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Review #1, by FannyPrice The Underpants Charleston

30th October 2009:
Happy HPFFSAD! Youre often the person to validate all my chapters and stories, and to show you how much I appreciate the work you doI thought Id leave you a review! I really loved this one-shot; I think you did an excellent job writing Remus, especially as he is such a complex character. I agree that Radiohead fits his character, and whats funny is that I was listening to that song right before I found this story, so it must have been calling to me. Superbly written, touching; I thought it was fantastic. So, thanks again!!

Author's Response: ...I don't often check my account and I feel a bit silly when I have so many unanswered reviews, but I am so stoked you reviewed this one, since I love the way you write Remus. He's a beautifully complex character and Remus/Tonks is possibly my very favourite ship. So, thank you again!

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Review #2, by SaharaSuns The Underpants Charleston

5th September 2007:
I can honestly say I have really adored every story you have written.

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Review #3, by mila1995 The Underpants Charleston

21st August 2007:
idk. not really my kind of story. it was written nicely though. idk. i really wish u would continue NOT FADE AWAY it's great. PLEASE!! write some more of it!!

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Review #4, by Ginger_Lily The Underpants Charleston

4th August 2007:

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Review #5, by Galatea The Underpants Charleston

26th July 2007:
You know, it seems silly, but I never really did think about that part of Remus's character. He truely has lost everyone dear to him by the end of book 6, except Tonks and Harry. Well, I don't want to DH spoil, but... how to put this so it won't spoil, but you'll get what I mean... I'm glad that he found family by the end. You really got into his head here, it's a lovely piece of writing about a tortured soul...

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Review #6, by Bright Green Eyes The Underpants Charleston

3rd July 2007:
I really like your story! happy endings all around! :D

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Review #7, by (: The Underpants Charleston

12th May 2007:


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Review #8, by tiffers The Underpants Charleston

2nd February 2007:
Wow, WOW, I really can't seem to think right now, I am just so incredibly stunned by this beautiful piece! *takes a moment to let the story sink in before she attempts to continue. I am just so amazed and impressed that I don't know quite what to say, besides WOW! You have such a lovely way of spinning a tale, slowly pulling the reader into the story until they are so immersed in what you are writing that nothing else seems to matter around them. Everything was so eloquent and incredibly touching and I really felt myself yearning to help Remus, hoping that in some way I could take away his pain. Emotions are such an incredibly powerful tool in writing and you have an amazing grasp on writing them. Your emotions seem realistic and your characters are truly phenomenal.

The descriptions that started this story were so amazing that I truly and honestly felt like I was reading something from a best-selling novel, that is how much talent I think you have. Slowly you weave this tale, where you incorporate these fantastic memories and slowly you unearthed every aspect of the Remus that so many readers have come to know and love. The way that you described the house literally broke my heart, you managed to write these incredibly sad images in a way that made me want to cry, and yet shout from the rooftops about the amazing amount of skill that you have.

I love this Remus/Tonks, because in my mind it wasn't the focus, rather a beautiful addition to a story that could have stood on it's own without it. Your Tonks is amazing and I felt tears in my eyes as she thought about James. You described everyone's pain so spot-on that I really felt this story. I think you did a wonderful job of taking a very sad subject and turning it around there at the end, filling us with hope.

After reading your other story I decided that I of course needed to read more of your work, if anything was like that first one then I was in for quite a treat. What a treat I got, this story was so amazing, and also heading to my favorite's list because it really spoke to me. I am beyond impressed at this point, it was phenomenal, plain and simple!

Author's Response: Welcome back Tiffers! Thanks again, so very, very much for reviewing. I'm absolutely so tickled you would, especially since I have quite a few friends who just adore you and your reviews. I have heard much about you...young padawan?

It really is lovely to get such an amazing review. I'm glad that Remus came off like I intended him...he's such a tragic character and nothing says 'sad' like 'I'm just off to visit my friends...why yes, they are dead'. I love Remus, he's onderfully complicated and I always feel like when I write him I'm still at arm's length...where he keeps everyone.

I'm laughing a little at the Remus/Tonks comment because no matter how much I love the ship or how often I attempt to write it, I can't seemt o write those dime novel mad passionate love affairs, everything about Remus is quiet and comfortable and I figured his relationship with Tonks would be the same, nothing showy...just a warm addition to his life that makes him feel a little better, a little more alive.

Thank you again, Tiffers, your reviews are amazing and they warm the cockles of my heart.

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Review #9, by Alloy The Underpants Charleston

4th December 2006:
I'm so glad to see a great Remus fic out there. hopefully you'll write more of them someday! wonderful writing!

Author's Response: Thank you so much! Remus is a tough cookie to crack, but I hope to write him again sometime. He's kind of fun to fill out.

