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Review #1, by LovelyMioneWeasley Christmas Glares and Flares

9th December 2006:
I never would have thought of that. It was a rather clever idea and I think you demonstrated it brilliantly. Your work is very impressive.
LMW 10/10 in favorites

Author's Response: Thank you very much :)

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Review #2, by WickedWitch25 Christmas Glares and Flares

10th December 2005:
Hm... Is this your first Remus fic? He seems a little OOC and a lot of the things you said aren't right. First off, Harry is Sirius's GODSON now GRANDSON (That's a typo, i think. hehe.) Dumbledore told Sirius (through Hagrid) that he'd be taking Harry to the Dursley's before they even knew that Sirius had betrayed them in anyway. I think it was very uneeded to say that Harry couldn't be raised in Azkaban. Also, Sirius is a very caring person. He thinks of others before himself and he'd probably never want the muggles to stop singing just because he is upset and he wouldn't mention to take care of Harry because he'd know it was dangorous. Lastly, what are they doing at Gimmauld Place? It only became headquarters AFTER Voldemort came back again. It wasn't headquarters the first time around, let alone after Voldemort's defeat. (The Order went away after the night with Harry because he was gone).

I'm sorry I'm being so picky. I hope you aren't upset. :-( I really like your style though. You have good descriptions.

Author's Response: No no, you're perfectly fine! Yes, the Grandson part is a typo... I'll fix that! I didn't know that it was afterwards, but the story is started... sorry for that! Thanks!

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Review #3, by StepUpTimneh Christmas Glares and Flares

10th December 2005:
This was really good! You filled in that gap as to why someone more loving couldn't have taken care of Harry. You wrote Dumbledore especially very well.

Author's Response: Yes, I Always wondered why Remus and such couldn't take him, and when I thought about it more, it became more obvious. I was sort of worried about writing Dumbledore... I didn't know how he would feel and such, but I'm glad that I Wrote him right! Thanks!

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