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Review #1, by Silverwolf_96 Remorse

20th March 2007:
Hey great story! u have to explain it!
Hey I'm having some trouble putting together a banner, and I was wondering how you did it? u dont have to, but I would greatly appreciate it...
Update story soon!

Author's Response: well its pretty easy when you get the hang of it.. but you have to practise and experiment with stuff.. firstly stor photos that you find a folder.. and make sure they are big and good quality.. (try mugglenet and
then its pretty much up to you what you do...try and use either photoshop or paintshop pro (the latter is was i used)
I am not really sure what else to explain.. but there are tutorials on the net and on here!

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Review #2, by urshie Remorse

23rd December 2005:
hey dude! I was wondering, do you know who this izzie person is? Read the review I left from 'beetle_shell' and if you please, can you support me!!

Author's Response: okay! i shall!! lol!! ehy darling.. i am not sure who this izzie person is... but i may be able to find out! :D

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Review #3, by haylie_lupin Remorse

22nd December 2005:
Hey there, Iced_Cherriez! We've never really spoken before, though you've reviewed a few of my stories long ago (Harry Potter and the Secretive Sixth Year and Sirius Black: Not Dead, Just Gone - unfortunately deleted) but that's not why I'm here. I know that you and kira_riddle are pretty good friends, and I told Kira that I was going to tell everybody that she updated Harry Potter and the Double Dealer. So I'm starting here, lol. Sorry to bother you like this, but I swore to her that I would when I spoke to her today. Anyway, your story's really good! Keep up the good work! haylie_lupin!!

Author's Response: thanks very much!! i loved your stories, sorry i ddint get to review the rest! i just lost all my time so suddenly.. with school and everything! yeah kira and me a good friends loL! thanx for telling me! i'll check it out!!! mwah! -iced

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Review #4, by Shayla Remorse

22nd December 2005:
Hi Iced_Cherriez!! Amazing detail and description in your stories- I loved this. Maybe Nymph was against the Order? Or under the Imperius Curse? I can't tell.

Author's Response: lol!!! imperous curse! thats a good one.. never thought of that!! maybe!!! otherwise she would be against the order.. hmm.. anyways thanks darling!! -iced

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Review #5, by kira_riddle not logged on because I forgot my friging passwo Remorse

20th December 2005:
oooooooo intresting, well other the the fact that she is a death eater working undercover for the order and she is in love with Remus, could be to get him out of the way. Oh I suck at figuring thigs out so I'll praise you insted. Excellent story, loved the description very well done and beautifull banner. Hope you do continue so you could shed some light on his identity (sp?) if you don't as well. Sorry I haven't reviewed to the other one yet, will do as soon as I read the chapter. ja for now Kira

Author's Response: lol! i hope you remember tyour friging password soon! lol! thankyou for the great review! i am very glad you liked it! and excellent guess! i figured that maybe that was the reason.. or maybe she is working against the order.. who knows! thankyou again! -iced

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Review #6, by xa_lovers_writer Remorse

10th December 2005:
wow. wow wow wow! that's basically all i can say, evelyn! :D xo ann

Author's Response: thanx ann! your so sweet! lol, i thought people would think I was crazy with this story!! LOL.. HAHA oops (capslock!)

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Review #7, by Anastasia Remorse

9th December 2005:
Great banner and story...Why did she kill Michael? A very promising start!

Author's Response: lol, this story is for the reader to guess, i dont know if i will continue it though.. loL! thanx!

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