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Review #10, by Jessi_Rose The Underpants Charleston

26th October 2006:
Hehe, I have to say this before I start reading - I was just starting to plan a fic with that Radiohead song in it. :P Now I'm using High and Dry instead. Okay, onto the review: I loved this story! I rarely see a Remus/Tonks that I like, let alone immerse myself in. I was literally on my seat with my hand clenched around my jaw reading so deeply, I didn't realize the story ended. I love the way you wrote Remus; it's another rare thing to see a well-rounded Remus - mature and bittersweet. I loved this story a lot! It's a great read! And, again, love the song - it did really well in this fic! 10/10!

Author's Response: Radiohead is an excellent source of inspiration and awesomeness. I have a list of songs on itunes that I listen to repeatitively when I want to get in the mood for writing and I swear I must have listened to Fade Out about 6000 times before and during writing this, good luck with yours (you've probably already finished it seeing as I am so slack with responding to my reviews, but er...good luck at any rate :))

I love Remus/Tonks, my favourite ship and so complicated and adult that I thought I'd never attempt one, so this one actually did start out at just a Remus fic, but I needed something to bring him into the now and Tonks was there, all warm and lovely and stumbling and so it became a 'ship fic. Thank you for reviewing Jessi! I really, really value your opinions.

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Review #11, by RupertsPheonix The Underpants Charleston

4th September 2006:
Amazing. Quite touching in most parts. I really loved Tonks' first thought when Remus said he was there to say goodbye. That was very realistic. Overall, it was a very real, very emotional one-shot. Loved it! =) --RP

Author's Response: Thank you for your review, I am very fond of this one-shot myself, Remus and Tonks are my favourite couple in the series afterall.

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Review #12, by blackswan The Underpants Charleston

21st July 2006:
This was really good. Radiohead is perfect for Remus, I'm listening to it right now.

Author's Response: Thank you for your review! Radiohead is perfect for just about anything.

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Review #13, by pensu_2707 The Underpants Charleston

16th April 2006:
It's a really nice story filled to the brim with emotion. I have also read your other story, 'Never Fade Away' and both story are very well written. Oh... and by the way, enjoy university, I've just started Year 7 (I live in Sydney)

Author's Response: Thank you for your review!

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Review #14, by pathetic_pettigrew The Underpants Charleston

2nd February 2006:
Lovely, incredibly moving story. I can't get the image of the murder scene Tonks would have had to study out of my head...What really touched me was the way she notes how Lily and James 'were kids, really, younger than she was now' - alough I don't know why that line resonated so much with me.

Author's Response: Thank you for your review. I actually focused on that aspect quite a bit too...I've no idea why, but it tickles me to think of how other people perceive James and Lily as historical figures versus the actual people that they were. I am strange, I suppose. But, yes, again, thank you!

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Review #15, by 1BlockedFool The Underpants Charleston

23rd January 2006:
Wow. That is such an incredibly moving story! Heartwrenching, really very nearly brought a tear to my eye, and thats no easy feat! Kudos! Never stop writing!

Author's Response: Thanks Blocked! I'm really glad you enjoyed this one, the idea remained on my computer, untouched, until Lucid gave me a theme to work with and lo and behold, my first R/T was born, after many months of procrastination.

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Review #16, by padfoot and prongs foreva The Underpants Charleston

21st January 2006:
wow....ur amazing!!!!!!! i m soooooooooooo close to tears!!!! wow!!!!! lyl lyl espcially the part of her calling them kids...they were younger than she me soooooooooo sad!!! lyl lyl

Author's Response: They were kids when they died, and James had a family, all the responsibilities of a father and husband, plus he was fighting a war, his friends dying around him...makes you think. Thanks for your review.

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Review #17, by Rebekka The Underpants Charleston

15th January 2006:
I'm so glad I'm finally here. This is the first story I've read from you. :) And aren't I lucky to read such a wonderful piece of literature. I knew you were good writer, but I never knew how good. All the while I was reading this, I felt sadness in my heart, but it was constantly lifted by the hopefulness of your words. It was perfectly done. Sad song with a "happy" moment. Works beautifully in your hands.

My very favorite line was: "Smudges on their noses and frogs in their pocket, they had set out to conquer the world." That is just so unbearably cute and such a youthful way of seeing things. You have a unique voice... I love that about writers. You use words differently and give your own meaning to moments passing us by.

You changed tenses a few times from present to past, but it wasn't too harmful. Here is one: "He glanced down at the graves one last time and let go, moving quickly up towards Tonks." And also I think in this sentence you meant it to be 'vanquished': "he vanished some litter from the area and stood silently in front of the headstones." I'm not sure though. :)

I absolutely adored this story and it's going into my favorites. I love the way you write and how the undertone of your story is future/love/happiness even though it's so sad that I had tears in my eyes the whole time I read it. Amazing job, Lauren.

