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Review #1, by Shannon Recovery

4th October 2015:
I love the way the characters are depicted! I can't wait for more!

Author's Response: Thankyou for the lovely review! I'm glad you liked the way I have depicted the characters! Real life has gotten in the way of fanfic writing for a while but I am starting to write again, so I'm hoping I'll have the next chapter up soon!!
Thanks again for the review :)

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Review #2, by milominderbinder An Expected Letter

27th September 2014:
story search round one! I really loved this! i started off my days in the HP fandom reading only marauders era stuff but it's been years since i read any now, and this was great. you captured what we know of lily & petunia as kids so well, and i loved how you portrayed their parents, and you actually made me feel bad for petunia! well done!

Author's Response: Thank you for the lovely review! I'm glad you enjoyed it :) Aw, I'm glad I made you feel bad for Petunia - that was my aim ;) I like to believe that Lily and Petunia were close before Lily went to Hogwarts and that magic came between them!

Thanks again for the review :)

Haronione ♥

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Review #3, by Mrs Ravenclaus Detentions and Full Moons

30th December 2013:
Back again!

I liked how you delved into the normal Hogwarts timetable because it contrasted nicely with the madness which was going on with Remus and his transformation so that was a nice change. Lilyís thoughts about being then James at Potions made me chuckle because I can already see the beginnings of their love/hate relationship. Then there was the bit of Slytherin rivalry thrown in with James and Sirius being annoyed about being with them.

The astronomy lesson was really interesting with the reaction of Remus and I felt so bad for him because he really does have to cover his steps wherever he goes. You really portrayed young Remus really well with his nervousness and looking around to make sure that not too much had been given away or anything. Then there was that mean jibe from Sirius about parents wanting to be friends with him when it really wasnít his fault.

The moment between Remus and McGonagall while he was preparing for his transformation was really sweet and I just wanted to hug him because of it. She was really trying her best and there he was being so nervous. I particularly liked the part when he was wolf because I didnít expect and even thought it was brief we really got a sense of what he was like as one. If you could lengthen it even more that would be great because the brief snippet was written really well!

The ending was a nice bit of Marauders fluff to cheer us up from poor old Remus. I wonder how youíre going to tie him into the group with whether you wait until they found out heís a werewolf or whether itís done before. Either way itís very exciting!

Great chapter!

Author's Response: Ok, so I feel quite sad now that I am answering the last of my unanswered reviews from you! I liked them sitting in my unanswered box, ready to be re-read each time I logged on ;) But I also feel much better now that I have finally answered them (I was feeling rather -really- bad that I left it so long!)

I'm glad you liked that this chapter went into the normal Hogwarts timetable because I felt it had to at some point ;) Ha, I thought there had to be a bit of Slytherin rivalry, purely because of Sirius and his connection (and hatred of that connection) to the house.

I feel bad for Remus too :( It must have been a really tough time for him then. I was a bit mean to Remus here by putting through that astronomy lesson, but it had to be done! I'm really pleased you felt I portrayed young Remus well :) I'm looking forward to writing him as the Marauder we know and love... Sirius just needs to start being a bit nicer to him and Remus needs to stop worrying so much for that to happen :)

Again, I think Remus could do with a hug here, so go for it ;) McGonagall really was trying her best but I don't think she could have done anything to make him feel better at that particular point! I'm really glad you liked the part when he was a wolf and felt that it was written really well :) I may look into lengthening it, but there will be more transformations during the story. But as that first transformation is an important one maybe I should add more to it... I shall think about this :)

Initially I wanted to end this chapter with Remus, but I couldn't fit the scene with James and Sirius in at the start of the next chapter so it had to go in there - I'm glad you thought it was a nice way to cheer up the end of the chapter :) Ah, it won't be long before Remus starts to integrate with the Marauders - he has a lonely few chapters but he becomes a Marauder long before they find out about him being a werewolf! I'm really pleased you find it exciting :D

Thank you so much for all the wonderful reviews you have given me! As I said in the Secret Santa guessing thread - you are awesome :D

Haronione ♥

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Review #4, by Mrs Ravenclaus Early Morning Meeting

30th December 2013:
Hey itís Mrs Ravenclaus back again!

Aw, Remus was so cute in this chapter I just wanted to squish him! I felt so sorry for him when McGonagall was leading him to Dumbledore because I knew that there was nothing to fear because itís Dumbledore and heís a babe but he didnít know and gah it was so sad. Then it was made even worse when Pomfrey was there too and Remus was just so worried and anxious and cute and I think you wrote him perfectly!

I thought that Dumbledore was written really well and he was perfectly in character with his measured plans and tone of voice and the way he had absolutely everything covered. You really wrote him well and caught all the little things about him too which is rather hard to do from my experience so congrats on that!

I liked how you made Lily supportive of Remus when he wasnít there because it was a sign of their later closeness. It was rather odd to see Lily and her friends on good terms with the Marauders but thatís one of the perks of writing them as first years and itís so cute to see them like this. Another minor thing but a great nod to canon was Jamesí skill at transfiguration which was really great.

Of course them being pranksters they were going to get told off! That did leave me laughing seeing how stern McGonagall was being with them already though it didnít surprise me in the slightest. I hope they get up to more of these antics later on in the story.

Great chapter!

Author's Response: Why, hello again Mrs Ravenclaus :)

Aw, I think Remus could do with being squished a little bit ;) Of course he had nothing to fear, as you said, Dumbledore is a babe, but Remus is a worry-wart at the moment and so thought the worst. I am so glad you thought I wrote him perfectly :)

Ok, so I am stoked that you felt I had written Dumbledore really well and in character!! Thank you! I found it hard to write Dumbledore, so it is great that you have mentioned it here!

I'm glad you liked Lily's support of Remus here, Lily likes Remus and she feels protective(?) of him. There are a few Lily/Remus moments throughout this story that will lead to their later closeness :) Ha, it is odd to have them on good terms with the Marauders, but I felt there needed to be a few 'incidents' before Lily and her friends decide they really don't like them, I just felt it would be more realistic.

Ha, I'm glad you enjoyed them being told off :) Of course they had to be found out and punished! Plus, I needed them to be in detention on Friday ;) Haha, of course they will get up to more antics throughout the story... they wouldn't be James and Sirius if they didn't!

