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Reading Reviews for Escape from the Black Abyss
29 Reviews Found

Review #1, by acatnamedmouse A Problem Shared

19th March 2010:
this is great i love what sirius wrote to regulus 'it is not who you are born, but who you become', that was really beautiful i wish i'd thought of it :P but awesome story, update soon!!

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Review #2, by Raven Feathers A Problem Shared

26th March 2007:

Author's Response: I'd better find the next chapter soon then, eh?!

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Review #3, by bbnaz A Problem Shared

15th November 2006:
so now we shall see how this shakes down will we not? Good to see this story continuing (I just need to check back more frequently!)

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Review #4, by bbnaz Lessons Imparted

15th November 2006:
ruddy bastards, the lot of them!

Author's Response: LOL - I'd forgotten how much your reviews make me laugh bbnaz! MM x

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Review #5, by RemusBlack A Problem Shared

7th October 2006:
brilliant chapter - very well-written and thrilling. Keep up the great work and update soon! .OD

Author's Response: Why, thank you! MM

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Review #6, by DUMBELDAVE Lessons Imparted

25th September 2006:
Ahhhh poor Sirius always the punching bag . . .

Excellent chapter i just wish there was more .


Author's Response: Thank you Dave. There is more... I'll edit it this week and put it up tomorrow night hopefully... Thank you for your review. You're a star! MM

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Review #7, by RemusBlack Lessons Imparted

25th September 2006:
wow. impressive chapter - and yet again such a cliffie! Update soon, I wanna know how it continues!!! Please? It`s a great chapter and very well-written and I am starving for more! Update update update. I`ll be forever grateful! 10/10 :OD

Author's Response: Thank you so much! I'm so glad you like it.*blushes* I promise to update asap - how's that?! MM

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Review #8, by bbnaz Adflicto Affligo

20th August 2006:
wow. nasty sort of parents are they not? run sirius run!

Author's Response: Very nasty. But this is the noble and most ancient house of Black. There are centuries of prejudice, discrimination and contempt to live up to. Tours pur. MM x

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Review #9, by bbnaz Hello, Goodbye

20th August 2006:
hello m-square. sorry to have been gone so long but here i am back at last for the latest updates. this was a highly entertaining chapter, the development as you go along keeps getting better and better. i am enjoying it immensely!

Author's Response: Ah bbnaz - you keep me in reviews (and handy hints on what to do on my weekends in London!). Thank you for your kind words. I'm all over the place at the moment, and thus unable to update because I'm not near my computer - but soon, I say, soon! MM x

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Review #10, by DUMBELDAVE Adflicto Affligo

5th June 2006:

That was a great chapter !

I really need more of this !

Brilliant !


Author's Response: Dave! You're alive! Thanks so much for popping by! Glad you liked the chapter - I'm going to write some more this week, so keep your eyes peeled... MM x

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Review #11, by RemusBlack Adflicto Affligo

4th June 2006:
I... ehm... I... THOES DAMN, LOUSY EXCUSES FOR PARENTS!!! And YOU! how could you stop at this point?!! *breaks down into hysterical sobs*

No, it`s not THAT bad, but it`s damn close. I LOVE this chapter and you got everybody so well. I like how you pictures Regulus and what effect these bloody maggots that call themselves parents, have on him. I feel really sorry for him. And of course for Sirius.

Just out of curiosity: what were the curses Sirius and his father used?

You could make up for leaving me at this point, you know? (*laughing diabolically and rubbing hands evilly*) No, don`t worry, it`s not that bad. But there is one way: Update soon! Please!!! does puppy dog eyes*

Author's Response: Ah RemusBlack, how I love your reviews! Thank you for your kind words... I shall play my cards close to my chest as to what the curses are, but needless to say, they're the product of 4 years of studying Latin! I shall update soon, just for you. And then I'd better write some more!!! :-)MM

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Review #12, by RemusBlack Hello, Goodbye

5th May 2006:
First: The “Mother Potter miss a chance to embarrass her only child in public”-part was great! *rolling on the floor laughing*

The good bye`s they said were very well-written. Typical for everyone, I`d say. And I am anxious to know how Sirius holidays are going and if he needs to be as careful as Amber has adviced. Very good work! Keep on going!!! :OD

Author's Response: What can I say, the Potter family enjoy a prank - where else would James get it from?! Glad you think I've managed to represent everyone's characters appropriately in this installment *breathes sigh of relief*. Sirius definitely has to be careful this summer, and Amber may well have to watch his back... Thanks so much for your review, it boosts my confidence to know I have some readers who're enjoying my work - keep on reading! MM

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Review #13, by DUMBELDAVE Hello, Goodbye

1st May 2006:
Hey another great chapter, I do feel sorry for Siruis though..


Author's Response: It's a long way back to Grimmauld Place - and hey, the reception's not that good either! Thanks for your reviews Dave - I really really appreciate them. MM

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Review #14, by DUMBELDAVE What Everyone Says I Am, That's What I'm Not

1st May 2006:
"that he wanted to be just like Malfoy" UGH, great line but ughhhhhhhh

Excellent chapter !


