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Reading Reviews for Up To No Good
15 Reviews Found

Review #1, by emily Year Six

26th March 2006:
SCHOOL IS NOT JUNK!!!! You learned how to read there- how else could you read Harry Potter?

Author's Response: Uh... ok?! I meant too much math and science; don't get me wrong, I love lit and reading and all that jazz!!!!! ;o) Now a question for YOU-- did you like the story?!?! LOL Thanks for the R/R!! ~Sarah (Hermy528)

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Review #2, by prongsie_potter_rulez Year Six

19th February 2006:
Translation: No more? Need more updates plz? UPDATES!!!!!!!!

Author's Response: Oh. That's a relief. XD Unfortunately, there will only be one chapter after this and I think I will only put up one one-shot instead of three, due to the fact that I'm working on a new chaptered fic with shorter chapters, meaning that it needs faster updates. Chapter three is reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaally long so I'm thinking maybe I'll divide it into two or three chapters. Now that I know people want to read it, I'll try to get it up soon!! XD Thanks for the R/R! ~Sarah (Hermy528)

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Review #3, by prongsie_potter_rulez Year Six

19th February 2006:
Yah na? Yah na? YAH NA????????????????????

Author's Response: Erm..... thanks for the R/R!! XD~ Sarah (Hermy528)

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Review #4, by Paloma Patil Year Six

19th January 2006:
Bring on year seven...can't wait!

Author's Response: Year 7 is about 82.8234843000009% finished.... I wanted to make it one chapter so it's pretty long. ^_^ I'm also going to soon put out a new J/L called "Into The Woods" so stay tuned for additions and updates!! Thanks for the R/R! -Sarah (Hermione528)

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Review #5, by Paloma Patil Year Five

19th January 2006:
Well done, and you're right...the banner is GORGEOUS! Paloma

Author's Response: Why, thank you for the kind review! The Drunk Elves made my banner... they rox!! *waves* Hi Drunkies!

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Review #6, by LongbottomsLady Year Five

2nd January 2006:
Hey Missy AKA Hermione528 AKA Sarah... could you please get the people who made your AMAZING SUPER BEAUTIFUL banner to make me one, too? I know this didn't have anything to do with your story but I need a banner... and free advertising... and a life! "Alvin! Allviiiiin! Oh my god! Scenes from someone else's life are flashing before my eyes!" Lol, inside joke!

Author's Response: Hey Lady aka LongbottomsLady aka Lexi... Drunk Elves made me my banner, as it says in my summary (thanks Dobby and Winky! You guys are the best!). If you look them up on search and email them you can ask them about it. And you like my signature? Yes I GOT THE SOUNDTRACK FOR HANUKKAH!!!! YES!!! LOL... thanks for the... erm... not really an R/R but whatever! -Sarah (Hermione528)

Author's Response: (not about the story so nobody besides lady has to read this) It has the whole monologue thing on the CD plus all the words. I have it on my iPod so ill show u 2moro. ^_^

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Review #7, by Sophia Montgomery Year Five

1st January 2006:
Poor James. . . Sucks that he has to suffer.

Author's Response: Thanks for the R/R, Sophia! I don't really want to say this (because I'm in love with James) but when his head was that huge in his fifth year, he sort of deserved someone to stand up to him and not just do everything he wants. Lily was strong and didn't to everything James wanted because she didn't like him. Of course, once James deflated his head, he was one of the most desirable guys in the books. ^_^ Thanks for the R/R! -Sarah (Hermione528)

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Review #8, by LongbottomsLady Year Five

26th December 2005:
Hey, Missy! As usual, great job! I LOVE it! Do you know who I am? *grins evilly* Hows that for an i-don't-know-you-fic?

Author's Response: LOL thanks Lady! Of course I know who you are you weirdo. If you can't tell, Lady is my main beta and one of my BFFs. Thanks for the R/R Lady!

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Review #9, by Bevin Year Six

22nd December 2005:
good job sarah I liked it :-D

Author's Response: OMG ITS BEVIN! you finally found it! lol... if you cant tell i know her! ^_^ thanks for the R/R bevs! -Sarah (Hermione528)

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Review #10, by Jellyman Year Six

16th December 2005:
I loved it, but it had a fault. Um, you know how you said she had her trunk and stuff in the carriage? Yeah, that, uh, dont they leave their stuff in the train? Just a thought...ANYWAY, great chapter, and update soon! And I also noticed you used my '...Again' thingy, for the sequel :) It's fine, because that means you liked the idea :)

Author's Response: Thanks for the R/R again, Jellyman! Oh yeah... I just realized that I messed that part up. o.O Oops! It's my real first attempt at a fic... or at least, my first GOOD attempt at a fic. I'm trying the hardest I can! Also, I had come up with the ideas for the titles awhile before I read your fics because I've seen the ideas around on other fic sites as well. Great minds just think alike, I guess! ^_^ Thanks for the R/R! -Sarah (Hermione528)

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Review #11, by Jellyman Year Five

16th December 2005:
I love it! Totally awesome... Onto the next chapter!

Author's Response: Thanks for the R/R, Jellyman! Of course, it's really not quite as good as yours (which i read and loved) but I try my hardest to make my story believable! I have school and all that junk so I don't have a ton of time to work on writing but I'll try to have the last chapter out as soon as I can and then on to the one-shots! Thanks for the review! -Sarah (hermione528)

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Review #12, by Padfooted Year Six

11th December 2005:

Author's Response: Thanks for the review, Padfooted! I just put in the second chappie and it was validated... YAY! I'll have in the last chappie of this one as soon as I can and then there will be the three one-shots! Check in to see when I get the last chappie up. Thanks for the R/R! -Sarah (Hermione528)

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Review #13, by Snuffy (A.K.A. SnufflesSnogger) Year Six

11th December 2005:
WHOOTZ!!!!! C'mon, Lily! You call that a sign of affection?!?! SNOG HIM!!!! *huggles my sirius...* *is kate*

Author's Response: Snuffy, Lily doesn't snog him until her seventh year when they start going out! Come on! You call yourself a HP obsessor? LOL! Oh, if you can't tell, Snuffy is one of my main betas and one of my friends from school. She's Sirius's gf (Kate) just because I needed a gf for him. LOL! Thanks for the R/R, Snuffy! -Sarah (Hermione528)

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Review #14, by Drunk Elves Year Six

11th December 2005:
wow. This is an interesting take on the story... years in a chapter! Nice going, by the way. Please update soon. ~Drunkies

Author's Response: Thanks for your review, Drunk Elves! I didn't want to give the story a lot of chappies because I wanted the mini-series to be one-shots but I, of course, didn't want to make it six one-shots so here's Hogwarts years in chapters! I just sent in chapter two so check for updates! Thanks for the R/R! -Sarah (Hermione528)

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Review #15, by reshmi Year Five

9th December 2005:
good begining

Author's Response: Wow! My first review! Thanks, reshmi! I'm glad you think this is a good beginning... there are going to be two more chapters in this fic, one for year six and one for year seven. There will be three one-shots following it. And now this is an extremely long response for a short review so I'll just stop myself now! ^_^ -Sarah (Hermione528)

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