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Review #1, by SBSL As you wish

15th September 2007:
grr, my computer is screwing up! anyways. i like it but it is a bit lacking. maybe it has something to do wiht the switch from angst to romance? can't wait to see how you write sirius! 10/10!

Author's Response: Well believe me there's enough of both genre's in this story. Ii glad you like it though!

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Review #2, by dewdrops_lily Revenge

6th August 2007:
Come on post more plese breath cathcing!1

Author's Response: Thank you. I'm trying to get chapter ten validated but I'm having some trouble with it. Unfortunatley. Thanks for your review.

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Review #3, by felix the great Revenge

5th August 2007:
man, u r evil update fast, please...

Author's Response: hahaha!!!! Hopefully soon the validators will validate it. thank you for your review.

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Review #4, by prongspal Revenge

5th August 2007:
this is soo good please keep writing!

Author's Response: aww thanks very much. Oh I will the 10 chapter has got to pass the validators.

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Review #5, by Iamsam523 Revenge

24th January 2007:
NO NO NO NO NO NO! What happens? I know Lily lives because Harry, but ugh! I need to know, I hate cliffies! Nice writing though.

Author's Response: really you hate cliffies I love them. lol No she doesn't die but there will be some comlications on almost every level. Which will evolve through out the rest of the story. And thank you i'm glad you like my writing. And thanks for the review. I'll try to have chapter ten up soon.~Jessica.

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Review #6, by HPgoldsnitch James words of wisdom

22nd January 2007:
I just wanted to say, that the ending of that chapter was very inspiring. great job!

Author's Response: thank you! It was a hard chapter to writ because I've never lost anyone but yet it was easy because I pulled from my own experiances and how I got through them. Even if those experiances include a death of someonr I love. Thank you again glad you enjoyed it!~Jessica

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Review #7, by Iamsam523 changes?

14th July 2006:
Love it! Please write the rest soon! I really like how you developed Lily's charachter, and the conversations with herself are so fun to read!

Author's Response: Thank you. I'll try and start writing first but this chapter is proving hard to write so I'm sorry if it takes awhile but please don't give up on me i will update.~Jessica

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Review #8, by Adriana Apelido As you wish

21st June 2006:
I like the beginning to this story. I can't wait to see where this goes.

Author's Response: thank you. thers a few twists and turns so i hope you like it.~Jessica

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Review #9, by blackcherrys Maybe I am

3rd June 2006:
sweeet but this bothered me.. its "dumbledore" not "dumbledor"

Author's Response: thanks I'm sorry I'll try and fix it theres a lot of editing to be done. but thanks for telling me.~jessica

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Review #10, by Iamsam523 Maybe I am

28th April 2006:
I really like it! You definately need to update soon! I can't wait for the next chapter! It's really good! I love the date, even if it is your first time writing one. It really flows. Awesome story!

Author's Response: thank you so much. I'm sorry its taking so long to update but i promise i'll tyr and post soon. Well i'm glad you liked the date cause i wasn't s9o sure about it but i'm glad somebody enjoyed it.

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Review #11, by Iamsam523 James words of wisdom

28th April 2006:
AWESOME! Great bit with James! He seems so real! Your chapters are short, but i guess they work that way. And nice bit with "poker," I can sooo see Sirius doing that.

Author's Response: THANK YOU. I'm glad you liked it. i enjoyed writting it though it was hard seeing as i've never lost somebody. I know their short but i have trouble with either them being to short or to long. Thanks again for the review~jessica

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Review #12, by Iamsam523 An Attack

28th April 2006:
AWWW........poor Lily! At least she had a shoulder to cry on! Wonderful work!

Author's Response: thank you i'm glad you liked it.~jessica

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Review #13, by Iamsam523 detentions and conversations

28th April 2006:
OH NO, what happens? I guess I'll just have to read the next chapter! Love it!

Author's Response: sadly yes you will lol thanks ~jessica

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Review #14, by Iamsam523 he kissed me or did I kiss him

28th April 2006:
LOVE IT! the kiss was a great idea to get Lily really thinking! She soooo loves him!! lol.

Author's Response: yes she does lol thanks for the review and i'm glad you liked it

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Review #15, by Iamsam523 A threat.....and I'm flirting with potter

28th April 2006:
I like it! Good second chapter! And thanks for reviewing my story too!

Author's Response: thank you and you're welcome i loved it thanks for the review~jessica

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Review #16, by Iamsam523 As you wish

28th April 2006:
I really like it so far! You should definately keep going!

Author's Response: thank you i will~jessica

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Review #17, by YouKnowWho he kissed me or did I kiss him

21st April 2006:
Hey, This is absolutly amazing! It is actually really good. Just a pointer - when you are having someone say something, you should put " at the end of the sentence too. On some of the sentences, the " are not there and it is hard to see what the narration is and what the speaking is. Great job though!

Author's Response: thank you I'll try and fix that and i'm glad you liked it.~jessica

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Review #18, by emily James words of wisdom

21st March 2006:
Okay, this is me again... I love the story, but I have a few comments. Number One: WHEN THE HELL ARE THEY GOING TO GET TOGEATHER ALREADY!!!!??? Your very patient reader is getting a little bit antsy here. Number Two: could you maybe try to work on your spelling and puntuation a little bit more? It would be easier to read.

Author's Response: # 1 you'll see check for the next chapter its waiting to be validated. #2 I'm sorry i'll try and work on it but its never been my strong point. thanks for the review~jessica

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Review #19, by emily he kissed me or did I kiss him

21st March 2006:
james doesn't call lucius malfoy snivilus, he calls snape snivilus. other than that, i love it so far!

Author's Response: does it say that? I'll check it out thanks for telling me.~jessica

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Review #20, by hogwartsgirlhg James words of wisdom

8th March 2006:
o i lke it

Author's Response: thank you~jessica

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Review #21, by Padfoots gal An Attack

27th February 2006:
Like it ..? NO WAY ... I love it !!! it totally rocks !! update asap

Author's Response: thank you. i'll be posting sometime this week so be on the look out for it.~jessica

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Review #22, by Lizzie As you wish

25th February 2006:
I've liked the chapter so far, but it's hard to read. If you put in more punctuation it would be a lot easier to read, and it would flow a lot better. Your dialog's good, but you tend to jump straight into facts, instead of more describing. You've got a great thing going, and I think that you could improve it a lot if instead of telling, like you did in your first paragraph, you described it more. It'll definately catch the reader's attention a lot more.

Author's Response: thank you i'll try and fix that i know i can improve and i'm working on it. ~jessica

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Review #23, by Diana An Attack

23rd February 2006:
This is awsome. I knew it would happen (THe death of her parents) because Malfoy hinted it but this a GREAT fanfic and i hope you post a new chapter soon.

Author's Response: thank you so much glad you like it. and yes you're right it was enevitable lolthanks again~jessica

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Review #24, by amberg93 An Attack

22nd February 2006:
awww, its sad and cute

Author's Response: thank you.~jessica

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Review #25, by amberg93 detentions and conversations

22nd February 2006:
oh no lily had a good night, they didnt

Author's Response: lol so far she has. thank you for reviewing~jessica

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