Thanks for the fab review!

Haronione ♥

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Review #5, by Mrs Ravenclaus The Sorting

23rd December 2013:
Hi again!

I just noticed that you use apostrophes instead of speech marks like I do, and itís always nice to find a kindred spirit because I always think they look much nicer.

I really liked the traditional feel with McGonagall telling them about the houses and the small house rivalries. It brought me back to the Philosopherís Stone era, where everything was happy and calm before the storm emerged. Itís rather like that for the Marauders too because so much changed for them as well as for the Golden Trio.

Kudos for the great Sorting Hat, it was just like the ones in the books and really interesting too. I always think itís great when authors go to those lengths to include their own songs.

James and Siriusís banter with one another was brilliant with the talk of dung bombs and I love the beginnings of their friendship. Then you interspersed the darker elements such as Siriusís cousins in really well. I always loved the Black family (I may have said this before) so seeing them pop up now and then is so exciting.

The sorting for all of the Marauders was really interesting and it was great to observe how all of their reactions to it were different. I felt rather sorry for Peter knocking over the pumpkin juice when they first all met, but then he seemed to have this odd sort of courage about him to the way he integrated himself into the group which was really sweet to observe.

I thought this was a wonderful introduction to all of their lives and really cute! Great chapter :D

Author's Response: Hello again :) I am on a roll with these responses tonight... yay! It's about time, huh?!

Yay! You use apostrophes instead of speech marks too? I totally agree that they look much nicer and neater than speech marks! Yay for kindred spirits :)

I'm glad you liked the traditional feel of McGonagall's scene, I ummed and ahhed about having that in there as I was worried it would be too much like Philosopher's Stone. Obviously, in the end I decided to put it in there, I wanted the Marauder era students to have the full Hogwarts experience ;) heehee..

Thank you for the kudos for the Sorting Hat! Again, I almost didn't put it in, but I just couldn't leave it out!! I think I will skim over the sorting hat song in the next years of the story though ;)

I'm so glad you thought James and Sirius's banter was good :D I really enjoy writing their interactions so it's good to hear you enjoyed reading the beginning of their friendship :) And the other Blacks will be popping up a few times in this story, I hope you enjoy seeing them (if you read on)!

I found the sorting ceremony quite hard to write and it took me ages to write it! So to hear that you found it interesting is great :) Ha, poor Peter! He is a rather awkward, clumsy character to start with in this, but he gets over that as he starts to get friendly with the others :) I hate it when Marauder stories don't include Peter or have him as a really unlovable character, so I am hoping to make people start to love him (just a little bit... until his betrayal anyway!)

Thanks for the fantabulous review :)

Haronione ♥

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Review #6, by Mrs Ravenclaus The First Train Ride

17th December 2013:
As Gifting Time is fast upon us and this chapter is larger than the other two so it can have its own review but this will be my last review for now, but Mrs Ravenclaus will be back for some more festive fun!

Obviously this was written pre-Deathly Hallows but I really loved how you changed their first train ride there. It was interesting to get a glimpse of Narcissa just then and see into the Black family life dynamic because I do love that family. Sirius was already perfecting his surly look which made me laugh a lot. :P Haha, he is brilliant!

I really loved Jamesís relationship with his parents as it was exactly what I imagined it to be with them all being so close and having laughs and joking. They really did seem to love each other and dote on James which explains his cocky behaviour which came out later on with Sirius. I really love how when they walked into that train compartment they probably didnít realise what great friends they were all going.

The rivalry bragging thing going on between James and Sirius made me chuckle. In a way, Sirius was made to think a lot of himself being a Black and a pureblood, then James being a single child so itís almost their natural behaviour when I think about it. I really did feel for Lily though because she must have been dealing with so much with her sister and then Snape, so Iím not surprised she was crying it was just a shame they were there too.

I loved the scene with Remus! You wrote him really well with him naturally wanting to be on his own which was really great. I had so many feels about he, Severus and Lily all being friends as they do have a lot in common being outsiders, smart and liking books. Oh if only that happened! Then there were James and Sirius at the end with their friendship almost being written in the stars. Ah, I love all these characters being here, I already have a sense of them and it seems as if this will be a great story!

Author's Response: Hello again Kiana :) Thank you for another great festive fun review!

I found it really hard to edit this to be canon to Deathly Hallows - mainly as I had really liked the first version of this chapter and also fitting in the scene from Deathly Hallows and sticking to the 3 line rule! I'm glad you liked that it was changed to include the canon details though :)

I could not see James being any other way with his parents, so I'm glad you loved the way I portrayed their relationship :) I felt their doting would explain James's cockiness well, as you said, I'm so glad you agree!

I did feel sorry for Lily in that compartment, she just wanted a quiet train ride and was confronted by two slightly arrogant boys. Poor Lily. But, I agree, that was almost James and Sirius's natural behaviour, they were made to be that way by their parents (in a way). It's good to hear you see it the same way here :)

Yay! I am so pleased you loved the scene with Remus and that you thought I wrote him well :) I worried that people may think he was OOC, but I felt he would have been really worried about people finding out about his lycanthropy and there is a reason he decides to keep himself from making friends which will come out a bit later on in the story ;) I totally agree that they would have made a good group of friends, but it wasn't to be.

It made me so happy to hear that you felt that this will be a great story and that you loved the characters :) thank you so much!!

Thanks again for the fab review :)

Haronione ♥

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Review #7, by Mrs Ravenclaus Diagon Alley

16th December 2013:
In order to try and read as much as possible before the gifting date, Iíll double up some reviews on this story, if thatís ok! :)

I really liked the split perspectives in this story because it means that weíll get a really full image of the Marauders and how they all grew to meet one another. This works really well because weíre starting from a young age which isnít something I see all that often in Marauders stories, so yay for shaking that up!

Iím also really glad that you chose to start with Lily and Remus because with her being a Muggleborn and Remus a werewolf they, arguably, are going to benefit the most from going to Hogwarts because for once theyíll fit into a school and have nothing to hide from. I also really liked both of their narrations because it reflected this hopefulness of going there in that and that was a really nice touch.

