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Review #1, by Ravie_girl29 Do You Miss Them?

7th May 2009:
Sad! it's really good though, but sad, I want to cry

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Review #2, by ronxdraco Do You Miss Them?

23rd December 2007:
Awwe! I really liked it =]. it was vcery sadning.yet almost happy? idk. I liked it alot tho!!!

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Review #3, by LovlyRita Do You Miss Them?

6th December 2006:
I remember this story from way back when :) I love it so much, it's fantastic and sad...and i'm sure I said something similar the first time I reviewed it! I haven't been on this site in so long, and I was so excited to see a familiar name on the recently added stories ;) Hope everything is going well for ya, E!


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Review #4, by The5Potters Do You Miss Them?

7th November 2006:
OMG very very very very god no it was wonderful

Author's Response: Awww, you flatter me all too much, hun. ^^; Thanks so very much for reading and reviewing!

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Review #5, by RemusBlack Do You Miss Them?

21st July 2006:
ow, definitely different and original. I like it a lot, especially your way of writing it so that you can feel everything yourself.

Author's Response: Thanks so much! I tend to do more descriptive writing than anything, and I'm glad to see that you can feel what's being written. As an author, I think that's the one thing I take pride in most. Thanks for reviewing yet again, dear; you make my day. (=

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Review #6, by Angelinhogwarts (Eliana) Do You Miss Them?

3rd May 2006:
It was sad and had this extra something to it! Very awesome story- I would definately pass it on. Rating: 9

Author's Response: Glad you enjoyed it - it was fun as ever to write! :)

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Review #7, by unknown_force Do You Miss Them?

27th April 2006:
Its sad, but I really like the story idea, its interesting how Cedric and Harry talk after they die. Its sweet how they miss the ones they love. I think the story would be even better if it was made more clearly that they were in some afterlife in the story. I couldn't really tell that they were in some sort of afterlife world until I read your summary.

Author's Response: Even if I didn't say that they were in the afterlife, it still would have worked out as a story, so I don't think that it's strictly necessary. Glad that you liked it, though.

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Review #8, by Harrypottergirl4eva Do You Miss Them?

23rd April 2006:
wow, what an amazing idea. where did you come up with it?

I really enjoyed reading this - it's certainly unique and kind of philisophical. do you believe that's what happens to the dead? I'm sorry I'm asking quite alot of questions but your idea is fascinating.

Anyway to the writing - I loved the honesty of your words. You seem very in-tune with people's feelings and the awkwardness some situations can fall into when we haven't had the same experienve as our friends - you captured the fact that Cedric hadn't quite experience all that Harry ahd very well.

For a few improvements:

"...surrounding them and their little patch..." - you don't need the "them and"

"...hidden at the edge of the field, hidden by the dark..." - Repeated phrase, I think it makes the writing feel crowded so try and find a different word for hidden.

"...brought him pain. However, he did not..." - however doesn't need to start a new sentence

"Once more inside of him, the bubble of fear at being a coward swelled up inside of him." - Reapeated phrase once again! (it's something that really riles me!)

I really enjoyed this - it's originality and flow are inspiring and I hope you carry on to write fics just as good! Keep writing - I shall try and review your others soon! I'm working through it all!

good luck - i hope this helped

*harrypottergirl4eva* (aka u_had_me_at_hello)

Author's Response: I came up with the idea reading another fanfic on called "The Hill" that was sort of like this, only it was much shorter and less inclusive.

It would be nice, but I really don't think that's what happens when you die. Being an atheist, I kinda think that you die, and that's it. Possiby, you get reincarnated, but there can't be such a place as this, as it's too strictly fantasy, you know?

Thanks, I love doing emotional pieces that you can really capture the essence of what they're feeling. It's one of my favorite types of writing, especially when I have a sudden idea. ; )

Ooh, I hate repeated phrases! I can't believe those slipped!! I'll go back and fix that. :D

Thanks so much for the review!!! :)

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Review #9, by hermione006 Do You Miss Them?

