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Reading Reviews for Story of the Year
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Review #1, by AriesGirl40 Epilogue

21st January 2009:
Great story, Kept me trapped to my desk all day.

Between the beginning and the end I could see the improvement in your writeing. If you can keep it up for your next story, it is sure to be a hit.

For your next story, you seem to be heading off to school. I can give only one recomendation. Try to keep the Americanisms to the Americans. I had a hard time chokeing on Ginny saying "My, Bad." I know that's going to be tough, I'm in the U.S. too. It's just not Harry Potter, and I can imagine Rowlings eye's popping out.

Overall I loved the whole story, it was done with taste. and I look forward to reading part two in the near future I hope.

I give your story an overall 10/10

Author's Response: I could have sworn that I already responded to you, but apparently I didn't. lol Oh, well, I will again! lol Thank you for the review. I am working on the next installment in the series: Draco & Hermione called "A Fire Inside". I'm either going to post that one, or post my other non-related story, "Better Off Alone", another D/H.

But about Ginny saying "My bad." I looked over my story and I couldn't find where it said she said "my bad." But Chase (or was it Tyler?) said "My bad." It was only found once in the story.

I'm also working on making sure the characters stay with their nationality. I have a whole group of teenager Americans coming in AFI with the new professor, so it's going to be difficult. But, hopefully you will enjoy it anyway.

Thanks again for the review.


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Review #2, by FyreHazzard Chapter 7~Dreadful Dreams

8th February 2006:
Dun dun dunnnnn!!! lol, great chapter Lydia! I hope I won't have to wait too long to see the next one!

Author's Response: Amber! WOO-HOO!!! Thanks for the review! I'll try to have the next chapter posted in the next few days. Love, Lydia

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Review #3, by FyreHazzard Chapter 6~Ron's Friend

13th January 2006:
what? Mr.Barnes-and-Nobles? This makes me mad, i'm being left out of the love-loop! Great chp, Lydia!

Author's Response: It is a VERY inside joke b/t David and I, but if he tell's you, you will laugh. I know I did

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Review #4, by FyreHazzard Chapter 5~Plan of Action

13th January 2006:
good chapter, Lydia! I love the way Draco had to drag Harry back to the house to ask Ginny.

Author's Response: Amber! Wasn't that great? I thought it was funny myself.

Author's Response: Amber! Wasn't that great? I thought it was funny myself.

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Review #5, by FyreHazzard Chapter 4~See You In My Dreams

17th December 2005:
lol, Lydia, I started laughing when they walked into Harry's last dream. Poor Harry; if I had a dream where R. was dressed like that and he found out... I'd die. >< luckily I don't have those. you need ot e-mail me your phone number so we can keep in touch, and then you need to UPDATE SOON, please and thank you.

Author's Response: Hey Amber! I'm glad you enjoyed this chapter. You will enjoy chapter 5 too. I talked to David last night and he read only half of chapter 1 before he called me to talk about Harry's body and to let me know he will finish the rest of the cha[ter later. He COMPLAINED about the length! OMG!!!! Anywho, I'll email my number later. Love ya gurlie!

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Review #6, by FyreHazzard Chapter 3~The Welcome Dinner

17th December 2005:
yes! Chp 4, here I comes!

Author's Response: Chap. 5 is up!

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Review #7, by darthvengeful Chapter 4~See You In My Dreams

17th December 2005:
Great story so far

Author's Response: Thanks very much for the review.

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Review #8, by darthvengeful Chapter 3~The Welcome Dinner

17th December 2005:
Excellent again. I had forgotten just how good this is!!

Author's Response: Thanks again for the reveiw.

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Review #9, by FyreHazzard Chapter 2~Helping Ferrets

10th December 2005:
Whee! Closer and closer to chp 4 by the second! And congrats on legality, Lydia!

Author's Response: Amber, you have no idea how happy I am that I' m FINALLY legal! It's awesome! I'm trying to get the internet back up at my house but I might end up posting chapter 3 and 4 in here (class), but eiher way those chapters will be up soon. l8r

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Review #10, by darthvengeful Chapter 2~Helping Ferrets

9th December 2005:
Well I can't remember what I wrote in my last review when this was originally posted but I would guess I would have said it was another great chapter, very enjoyable and brilliantly written.

Author's Response: Thanks again for the review. I'm trying to get al lmy old chapters posted so I can finally post chapter 4.

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Review #11, by FyreHazzard Chapter 1~ Talks of Fate

8th December 2005:
Lydia... I hope all of this gets posted soon so I can finally read chapter four. And you were right about the sub. ;)

Author's Response: I will post chapter three tonight and chapter four tomorrow. Dude the sub was GORGEOUS! But he's no Viktor Krum! Plus his girlfriend drives a Hummer. *gags*

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Review #12, by darthvengeful Chapter 1~ Talks of Fate

8th December 2005:
Well here I am again and this is still a great chapter. I couldn't really see any changes but I did notice that you still have Ginny's eyes as blue..there meant to be brown... Very well written and i really liked the direction of this chapter

Author's Response: Hey, sorry I had to re-post. My cousin accidently hit the wrong button and deleted it when she was supoosed to be reading it. Thanks again for the review.

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