It was really sad to see how Petunia and Lilyís relationship had deteriorated even more in this chapter, almost as if Lily being a witch was the final axe in their coffin and there could be no going back after that. Reflecting on her relationship with her sister and her one with Snape in this chapter was a really good touch because itís often forgotten but before her going to Hogwarts, they were the biggest forces in her life really.

I really loved how Remus and Lily met, it was so cute! They were like kindred spirits really as they both had a reason to fear and look forward to Hogwarts and that was reflected really well for their age. I just wanted that scene extended even more because it was so cute.

A wonderful two chapters and I canít wait to read on!

Author's Response: Hello again :) Off course that is ok... loved the excuse for not reviewing the first chapter, heehee, it did make me a bit suspicious as to who my Secret Santa was, and it turned out I was right in my suspicions (I had no idea who you were until a couple of reviews after this when I started doing some detective work and checked who had already reviewed chapter 1 of this and my Blaise one-shot) Anyway, on with the response :)

I'm really glad you like the split perspectives in this story. It will continue to be told from various perspectives and I hope it continues to work well!

I felt this story had to start with Lily and Remus because they would have had the most unusual(?) start to Hogwarts, so I'm glad that you liked that it started with them. In the original draft of the first chapters (about 6ish drafts ago) it started with James but I decided it needed to start with Lily. It's good to hear that you liked their narrations too, I was hoping it would reflect their hopefulness etc of going to Hogwarts :)

I always thought that the fact that Lily was magical and went off to Hogwarts (something Petunia would never be able to be a part of) was the final nail in their coffin, due to Petunia's reaction to Hogwarts in PS. Their relationship will have it's ups and downs in this story, but ultimately, as you said, there is no going back :( I'm glad you felt Lily's reflections on Petunia and Snape were a good touch though :)

Yay, I'm so glad you loved Lily and Remus's meeting :) I really enjoyed writing that part so it's great to hear you enjoyed reading it and found it cute! There will be more Remus/Lily scenes as the story continues.

Thank you so much for the great review (sorry it has taken so long to respond!!)

Haronione ♥

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Review #8, by Leonore The Sorting

20th November 2013:
The pace has picked up already, particularly as you can put in more dialogue. These conversations are brilliant for developing characters and explaining background information without just writing accounts. Peter's introduction - he got himself noticed, anyway!

The Sorting Hat's song - I bet that took a bit of thought! Rhyming throughout, with a reasonable rhythm. It might be more effective with the same rhythm pattern for each stanza, but it's obviously not worth spending the time on that unless you're the book is to be published or you have a LOT of spare time!

Great story, improving all the time as the characters develop. This story is definitely a lovely light read for when I'm not in the mood for serious angst, horror, or action ;). I wouldn't have chosen it normally, but that's the great thing about Blue v Bronze.

Author's Response: Hi Leonore :) thanks for the review, and like my previous response sorry for taking so long to get to it!

I'm glad you think the pace has picked up a bit and tht you liked the conversations in this chapter :) I enjoyed writing Peter's introduction :D I hope you like his character development as the story continues (if you read on that is!)

I debated whether to do a sorting hat song or not when I wrote this, but I felt it had to be included (at the time anyway, if I was writing this chapter now I probably would have glossed over it ;))

I'm so happy to hear that you think this is a great story that is improving as the characters develop :) Thank you!

I totally agree, the review battle is a great way to read stories you wouldn't normally read - its what I love most about the review battle! Hope to see you again in this month's battle :)

Thanks again for the review!

Haronione ♥

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Review #9, by Leonore Diagon Alley

20th November 2013:
Lily's father reminds me of Arthur Weasley, except the opposite way round. So excitable. And Lily's fear when the first wand doesn't work for her that maybe she's not a witch.

Nice to meet Remus - he's none of my favourite characters, especially to write. You're last lines - that's two of them now where you build up a happy mood then knock it down. Cruel, but good writing technique.

These chapters are good scene-setters. Enjoyable light reading, with just enough tension to provide interest. I expect the pace will build up as they arrive at Hogwarts, but this is fine for now. Some stories launch straight in to action, but obviously that wouldn't work here and this is a much more appropriate opening.

Author's Response: Firstly I have to apologise for the ridiculously late response to this review!! Real life has been crazy.

A few people have said Mr Evans reminds them of Arthur Weasley, I did not do this intentionally it's just the way he came out :) I'm glad he came out that way though!

Sorry the ending to this chapter was a bit cruel, but I'm glad you thought it was a good writing technique. I'm a bit cruel to Remus for a few chapters but it won't be for long :)

I'm glad you found this to be an enjoyable light read and that it was interesting. The pace does build up a bit soon - as you said, I felt it wouldn't have worked here to go straight into action and I'm glad you thought this was a more appropriate opening to the story :)

Thanks for the review, and sorry again for the late response!

Haronione ♥

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Review #10, by Leonore An Expected Letter

20th November 2013:
Blue v Bronze!

Poor Petunia! I love how you just had her being jealous and mean until right at the end. And Lily doesn't understand why her sister is so horrible, but its because she's upset.

The accidental magic she's done, particularly the ice-cream... Surely that would be pretty noticeable! I hadn't thought about it before, but your story made me realise that there should really be people to explain magic to parents of muggleborns after serious accidental magic. They should know because it's underage magic.

Yes, the ending is the highlight for me. Lily's fear of the unknown, leaving home for the first time. And her mother, upset but hiding it for Lily's sake. Then finally Petunia, trying not to cry.

Excellent grammar and flow added to the storyline make this an easy and enjoyable read. Well done.


Author's Response: Hi Leonore :) Thank you for the review!

I don't think anyone is as mean as Petunia is to Lily without reason. I picture Lily and Petunia being very close as children and then all of a sudden everything changes because Lily goes off to Hogwarts. Here Petunia channels her upset at this change into being mean to Lily - changing the relationship between them even more.

You make a good point there, about the accidental magic. There should be people to explain accidental magic to parents of muggleborns, some of the accidental magic could be pretty scary - people may think they are going mad when they see it. Sorry waffling here...

I'm glad you liked the ending, it's my favourite bit of the chapter :)

I'm glad you found this to be an easy and enjoyable read! Thanks again for the great review :)

Haronione ♥

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Review #11, by toomanycurls Letters Home

16th October 2013:
The conversation between Madam Pomfrey and Professor McGonagall about Remus was really touching. I do really like the softer side of McGonagall you've shown. I mean, it doesn't break her characterization at all but it's such a nice dimension that the books hinted at sometimes (it was rare but it was there).