23rd April 2006:
Wow, This was a very different story and was written very well! I loved the concept and how Harry and Cedric were discussing the lives and people that they left behind. Cedric and Harry seemed to have a close relationship which was sweet to see. The ending was a little weak but still left a closing feeling. At times the song didn't really seem to fit the story and you couldn't seem to tell in the actual story that it was Christmas time. This really showed some emotion that we never got to see from Cedric. Great writing-Hermione006

Author's Response: Mm, I guess I was just getting a bit bored with the story, and so the ending ended a bit abruptly. It's not that I didn't like it, but it just got old, as I was ending my Cedric phase and going back to the Marauders and all that. Glad you liked it, nonetheless. :)

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Review #10, by meee Do You Miss Them?

22nd January 2006:
very sad> but good> kinda sux to think harry might be the one to die

Author's Response: Thank you! We all know that Harry will die eventually, so giving an alternative view of what will happen was fun for me. Glad that you liked it!

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Review #11, by bball33 Do You Miss Them?

18th January 2006:
good job! this was a sad fic, which i love, mostly because i love trying not to cry. it was sad, and it extracted emotions that have been inside me since my grandpa died, so yeah, good job! It takes a lot to make me cry, and I nearly did, so good job!

Now, this would look better if you put the song in italics, or bold. Just to distinguish it better. Mine looks a lot better now that I have. Other than that, good job! Just the occasional spelling/grammatical error. Overall, you did a great job and this was a great fic.

Author's Response: Aw, I didn't mean for this one to be that sad, but if I achieved some sort of emotion unsettling, then I feel rather accomplished, not to sound offensive.

Yeah, I think I'm going to go through and do it in bold right now. It's starting to bug me, actually. Thanks for reviewing, Sarah!! :)

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Review #12, by mrsronweasley Do You Miss Them?

11th January 2006:
Another fabulous and emotional piece I must say. I coulsd actually feel a knot forming in my throat as I read the story. Only a little bit more detail I think. You really have a knack for writing emotional stories. You should really write more. Another fab job!

Author's Response: Ah, thank you! Glad that you liked it!

A bit more detail? I'll go through it again someday and add some more. I'll try to do a bit more writing, but I'm not sure if I'll get anything up for a while, as I have midterms next week and it's time to cram. Thanks!

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Review #13, by crystal allan Do You Miss Them?

10th January 2006:
I enjoyed this very much, dear. I usually don’t like songfics, but you happened to come across a song that has special meaning to me. Mostly, my issue with songfics is that the writers use some new pop song that’s out on the radio that just seems pointless to the story. While this could easily stand on it’s own, I think the songs complements it.

Now, your descriptions here were wonderful, beautiful really. You’ve managed to capture this ethereal setting and portray it so well that I can picture it in my mind. The imagery was amazing and one of the best ‘afterlife’ pieces I’ve seen. The depiction of a orchard, filtered with snow was breathtaking, it really was. And it just made me all nostalgic.

The emotions you’ve conveyed here are nearly tangible. There is so much pain in their words, their thoughts, but at the same time there is a sense of lingering happiness, wistfulness. I think that added to the ethereal setting. I love the thought behind all of this – two men looking back on their lives and reflecting on the past. I feel like what is tying these two together is their relationship with Cho, or perhaps just the way they both feel about certain relationships.

I have no constructive criticism for you, and I'm really not sure what else I could say to give this piece justice. This really was very touching and, in fact, it’s going right into my favorites ^_^

Author's Response: Oh, I completely agree with you. If you are going to write a songfic, you have to remember what music was being listened to during the time the characters lived. While some modern songs work well, most of them don't fit whatsoever. I like the idea that this Other World is sort of a large field with trees and cottages, not what you may think the Malfoy manor would look like. I wanted it to be a little more old-world-like, and that seemed to be one of the best places to put it. I love doing emotional stuff. It's really fun for me, and possibly, it breeds the best of my work. Thank you, thank you, thank you! I'm so thrilled that it touched you that much! Glad you enjoyed this one! Thanks again, crystal!