Author's Response: Thank you Rebekka, I am so glad that enoyed this, especially since I respect your writing.

I thnk that line is one my favourite things I've ever written, it's just so simple and since I'm kind of obsessed with the idea of innocence lost, it kind of portrays that (I hope)

I have a horrible time with tenses, I've no idea why I find them so difficult to correct, thanks for pointing it out, I'll eventually get round to editing all of this ;) And it was supposed to be vanished, I saw the word used in OotP for a similar sort of spell, so I used it too.

Thanks you again for taking the time to review, I am so glad you enjoyed it.

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Review #18, by Houlestar The Underpants Charleston

10th January 2006:
I really liked the description you used in this story. And the name Cyril. I really like that name.

Author's Response: Cyril is a very fitting name for James, if I had a name like Cryril, I reckon I'd be showing off and hiding that fact with bravado too. Thanks for your review.

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Review #19, by Paloma Patil The Underpants Charleston

8th January 2006:
This is just lovely. Loved this line: "She smiles deviously and presses an ice-cold hand to his face and trace amount of feeling he has left is not amused." That made me smile. I also think that the song is terribly appropriate for the scene. (One question - were the tense changes intentional? You use the present tense well in the beginning and at the end, but then there are several sentence written in the past tense in the middle..."He bent down, his body not quite as compliant as it used to be" for example. I understand if it was a stylistic choice, but it threw me off a little.) Otherwise, brillliant. Paloma

Author's Response: Er...I have no idea if that was intentional, I can't remember back to last Tuesday. I think if I wanted to make a good excuse I could just say that it was like Remus was being brought into the present...but that would be a complete lie as I have no idea. I'll read it over and fix it up, thanks for pointing it out, and thanks for your review!

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Review #20, by icy_cool_hermione The Underpants Charleston

26th December 2005:
Wow. Oh my. Now why haven't I read more of your stuff? I must be insane...and no, not because I like writing about Remus...Anyhow, this story was wonderful in every single way. I mean, I've never been a fan of Remus/Tonks (I know it's canon, but...), though I loved this. It's actually the first Remus/Tonks I've read...and I'm glad for that; perhaps now I'll be obliged to read more of them. Your talent for description is amazing...the beginning was so dark, and the memories really almost made me cry. Then, Tonks appeared...and I could feel the mood lightening up...and the ending was indeed uplifting! For your first time writing Remus, it makes this piece even more excellent than it is. Hopefully you'll begin to like writing him=) His characterisation here is perfect, as is Tonks'. To round this review up, perfect song choice too....and an outstanding job, Lauren. I don't have enough words to describe how much I love this. I think I better start reading more of your fics if they're this good (and I'm sure they are!).

Author's Response: Aw, thanks icy, I'm so glad you enjoyed it even though you're not really in to R/T fics. I want to be able to write Remus more often, because as complex as he is, he's one half of my favourite ship! I like his attitudem his manner and his backstory, he's possibly the best source for angst in the HP series and one of the most interesting aspects of writing Trio-era. Anyway, thank you again.

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Review #21, by Kimberly The Underpants Charleston

25th December 2005:

Author's Response: Thank you for your review

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Review #22, by andharrywokeup The Underpants Charleston

23rd December 2005:
:) I said I would read yours, and I'm so glad the guys recommended you! This was beautiful! *Runs of to read more of yours!*

Author's Response: Thanks andharrywokeup! I'm really glad you enjoyed it. Merry Christmas.

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Review #23, by maurameister The Underpants Charleston

21st December 2005:
wow. this was really deep I don't know... the part about Lily and James just being kids and Remus being 'the only one left of a dead generation' I don't get how people come up with things this deep sometimes... good job

Author's Response: Wow, thank you, I'm really flattered about your review.

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Review #24, by invisible_spirit The Underpants Charleston

21st December 2005:
awww =[ bittersweet loved it =] i love tonks/remus

Author's Response: Thank you! I love Tonks and Remus too, I can't wait to see what JKR does with them.

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Review #25, by WickedWitch25 The Underpants Charleston

15th December 2005:
Wow, this was your first Remus fic? It was really good, although maybe you're just a really good author. :-) I loved this. It's my first real T/R fic I've read.

This line is great, “I used to think that I could have sacrificed myself for just one of them, maybe, then Harry wouldn’t have had to have grown up alone…I wouldn’t have been alone.” So sad and wonderful. Nice job! (BTW, I'm not insane... not totally... ;-) )

Author's Response: Wow, thank you. It's a nice thought to think I wrote the first R/T that someone ever read and I'm glad you enjoyed it.

Oh you are all quite insane, writing Remus regularly would be like beating your head against a brick wall, he's so bloody tough!

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