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Review #1, by fahu~ Everything

28th March 2006:
awesome! loveeeeeeeee ittttt

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Review #2, by Jenia Everything

28th July 2004:
This was such a great story. Intriguing. And something that just binds you to it. Wow. But wasn't 'Hello' about Draco? I guess it changed along the way. Anyway, this was a great story. And like I said in another review (in 'Hello'), I like angsty fics. And this was just fab.

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Review #3, by ofblueandgrey Everything

7th June 2004:
Wow. Oh, my God. That was awesome! That was the best songfic I've ever read! Sirius is my favorite character, and I was really glad that he had found a girl he loved, but at the same time, she walked away from him. Okay.. I'll go now. Much Love +Samantha

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Review #4, by cheesie Everything

22nd October 2003:
I got into this story because I THOUGHT it was rated G, but I've read worse language wise. actually, now that I think about it, it WAS rated G in comparison!! It was WONDERFUL! I've never read a more touching story except in a published novel!!! Thanks!

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Review #5, by StephEvans Everything

21st October 2003:
I love this story!!!!!! keep going!!! keep writing!!!!

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Review #6, by Jaquelyne Everything

20th October 2003:
Beautifully written. I did enjoy this. Wonderful!

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Review #7, by Cariel Everything

20th October 2003:
Though not an avid reader of the Marauders, I found this piece quite lovely. The final poem by Tennyson was a great addition. btw-Do your initials stand for TH White? (^-^)

Author's Response: Bravo! Bravo! You guessed my author name! Not many people have been able to! THW DOES stand for T.H. White, and also has a few of my initials in it. Thanks for all your reviews! I REALLY appreciate them! By the way, I went to your website for your story and it is SO awesome! The character page is fantastic! I think that just tickled me the most, seeing your characters and HP characters combined together in an actual picture. And your Draco COS page....uh-huh. Rock on! :)

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