It was sad that Lily's parents didn't write back. I kind of suspect Petunia of hiding the letter or something. I like that Lily misses her family. You show how a kid would miss their family and feel pangs of separation. Her approach of talking about non-magical stuff to Petunia is quite smart and it shows her empathy for people.

I like Abigail's spunk and her eagerness to try out for quidditch. It's nice to see chicks who like quidditch. ^_^

Severus seems quite nice and normal. He's actually really sweet. I can't wait to see some of his mean and nasty behavior pop out later. (Well, okay, saying Petunia is an idiot isn't quite nice but his intention behind that is really encouraging Lily to be herself).

You're really making Peter grow on me. ^_^ I want to hug him for his concern about Remus being MIA. The line you had about Peter hating his own company but Remus seeming to prefer his own was really beautiful. Sirius annoys me but only because he's not yet my older idealized person yet. He's 11 and that explains a lot. Though I do kind of love his teasing of James. I guess it's okay in my head if he pokes fun at James because they're on more equal footing. It's completely adorable that James is going to try talking his dad into sending his broom to Hogwarts. Oooh, and now they've discovered secret passages! It fits perfectly that they'd find those out early on.

I'm so glad James got permission to use a broom (and won't have to get in trouble for sneaking a broom in). Like Peter, I'm annoyed at the other two for not being bothered about Remus' absence. I do love that they're starting to accept Peter a bit more. ^_^

Author's Response: Hello again! I was a bit nervous about you reading this chapter :-/ it is a bit filler-y and I'm not as pleased with this chapter as I am with the others. So thank you for the lovely review :)

Ah, I'm so pleased you agree that this softer side of McGonagall is hinted at in the books (the hints are very rare and i thought maybe i'd imagined them heehee) and you find it doesn't break her characterisation. But mostly I'm pleased you liked this characterisation of her and found their conversation touching :)

Aw, it is sad that they didn't write back, it wasn't that they didn't want to, more that they couldn't. It was kind of to show just how different things were for Lily, she has a lot of adapting to do. I find it hard to believe that muggle borns would adjust to the magical world (not just learning magic, but the ways of the magical world) immediately. I'm glad you liked Lily's letter... I'm not sure Petunia's going to see it the way you do though ;)

Oh yes, while Severus was a bit mean about Petunia his intentions were good - that's why Lily overlooks it! Also, what he said might come back to bite him on the bum a bit later on ;) Im glad you thought he was sweet, i think his mean behaviour would start coming out a bit later - if it started so early on Lily would not have been friends with him for so long!! When I first planned this fic (long before deathly hallows came out) Severus was not a major factor here so in editing a lot of the plot points have had to change to incorporate this friendship. I struggled a bit with this - maybe that's why I found this chapter hard *shrugs and sighs* hopefully it will work out well though!

Yay!!! I am SO happy I am making Peter grow on you! That was my intention! I think he had to have been a good person and friend at some point (I won't ramble on about that as I fear I will repeat a lot of what I've already said about this in past responses to you) But I am intrigued by Peter as a character and I'm going to have a lot of fun writing his change from friend to traitor :) Ha, yes, Sirius is not the loveable character we know yet, but never fear he will become less annoying and more loveable soon :D can't wait! I know what you mean about the teasing with James, they have bonded more than with the others so it's totally acceptable cos it is friendly ribbing rather than the hint of nastiness he has with the others! I'm glad you liked that they have found their first secret passageway :) I thought that if they were to find all if them they'd have to start early ;)

Ah, I'm sorry they annoyed you, they are a bit self absorbed at the moment. If it's any sort of consolation, this is exactly what Remus wanted and so would be far from annoyed, but I'm sure he would be touched about your concern for him ;) (as am I!) It will be about another 2-3 chapters before the dynamics of the group change and they start to gell more :D

Thanks for another great review :)

Haronione ♥

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Review #12, by toomanycurls Detentions and Full Moons

13th October 2013:
My summary for this chapter is "really love" (I might write that a few times during the review). I read this while I was on my phone so my review will probably be a bit more general than usual.

Lily's aptitude for potions is really well written. I like that she felt better about being able to learn magic after figuring out that she has her own strengths and is about the same off as people from wizarding families. I really love that James and Sirius were motivated to work harder just to not be worse than Lily and Snape.

Remus' self-separation from the other three boys is quite sad (understandable but still :'(). You've established that Sirius is a bit bleh about Remus. I'm curious how they'll gell together (Looking forward to reading that!!) It warms my heart to think of James as wanting to see the best in Remus despite his cold social behavior. It reminds me of Harry a bit (and it's nice to see that Harry didn't get his niceness just from Lily). I do love the ego James has about people not being able to help liking them.

The astronomy scene - amazing. Remus' anxiety at being so close to the full moon and dread that the moon had been pointed out (as it might draw a connection to the fact that he's ill when it's full). I like that Peter is also concerned about Remus missing out. I might have to give Sirius some stern looks regarding his attitude towards Remus though. X-( It's really sweet that Remus and Peter are forming a kind of friendship. I also love that Peter does have an aptitude in something.

Remus' reflection on the lessons that week was quite brilliant. We see him as an adult who is rather accomplished at most spells (just not potions) and it's sweet to see him at square one and struggling.

I really love the battle between sensible Remus and 11 year old Remus. It's too sad that sensible Remus always wins. Ah man, his melancholy at going to McGonagall's office was almost too much (it made me sad for him).

The scene with McGonagall taking Remus to the Shrieking Shack is incredible. I love the detail and thought you put into how he's getting there and the precautions they're taking. The awkwardness McGonagall has when she's trying to comfort him is so sweet. You've shown the rarely seen softer side of her while making it really believable and palpable.

Remus' transformation was amazing. The way he missed his mom broke my heart into pieces. I'm guessing this was his first transformation not being close to his parents and that had to be really difficult. You kind of made me tear up when it got 'I love you, Remus' and he's mid-transformation. The way you describe him while being transformed is awesome too. It's interesting and lively while (which is hard to do with a character that can't speak).

