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Review #1, by happygothgurl The Imperius Flower

23rd October 2004:
too freaky for be4 bedtime is all i have to say. i'm off to read some fluff.

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Review #2, by Tonkster The Imperius Flower

28th May 2004:
OMG! U have to write more chapters for tis ! It's reall y interesting! Like what was in James' letter to Lily?

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Review #3, by sapphire_eyes The Imperius Flower

15th December 2003:
great story, frightening and spooky. Very well-written *thumbs up* i like it -krystina-

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Review #4, by prue The Imperius Flower

24th October 2003:

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Review #5, by prue The Imperius Flower

24th October 2003:
Great story!!!!! Dark,but great!!!!!! Please add more to your Not So Bad For A Slithern!!!!!!!

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Review #6, by Forgotten The Imperius Flower

22nd October 2003:
No, don't take it off. I enjoyed it! Gosh, I am horrible at expressing my thoughts in put it another way, the ficlet of mine The Nightmare Continues is horrible, no-one could love it, but people appriciate it. This is like that, only better. Don't take it off, I was trying to say you had me shook up, not that it was bad. Fanon needs writers who are capable of writing a piece that make you want to leave the lights on, and this does that. I never meant to make you doubt your writing, because I would have finished and sent in my novels if I had your talent.

Author's Response: Aww thankyou. :-). You seriously brought a smile to my face after a really crap day! Thanks so much :-)

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Review #7, by Forgotten The Imperius Flower

21st October 2003:
very well written. The malice and vengeful attitude managed to take away from the idea of Petunia practicing magic at all. I didn't exactly like it, it was to dark to like, but I enjoyed reading it all the same. Kudos to you :)

Author's Response: Thankyou for reading it. Hmm, I did think it was quite dark, maybe I should take it off?

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Review #8, by Mrs.Felton (lol) The Imperius Flower

19th October 2003:
I thikn u have a great story started!! keep up the GREAT work...its kool how u made petunia just the opposite of lily's magic! v. kool! ByE!

Author's Response: Thankyou, thankyou for being my first reviewer. First reviews make me smile, unless they are flaming obviously! Maybe you've set an example for other people to review? Time will tell on that one...

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