Author's Response: Oh, I completely agree with you. If you are going to write a songfic, you have to remember what music was being listened to during the time the characters lived. While some modern songs work well, most of them don't fit whatsoever.

I like the idea that this Other World is sort of a large field with trees and cottages, not what you may think the Malfoy manor would look like. I wanted it to be a little more old-world-like, and that seemed to be one of the best places to put it.

I love doing emotional stuff. It's really fun for me, and possibly, it breeds the best of my work.

Thank you, thank you, thank you! I'm so thrilled that it touched you that much! Glad you enjoyed this one! Thanks again, crystal!

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Review #14, by PhoenixStorm Do You Miss Them?

7th January 2006:
wow, this was just such a touching story, Hobbits. You really are a great author. Now I don't like songfics I'm afraid to say (I tried writing my own once, half my reviews start with 'I don't like songfics, lol), and while I did like the song, I felt it was still pretty separate from the story itself. It seemed like the story could stand on its own without the song, and I'm not sure if I think the song added much or not. It's a lovely song, and the tone is the same as the story, but I still don't feel it's exactly a part of the story if that makes sense.

What I do really love about this story is the description in it, you describe things so well and beautifully. Little details like tears moistening his eyes, though they did not fall. His mouth was drawn shut and tight, a thin line disturbing the sad and mournful features on his face. The sharp emerald green of his eyes had faded to a mossy, dead sort of color This particular bit really spoke to me, and completely drew me in to the story and what Harry is thinking and feeling.

I also like the basis of this story. I don't think about what is happening to Cedric now that he's dead, but this fic really takes the reader to that place, and I think you capture it perfectly and utterly believably. Also, the point that you make of what it has meant when harry made Ginny agree not to start a relationship when there was so much danger was really touching. It really made me think of how wise a decision that was, and what the repurcussions of it are going to be. He should have taken the chance when he still had the oppurtunity to, tomorrow is never guarenteed.

Now your writing of Cedric is really brilliant from what I feel about his character. He isn't a particularly developed and major character in the books, but I feel your characterisation of him complies with what we do know perfectly and adds to it. I loved it when he says the part of how he loved Cho, asking Harry is he misses her because I just don't think about their relationship, more about what Harry had with her than what Cedric did. From how upset Cho was when he'd died, I think this strong a feeling for her from Cedric is completely plausible, and you deliver it well. Another really great fic here :)

Author's Response: I know that it would have been good on its own, but I wanted to use the lyrics for it, as they inspired the whole idea of it. And I like the song, either way, and I see it as playing in the background through it all, sort of like a movie. I dunno, I'm a messed up person. I tried to add as much detail as I could without going overboard to create this Other World of theirs. I hope that it came to life for you as it did for me. I think that relationships were the base of the story, really. Harry had Ginny, and at one point, he had Cho, and his friends, while Ced has Cho and that's about it. They sort of form an alliance over past ships, I guess. I love Cedric, so I loved working on his character in this and my main Ced fic. That was the real joy of this all. Thanks for another great review!

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Review #15, by Lily Evans Do You Miss Them?

7th January 2006:
So sad! I loved the friendship between Harry and Cedric. I feel so horrible for what Harry must face, and you did a very good job with writing this story. I think I like your Harry, you write him pretty well. I TRY to write him but he always seems difficult for me to write for some reason. No clue why. Well done!

Author's Response: I don't think that I can do Harry very well, though - he always turns out really angsty and depressed. I think that, had Ced lived, the two could have had a flourishing relationship as friends, but things went wrong for Cedric in the end, and so they never got the chance outside of Quidditch and the Triwizard Tournament. It's really sad, actually. Thanks for another great review, Lily!