Ending the chapter with James and Sirius getting back from detention was a really lighthearted way to wrap up. I hope they notice in the morning that their dorm mate is gone. ^_^

So, I'm at chapter 6 of 8... when is 9 coming? :)

Author's Response: Hi Rose, so I spent ages writing a super long response to this totally amazing review that made me squee like a fangirl and look like the Cheshire Cat. But when trying to submit the response it said I had exceeded the 4000 character limit and so could not submit it. I had no idea what bits of the response to leave out so I will PM you the full response and just leave you this short one here -

Thankyou so much for making my whole entire week with this awesome review!! You are amazing!!

Haronione ♥

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Review #13, by toomanycurls Early Morning Meeting

12th October 2013:
I read the upcoming chapter summaries and realized that you're going to focus on Remus. That makes me super happy that he's focus in the narrative.

You captured the environment of young boys in a dorm really well. The excitement and energy that James, Peter, and Sirius had was great. I really loved having Remus trying to get to sleep (he's kind of an old man :P).

Remus' assumption that McGonagall would be repulsed by him really broke my heart. :( I just wanted to hug Remus. The password of chocoballs made me laugh - most of Dumbledore's passwords make me laugh actually. Remus' nervousness and anxiety in his interview with Dumbledore was really well done. I can imagine he felt like he was there by accident and was scared that he'd have to go home. I felt for Remus when he panicked about too many people finding out about his lycanthropy. I do like that Remus second guessed Dumbledore about his plans (just because he's so careful). I love how responsible he is too.

I really liked Lily's awe at the magic of Hogwarts. It's cute. ^_^

You've characterized the kids very well. Sirius seems like the little ladiez man already and poor Peter is teased quite a bit. I like that their patterns started early in their relationships.

Are you secretly a Lily/Remus shipper? ^_^ She *is* paying a lot of attention to him. Aww, the post coming was so sweet and sad. I like that James got a letter and Sirius' bit of sadness at his mum not missing him. It's really awesome that James is pretty accepting of Remus even though Sirius is a bit indifferent. His eagerness at sneaking out with him next time was incredible.

It's absolutely perfect that James was so good at transfiguration (not surprising just glad to see it).

ahahaha, of course McGonagall knows they let off the dung bomb. Okay, so she had a snitch. I can't wait to see how they get back at Narcissa!!

Author's Response: Oh yes, Remus will be the focus of quite a few chapters in this first year :) I'm glad that makes you happy!

Haha, Remus does seem like an old man at the moment, and a bit of a hermit! That will all change though ;)

Aw, I know, poor Remus :( how could anyone be repulsed by him?! He has some huge issues that he has to resolve - i think having a few friends may help with that ;) I'm glad you felt Remus's anxiety and nervousness was done well. I just felt that he would have been waiting for something to go wrong, for Dumbledore to say he'd made a mistake and Remus had to leave. I'm also glad you liked how responsible he was and how he questioned Dumbledore. I think he would always have been the responsible, careful man we see him as in the books. Well, not always, as you'll see later on ;)

Haha, Lily's awe of Hogwarts is just as I'd be if I went there (and a bit like I was when I went on the Potter studio tour ;)) I think she would have been quite amazed by it all. Pleased you thought it was cute!

Ah, I didn't mean for Sirius to be potrayed as a young ladies man - he will have a love interest (many chapters down the line) but he will not be the cliche heart breaker ;) And yes, Peter is teased quite a bit to start with but he soon becomes more of an equal with the others ;) I'm really pleased you think they are characterised well!

Aha, no I'm not a secret Lily/Remus shipper... But I could see the pairing being possible ;) She is paying him a lot of attention but in a friendly way, she feels a bit of an affinity for him after their meeting in diagon alley!

I'm glad you liked that James was good at Transfiguration - of course he had to be haha!

Haha, I had to have McGonagall find out about the dung bombs - they needed to be in detention on Friday ;) This certainly won't be the only time they're in trouble! Ah, yes the revenge on Narcissa, I've not quite decided how or when that'll happen - but it will!

Thankyou so much for another incredible review, Rose :)

Haronione ♥

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Review #14, by toomanycurls The Sorting

9th October 2013:
You described McGonagall perfectly without sounding like you just tweaked a description from the books. Really awesome job.

I'm highly impressed that you wrote a sorting hat song. Extremely impressed. And it's very good too. I usually see where people just gloss over sorting (like I have) or write a sorting hat song that is horrible. I had to think if I had read this one in the books because it is that well done.

You got the sorting hat perfectly. I know it isn't really a character but it has a very unique voice which you've managed to use and own in your very well written way. I loved how it talked about Sirius. I imagine it identified many students from pureblood families as being another so and so. I liked its train of thought too (I'm guessing the middle choice was Ravenclaw).

I cracked up at "needy headed nick." That seems perfect for how an 11 year old might mis-remember a name. Ooh, I really like how high of a value James is already placing on Sirius' friendship and opinion. Definitely fits well with how we see their relationship later in the books.

Wait, what's a Mexican wave of cheers? I'm going to google that.

I really like how the four little Marauders meet each other. Poor Peter is so nervous.

I'm excited to see Lily, Chloe, and Abigail develop together (character-wise).

How does Remus know magic is hard to do? Has he been using magic at home? (Just curious)

This is a really awesome chapter. I like the pace you've set for the plot and character development.

Author's Response: Hi Rose! Thanks for another awesome review - I've finally got round to answering it!

I'm glad you thought the description of McGonagall was good and didn't sound like it was just tweaked from the books :)

Wow, thank you for the compliments on my sorting hat song :) I remember taking an inordinate amount of time writing it!! So to know you thought it was good is just fantabulous :) As for the sorting hat's voice, unfortunately I can not take full credit for that, I had some help with Sirius's sorting from a friend. But I am glad you felt it was written well! Of course the middle choice was Ravenclaw - it is the best house ;) haha but Sirius definitely would not have fitted in there!

