probably in any position to actually change fate, even though harry seems to attribute suzon’s choice to her character, while i would surely say, her character was not a little influenced by exactly the fate she simply HAD to fulfil.

i hope you could follow my train of thought there.

i like how you tied up all the loose ends regarding explaining things to mcgonagall etc. rather quickly and without much ado. actually, in a way that is how i feel about much of the chapter. with ginny and harry talking, all felt right, when they finally declared love for one another, though the final scene with malfoy was, to my taste, really heartbreaking.

already knowing, there'd be a second version of the ending, that was not too hard to bear, but i would have been more than a little angry with ginny had you not written the alternative ending *g*

no, really. it felt right, when those two got back together, but after all, i DON'T like sharing your heart between people, however realistic that is... i'm afraid i'm a hopeless romantic, and since that is what BOOKS are for... i just don't want them to be so grown-up and rational about it all...

sorry, i was rambling, i think.

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Review #21, by readhead1755 I Couldn't Stop Thinking Of You

28th June 2007:
Oh you have no idea how sad I was when I saw Harry and Ginny get back together. But this makes it so worth it. The talking portrait is a great idea!

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Review #22, by Draco_is_my_Boi I Couldn't Stop Thinking Of You

19th June 2007:
Okay its a good story but you made me cry. A lot! So for that
I am upset.

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Review #23, by Kimz I Miss You

17th May 2007:
Yay!! Is there going to be a bit more?

Author's Response: yes... :-)

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Review #24, by Fire Maiden So Much Pain

16th May 2007:
if they just had sex, why are you still writing his name as malfoy?

Author's Response: Because it doesn't mean things have changed yet. Or if they have they're not ready to admit it yet. They've hated each other for 6 years and now suddenly the status quo is changing, which makes them insecure, but of course they can't admit that either, so they cling to familiar names. He still calls her Weasley.
I like your screen name, btw. Thanks for your review!

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Review #25, by arwyn_ali I Miss You

16th May 2007:
Yay for alternate endings! Thank you so much for writing this for all the Ginny/Draco fans out there. I really appreciate it! :-D

Author's Response: Thank you for your enthusiasm! Keep checking back! :-)

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