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Review #16, by StepUpTimneh Do You Miss Them?

7th January 2006:
That was original, and very well written. I shuddered after I finished reading it, you really made me think. So Ginny's left without Harry...:(

At first, I was confused. I thought maybe it was AU; maybe Cedric wasn't dead? Things fell into place for me when I found out that they were both somewhere after life. I don't know if it was your intent to have the reader unsure of what's going on (to add a mysterious feel, you know), but you did have that in the story, making it exciting and suspenseful.

This is also kind of a creepy doesn't end on a happy note, like many do. That makes it even more original. I like the way Cedric took responsibility for Harry's feelings, acting like the mature older boy...but would he really be older than Harry? Since he died a few years back, and Harry must be Cedric's age by now, right?

This is the third fic of yours that I've read, and each one is original and creative. How do you think of this stuff?! Great job!

Author's Response: I was browsing through LiveJournal, trying to find a layout, and I found one that had this song to it, right? And I was in the midst of my second Cedric obsession, so the idea randomly popped in my head. I'm sure that it seemed mysterious, and I never intended for the reader to actually fully understand the complete concept, but what with all the Harry dies and sees his mum, dad, and Sirius, I wanted this to be abnormal. I didn't want there to be an obviously older person there, just Cedric, who has had time to mull things over and mature some. Glad that you enjoyed this one, too!

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Review #17, by timeturner Do You Miss Them?

6th January 2006:
I've been wondering why I haven't seen this song used by anyone yet and I'm glad to finally see it make an appearance. It's very melancholy and fits the mood of your story very well. You seem to have a good talent for single moments and capturing the essence of what is going on.

Author's Response: I was looking around on LiveJournal for layouts the other day, and one of them had this song, and I fell in love with it, and hence this fic being born. Thanks for the compliment, it means a lot to me. Glad you enjoyed it!

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Review #18, by Urvi Do You Miss Them?

30th December 2005:
Ha, that was weird, just Harry and Cedric talking. You have a great writing style.

Author's Response: Thanks! Glad that you enjoyed it. Do you actually like my writing style? I think it's a bit sloppy.

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Review #19, by Sophia Montgomery Do You Miss Them?

29th December 2005:
You could do something like bold or italicize the words so that they can be seen in a more different way than the text.

Author's Response: My computer was acting up for a while, and, as you can see by the newest story, I've fixed it up some. I plan to come back and fix this sometime as well.

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Review #20, by Charmed Ravenclaw Do You Miss Them?

28th December 2005:
No one has else has really thought of this concept - much think should Harry ever visit the dead realm he'll see Sirius and his parents. Cool idea though - He was pretty stressed when Cedric died.

Author's Response: I think that I may do another type of thing like this, only with Sirius or Harry's parents, or maybe one where Sirius and James reunite. I'm glad that you liked it!

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Review #21, by LunaB1134 Do You Miss Them?

24th December 2005:
aw so sad!

Author's Response: Glad you liked it, great talking with you in the chat. Thanks much!

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Review #22, by Emerald Flame Do You Miss Them?

24th December 2005:
Great fic! I really enjoyed reading it!

Author's Response: Thanks, glad you enjoyed!

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Review #23, by sagesolon Do You Miss Them?

23rd December 2005:
Fluff and angst in teh same story? You succeeded. Any more to this one?

Author's Response: Thank you! I didn't consider it angsty, but if it is, then that's cool. I don't think there will be more to it though, unless I get inspired.

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Review #24, by Misty_Rey Do You Miss Them?

18th December 2005:
P.s : Love your banner!!!

Author's Response: Thanks, great job done by the wonderful Fairy Queen.

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Review #25, by Misty_Rey Do You Miss Them?

18th December 2005:
Its so sad and so touching. I really enjoyed it.

Author's Response: It really made you sad? Aw, I feel happy now that I brought up emotions. Yay. Thanks much, glad you enjoyed it!

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