Glad you enjoyed James's attempts at remembering Nearly Headless Nick's name :) It was a way of avoiding a big chunk of the students being sorted ;) I felt that James would not have had a lot of magical friends his age (my explanation for that thought is that his parents were older and so their friends' children would have been older) and so he would have latche on to Sirius and value his friendship quite quickly. I'm glad you like that :)

Haha, I used 'a Mexican wave of cheers' to describe the different houses cheering at different times - like a Mexican wave with noise instead of standing up and putting your arms in the air ;)

Ha, yeah poor nervous little Peter, it takes him a while to become confident and comfortable with the others - but he does! Ah, no Remus hasn't been using magic at home, he's just thinking realistically about why you would need 7 years of schooling ;) Im glad you're excited to see the girls develop together!

Thanks again for the great review :) you always manage to make me smile with your reviews!

Haronione ♥

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Review #15, by Panda Weasley  An Expected Letter

9th October 2013:
I just LOVE this first chapter! I can't wait to keep reading! You named the book after the tv show Wonder Years, right? I love that show! Anyway, even if you didn't I can tell this is going to be a great book. :) LOVE IT!

Author's Response: Thankyou so much for the review, Panda Weasley! I am so happy to hear you loved this first chapter :) I hope you enjoy the rest as much!

Alas, no, it is not named after the show (but I can see why you would think so!) it was purely my lack of inspiration for a title ;)

Your review has really made me smile! thank you so much for the compliments!

Haronione ♥

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Review #16, by toomanycurls The First Train Ride

8th October 2013:
I can feel Lily's excitement at heading to Hogwarts (mainly because I've done the same when I've been excited for school). Aw, it's so stinking sad how high Lily's hopes were about getting close to Petunia again. It does feel a bit quick for Lily to determine they'd *never* be close again. Maybe. It could just be extra dramatic because she's 11.

Lily's anger at Severus is perfect. It fits her age and maturity level very well.

Ahh! It's Sirius!! (And Narcissa, boo.) I like the disdain Sirius shows towards his cousin. ^_^

James and his mum are awesome. I love that she's a bit sharp with him but he's clearly into pushing the line (sneaking his broom in of all things). Back to the name thing, it kind of cracks me up that Mr. Potter is Harold (I named Mr. Evans Harold). Clearly someone in the Evans/Potter family had to be named Harold. :D Oh, speaking off, I do really like that Harold was encouraging James to act out a bit. I am glad that James felt he would miss his mum. I like his sweet side. I'm not surprised that he was eager to be sent off to Hogwarts though.

I love that James is making fun of Sirius right away. It seems like a great intro to their relationship. You have their initial conversations just perfect. I like their banter and humor. Lily's impression of James and Sirius was awesome. It was good that they annoyed her right away. ^_^

Remus makes me a bit sad that he's glad to have a compartment alone. I want him to want to make friends. :( :( I am glad that Lily found him and made him socialize. I really like that Remus is perceptive enough to see that Snape likes Lily so much. ^_^

I think it's really cool that James and Sirius were rambunctious during the train ride. It really sets a good tone for their relationship as we've seen it in the books.

I squeed a bit when Hagrid was there at the end. I mean, I knew it was coming but I felt so happy to see him.

Author's Response: Hi Rose, thanks for another great review - sorry its taken me so long to respond!!

It's great to hear you could feel Lily's excitement in this - personally I never got that excitement about going to school, but I think I would have if my school had been Hogwarts ;) Yeah, poor Lily, I think she was being a bit over-dramatic about *never* being close to Petunia again, she dedramatises a bit over the coming chapters ;)

I'm glad you liked Mr and Mrs Potter! I picture them as parents that try to be strict but don't quite manage it (well, Mrs Potter anyway!) As they are older and James was an only child, I personally see them as very doting parents that spoil him somewhat! And as for the name? Haha, yes someone clearly had to be called Harold ;) maybe a bit cliche? I also cracked up when I saw that Mr Evans was called Harold in your fic :)

I am so pleased to hear you thought their initial conversation was perfect and a great intro to their relationship :) I absolutely hate writing scenes where characters meet for the first time (mainly because I am terrible at meeting people as never know what to say!) but they were fun to introduce to each other - I wanted it to be a bit different! I actually found it quite difficult to work the scene from DH into this without breaking the 3 line rule though. The original, pre DH, chapter was quite different.

Aww, Remus makes me sad too! I'm afraid his no friends rule is going to make him rather lonely for a few chapters though! But never fear this story is staying in canon, so we all know he'll make friends soon enough ;)

Haha, how could I not have James and Sirius pranking on the first train ride... Start as they mean to go on! Glad you found it cool :)

You gotta love a bit of Hagrid ;) glad you enjoyed seeing him in there!

Thanks again for another fabulous review! I hope my response wasn't too rambling and nonsensical (I'm sleep deprived and full of cold still :( I will respond to your other review tomorrow when I'm more likely to make sense!)

Haronione ♥

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Review #17, by toomanycurls Diagon Alley

3rd October 2013:
This chapter is excellent! I was so excited to see a young Remus. I felt so sad for him not being sure if he'd be able to go and then so happy for him when he found out he could go. You did a great job pulling me into his melancholy then his elation and joy. The little touch about Remus brushing off his robes before his mom did it was adorable. Kind of typical for a boy his age and yet to Remus too.

I adore Mr. and Mrs. Evans. They're nearly as excited about Hogwarts as Lily is. You wrote Petunia's stubborn denial of magic and her attitude very well. I sympathize with her and yet am frustrated that she's pushing away her only sister. You did a great job not just villain-izing her (which is easy to do). I love that Mrs. Evans' name is Rose (partially because it's my first name and because it's a name I almost picked her in a story I'm working on).

Mr. Evans kind of reminds me of the muggle version of Mr. Weasley - I love that.

A happy bubble exploded when Remus and Lily met. Poor Remus almost blew his cover. Great foreshadowing with him realizing he'll have to lie a lot in school.

Mr. and Mrs. Lupin are incredible. Loving and supportive - just like I always hoped they'd be. In the few lines of dialogue between Remus and his parents I can see where he got many of his mannerisms and key behavior traits.


Author's Response: Wow! Thank you so much for the incredible review :) You have really made me smile!

I am so pleased to hear that I managed to pull you into Remus's emotions in this :) I'm glad you liked the bit about him brushing of his robes, and that you felt it was typical of Remus!

Ok, so you have a great name ;) It's my nan's name and my youngest daughters middle name - and also Lily's mum's name too now heehee But back to responding to the review...