Author's Response: Well quite. Who'd want to be a slimeball like Malfoy? Well, ok, so Regulus. But I'm thinking he'll grow out of it! MM

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Review #15, by DUMBELDAVE Siblings, Secrets & Smiles

1st May 2006:
You can feel Sirius's pain in this chapter !
You got it on paper perfectlly.


Author's Response: Wow, thanks Dave. I'm trying to balance getting out Sirius' pain with not letting him get too angsty... It's a tough line to follow but hopefully it's working some... MM

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Review #16, by DUMBELDAVE Southward Bound

1st May 2006:
MM , this was agreat chapter !

And to thinkthere wasnt any horcrux's at all !


Author's Response: Ah Dave you are a legend unto reviewing...Thank you for reading!

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Review #17, by RemusBlack What Everyone Says I Am, That's What I'm Not

16th April 2006:
Very good! I feel really sorry for Sirius and that he has to go home. Amber`s little prank was great - a very good idea! Snape of all people... Sirius` face was quite a sight, I bet.

I`m looking forward to the next chapter, so keep up the great work and update soon!

Author's Response: Thanks for the review RemusBlack - I'm very grateful. Amber's prank is my favourite. Metamorphmagi have so much fun! There's more on the way within the week... Keep checking in! MM

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Review #18, by bbnaz What Everyone Says I Am, That's What I'm Not

21st March 2006:
good onya MM. enjoyed this chapter the best of all. the rhythm is certainly starting to flow and the words seem to just ease on out of your pen (puter). High Five to you!

Author's Response: It's all about the high fives! I loved writing this chapter, so I'm glad you enjoyed reading it!

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Review #19, by Platypus_24 What Everyone Says I Am, That's What I'm Not

8th March 2006:
v. amusing although I got mildly scared when i thought sirius was pulling snape - lol! good chapter!

Author's Response: LOL - I love that bit - it made me laugh out loud when I wrote it... Poor old Sirius, if you're going to give it out, you need to be able to take it... Turn about and fair play and all that... :-) MM

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Review #20, by bbnaz Siblings, Secrets & Smiles

5th March 2006:
Excellent chapter MM! Sorry it took so long to read and review but trust me when I say that it has been worth it. It is flowing along quite nicely!

Author's Response: Poor Sirius, it seems he is destined never to quite make the right decision... What a tragic figure he cuts... Question is, is Regulus more tragic?! Thank you soooo much for your review - and I apologise for the length of time it's taking me to post new chapters! MM

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Review #21, by Platypus_24 Siblings, Secrets & Smiles

1st February 2006:
great story! i really like the way that you have portrayed the sirius' relationship with his brother.

Author's Response: Why, thank you. I think their dynamic is very interesting. Both the boys Black have a lot of space to develop - I like the idea that they're essentially very similar but (to start with at least) on very different paths. Makes for interesting conjectures... MM

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Review #22, by bbnaz Siblings, Secrets & Smiles

25th January 2006:
Coming along nicely there. Lots of different things going on and everybody involved. The Sirius dynamics are interesting.........good job!

Author's Response: Thank you dearie! Think we've almost reached my most favourite part! MM x

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Review #23, by bbnaz Southward Bound

12th January 2006:
How quickly he forgets Sirius. Such a vulnerable side of Sirius you write and expose the anguish within....I do so like Sirius much more than I have any feelings for James.........but then Sirius gets more print doesn't he? This story is quite fetching...keep it up!

Author's Response: Ah, the Marauders each have things on their minds, for better or worse!... And yes, this is truely Sirius' tale. I've always felt drawn to him more than to James - maybe it's because his path is so open to interpretation whereas James' is more fixed according to the world of the wonderful JKR. Glad you enjoyed... Keep reading! MM

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Review #24, by Hobbits01 Southward Bound

30th December 2005:
Brilliant! I loved the way that the echoing in Siri's mind becomes that of the trolley lady coming around. Simply amazing so far. Drop me a line of some sort when the next chapter is up!

Author's Response: Gee Thanks!... I will do... Have been waiting for this chapter to go up for so long that I'd forgotten about the rest! MM <-- drums fingers impatiently on the desk

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Review #25, by Hobbits01 Reverie

30th December 2005:
Great! I like the idea that Remus can change as well; it adds a dimention to the story that not many other people have. There are a few punctuation errors throughout the whole thing, but nothing major. I think that you should space out each paragraph rather then only each section. It would make the reading easier. Awesome first chapter!

Author's Response: Hello Hobbits01... Many many thanks for your review - I shall go back and see if I can space the paragraphs out for you! I think when I type it's in such big text (all flowery and the like) I forget it won't turn out like that on the site! Any punctuation errors you care to point out, drop me an email - I'm an English Lit graduate with a perfectionist streak! MM ;-)

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