Ah, I love that you adore Mr. and Mrs. Evans, I'm really enjoying writing them :) And you sympathise with Petunia? Yay! I really wanted to show her more vulnerable side and how things could have been difficult for her. I feel that she was not always the villain we see in the books, but that a series of events turned her that way - although, she is most definitely not an innocent party in those events! I am actually really intrigued by Petunia and her relationship with Lily. I could go on and on about my thoughts on their relationship, but I won't! I will, however, be exploring the relationship further throughout the fic :)

Haha, someone else said Mr. Evans reminded them of a muggle Mr. Weasley - this was not intentional it was just the way I found myself writing him. But I can totally see the similarities, and now I wish it had been intentional ;)

Wow, a happy bubble exploded when he met Lily?! This line really really made me smile! This meeting leads to poor Remus being in for a bit of a tough time for the next few chapters though :(

I could always see Mr. and Mrs. Lupin being very supportive of Remus. I'm happy you liked my portrayal of them :)

Again, thank you for the great review!

Haronione ♥

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Review #18, by weasleykingdom Recovery

2nd October 2013:
I just want to start by saying how much I love your portrayal of all the characters. I really love how scared Remus is about letting his condition slip, all the characters just seem so realistic its great. James' obsession with quidditch is something I really enjoy too, he reminds me a lot of Oliver Wood haha. I really do love this story, and it's so well written. Keep up the great work :)

Author's Response: Hi weasleykingdom, thankyou so much for the really lovely review :) you made my day!

I am so pleased you loved my portrayal of all the characters. It is really good to hear that you loved Remus and his fears; I really felt that he would have been very cautious when he first started Hogwarts. And, yes James is rather obsessed with Quidditch, bless him! Glad you are enjoying that! His try outs are coming up in the next chapter, I hope you enjoy it :)

Thanks again for the great review!
Haronione ♥

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Review #19, by toomanycurls An Expected Letter

1st October 2013:

I really, really love how you portrayed Lily and Petunia as sisters. They seemed at least a bit close at first in your story. I always imagined that they'd be friends (considering how nice Lily has always been portrayed). It was a bit heartbreaking to think of them going from sister/friends to what we see out of Petunia in the books. :(

I thought the tension between the sisters was well done. I can imagine it was hard for Petunia to feel left out when Lily discovered her magic. Mr. and Mrs. Evans were wonderfully supportive and loving. That made me feel all sorts of happy for Lily. I could really see how she grew up centered in love and acceptance.

Lily's manifestations of magical ability were really cute. I like the theme (which follows the books) of having kids do magic under emotionally charged situations which it seemed Lily did as well.

I'm really quite curious to read more! I'll add this to my list of things to read.


Author's Response: Hello Rose :) Thank you for the lovely review!

I am so glad you loved the portrayal of Lily and Petunia! I see them as being good friends when they were younger and that magic came between them. I wish I could write a reunion between the two, but we all know that never happened :( Maybe they would have had a reconciliation if Lily hadn't died so prematurely? Maybe Lily's death made Petunia even more anti-magic and turned her into the Petunia we know in the books? That's what I like to think anyway!!

I agree that it would have been hard for Petunia when Lily discovered her magic, and I'm glad you liked Lily's early manifestations of magic. It is good to hear that you thought I wrote the tension between them well :)

I am really happy you are adding this to your list of things to read :) thankyou!

Thanks again for the great review!

Haronione ♥

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Review #20, by patronus_charm An Expected Letter

12th September 2013:
Team Blue here :D

I really loved this first chapter, because it was just so different to most of the Marauders stories Iíve read. Yay! Someone else agrees with my head canon of Petunia and Lily being friends. Thatís the thing I liked most about this chapter by how we got to see the progression of their friendship with them starting off by cheering each other on then getting to the end of it when Petuniaís firmly ignoring her.

Another thing I really liked was how technically accurate your work! Most people focus on the story and the content but I feel this is such an important aspect of it, and to see you had put so much work into it really made my happy!

One minor CC at times I felt it was a little too listy like here, ĎMrs Evans, who was placing cereals and milk, toast, butter, jam and marmalade on the kitchen table, Ď so perhaps if you just said breakfast things or something similar it would lessen the feeling and make the sentence stronger instead of diluting it down with the list.

The way you made the Evans family really close was lovely. You could tell how interwoven they were and cared for each other that when the letter came I almost wished that it wouldnít because I knew what a great change it would make to their family and I didnít want their happiness to disappear.

The small thoughts about Snape were a great touch too, and it was interesting to see him viewed as the outsider. Not yet Lilyís friend but not firmly Petuniaís foe. It will be interesting to see how both of their feelings towards him strengthen greatly over the coming years.

A great first chapter in my opinion! :)


Author's Response: Hello again Kiana :) Thanks for another lovely review (my 50th!) yay!

I am so glad you loved this chapter! And yay, you have the same head canon as me about Lily and Petunia being friends :D I really feel it is more realistic that magic came between them and spoilt their relationship, and have believed this ever since PS when Petunia reacts so badly to Harry getting his Hogwarts letter.

This isn't the most plot driven or original first chapter, but I really felt that Lily getting her letter was the most important part to start this fic. So I am really happy that you appreciated the accuracy of it :) I am a stickler for canon!

I totally agree about your CC, it felt a bit listy as I wrote it so I will go back and change that and check for other parts that may be like that :)

Again, I always imagined the Evans' to be a close family, which is why (I think) Petunia is so upset about Lily's magic and leaving her. It really disrupts the whole family dynamics :(

The thoughts about Snape were edited in after DH came out as I wanted this to be as canon as possible. When editing it I was worried that there wasn't enough about Snape. So it's good to know you liked it.

Thank you again for the great review (sorry for rambling in my response ;)) I'm so glad you thought it was a great first chapter!

Haronione ♥

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Review #21, by HarrietHopkirk An Expected Letter

17th August 2013:
Aaww - Lily and Petunia as friends! I love that! A lot of fics already have them being 'enemies' from an early age, simply because of what happened in the Prince's Tale and stuff like that. I love how you have the characters react so realistically to things - especially the arrival of Lily's letter and Petunia's reaction to that. It's great stuff.

Also your dialogue and characterisation and everything is very believable and relatable - especially as this is really the closest we get to relating to the magical characters. This is a Muggle family with Muggle problems - just like we are (aside from obviously Lily and her magical powers and going to Hogwarts and everything!)

Anyway, I really enjoyed this! Well done! Some really great writing.

Author's Response: Hi, thank you very much for the lovely review :)

I have always thought that Lily and Petunia would have been friends as children and that magic was what came between them. I am glad you liked that I had them as friends at the start of this. There's going to be a few ups and downs with their relationship throughout this fic. I am so pleased you think Petunia's reaction to the letter was realistic :)

I have had a few comments about the dialogue being a bit too formal, so it's good to hear that you found the dialogue and characterisation to be believable and relatable :)

Thanks again for the review, I am glad you enjoyed it.

Haronione ♥

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Review #22, by AlexFan Letters Home

13th August 2013:
I love how innocent this is, it's very clear that these characters don't know that something bad is going to happen to them and I just feel so bad for them because I can't help but think about all of the horrible things that happens to everyone in the end.

The thing that I loved though was that you showed that Snape and Lily's relationship was already off to a bit of a rocky start when he made that comment about Petunia. Lily may have brushed it off and thought nothing of it but there'll be more comments like that as time goes on.

I've got a question though, is your story only going to be about everyone's first year or are you going to spend a few chapters going through all of the years?

I was going to point out that first year's can't join the team but then I thought about it and I don't think there was anything mentioned about first year's not trying out for a Quidditch team (or if there was, I don't remember), it just said that they weren't allowed to have a broom.

It makes sense that James would get on the team though, it's practically expected of something like that to happen to a Potter.

Anyway, lovely chapter and I look forward to more of this story!

Author's Response: Thank you for yet another lovely review, AlexFan :) Sorry it's taken me so long to respond to them all - I am really grateful for each of them!

Ahh, I feel bad for them as well, their story is such a sad one :( but the bad stuff has to happen... unless it became totally AU and they all lived happily ever after ;) But I couldn't do that, it was the tragedy of their story that drew me into reading/writing marauder stories!

I'm glad you liked that about Snape and Lily's relationship. I feel he would have been very dismissive of Petunia and would not have understood or appreciated Lily's relationship with her. I think he would not have seen what was wrong with what he said, and in his mind was trying to make Lily feel better. But yes, this is the start of a very slow decline in their friendship.

My plan is to write from the first year right through to their murder (if I ever get there!). But I am unsure whether to write it all in one mammoth novel or to break it down into two stories, or to have a year per story. I'll make my mind up at some point! It will most likely be two stories - the school years and then the post-Hogwarts years.

Haha, I thought people would say something about James joining the team... There is no rule to say first years can't join the team, but I think it's a rare occasion, and I'm not sure a first year on a school broom would make the team ;) I don't think this would stop James from trying out though. The trials are coming up in the next chapter ;)

Thank you again for the lovely review!

Haronione ♥

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Review #23, by blackballet Diagon Alley

12th August 2013:
Oh, I loved this one as well. I like you focusing on Remus and Lily equally, and I'm excited for everyone else to come in! It's going to be a wild ride, but I guess we signed on for that when you named it the Marauder Years!

Author's Response: Hello again, blackballet :) thanks for another lovely review! I'm so glad you loved this chapter! Haha, yes it will be a wild ride, but I am so looking forward to writing and developing the characters and story as it goes through the years - I hope the readers will enjoy it too :) Ha, yes it is not a very original title (I really am no good with story titles :( ), but as you say it let's the reader know what they're getting into when they read it ;)

Thanks again for the review

Haronione ♥

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Review #24, by AlexFan Detentions and Full Moons

11th August 2013:
The thing that I absolutely loved about this chapter is that you showed what Remus's night might've been like. That's not often something that's shown so I was surprised to see that you had.

Poor Remus, I can't imagine what he must go through every night. He should let himself at least have some friends, even if they do ask why he always disappears every month.

I also love that you're showing that James and Lily didn't like each other at all in the beginning. Sometimes in fanfiction the story starts off with James thinking that Lily is very pretty and all that so this is a nice change.

As always, awesome job on the chapter!

Author's Response: Well, hello again, AlexFan :) thank you for yet another lovely review!

I am so glad that you loved seeing Remus's transformation and how it may have been like. I think this is an important thing to the story of the marauders and I just didn't think it could be left out or skimmed over. So I'm pleased you liked seeing it in here :)

Yes, poor Remus, it must have been hell for him, and I think that first transformation at Hogwarts must have been one of his worst! I totally agree with you, he should let himself have some friends! Never fear, we all know he has to make friends soon enough, but he is in for a lonely few chapters yet :( I'm looking forward to writing him befriending the marauders - and then all the mischief they get up to once he does :D

Ugh! I'm glad you liked that James doesn't instantly fall for Lily. I find it really unrealistic for him to see her for the first time and instantly fall in love with her - to me, that's just not how an eleven year old boy would be! Especially when he has the allure of Hogwarts and a mischievous new best friend. Of course, sometime soon he will fall for her, but not just yet ;)

Thank you again for the great review!

Haronione ♥

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Review #25, by AlexFan Early Morning Meeting

11th August 2013:
I was wondering when that meeting between Dumbledore and Remus would happen. I'm glad to see that it finally did. McGonagall is on the ball as usual. I don't know how she found out about the dungbombs but she did. That woman knows everything and sees everything.

I think you got her character spot on to be honest. I couldn't help but giggle when she confronted James and Sirius. It's only the first day back and of course those two already have detention. And so the Shenangians of those two begin.

Author's Response: Hello again :) Yes, finally the meeting between Remus and Dumbledore. Part of me felt that he would have had that meeting before he even arrived at Hogwarts... But I just didn't want to ;)

I am so glad you think McGonagall's characterisation was spot on :) I hope I manage to keep this up as in some parts of this fic we will see a slightly different, softer side to her in regards to Remus's lycanthropy - I just hope it doesn't seem OOC. Haha, yes she is on the ball (she found out from Slughorn who was informed by Narcissa, who just couldn't wait to get Sirius in trouble after he was sorted into Gryffindor ;)) - but I think she'll be keeping an eye on James and Sirius now!

Thanks for yet another lovely review :)

Haronione ♥

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