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Review #1, by Narsisa_Malfoy The Third Sister

13th July 2007:
i love this story!! u should keep it up! its amazing! anyway the relationship between them is Andromeda is Narcissas and Bellatrixs sister.
keep up the good work and btw i loved the story smuggle the muggle that was awesome!!!

Author's Response: thank you!!! i'm gonna continue this story when i get the time.

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Review #2, by thedarklordslover The Third Sister

16th April 2007:
not to quote songs or anything, but
i like it i love it i want more of it

Author's Response: blah blah blah blahblahblah blah!! i cant remember the rest of the words lol. thanks

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Review #3, by Narcissa48 The Third Sister

11th March 2007:
yeah Andromeda is her sister
R u gonna continue (plz do! its v.v.v.v.v.good!)PLZ ANSWER!

Author's Response: i'd love to continue. I hope to continue all mine sometime soon. Thanx much for the comment!

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Review #4, by Narcissa48 The Third Sister

25th February 2007:
yipe my name is in the story lol
plz carry on and tell me if u r gonna cos i love this stort but 2 chappies r no enough 4 me ! =D

Author's Response: ill try i swear!! thanx much

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Review #5, by Narcissa48 The Meeting

25th February 2007:
Ive read a quite a few of your stroies now and this 1 is just as good as the rest! keep up the good work

Author's Response: thanks very much!!

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Review #6, by sheila1990 The Third Sister

17th February 2006:
its good keep going

Author's Response: Thanx, i will!

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Review #7, by bellas blanky The Third Sister

6th January 2006:
i would have to agree that it is a little rushed, there are some great things in here if only they were explored a little more. and as to Andromeda's relationship you seem to have hit on it quite well.

Author's Response: Thanx. Maybe I'll add more detail to later chapters

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Review #8, by glPiItTtAer The Third Sister

6th January 2006:
I thought was an interesting take. A little rushed. But interesting. I've always thought of Bella as evil, Andromeda as good, and Narcissa as in between and torn. I think that is what you are trying to portray?

Author's Response: Pretty much. That's what i think too. Thanx

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Review #9, by CarlaBlomst The Meeting

9th December 2005:
Ooh, intriguing. I like it=)

Author's Response: Thanx!

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Review #10, by My Karma Ran Over My Dogma The Meeting

8th December 2005:
omg, love it love it love it!!!! please continue i can just imagine how their special bedroom looks...... amd you can imagine it too! on the sugarquill there's an artist named AgiVega, and she has a pic called "The Black Sisters 2" which is the THREE of them in slytherin. i don't kno if you picture andromeda as a gryff or something though.....

Author's Response: lol, thanx! I've never been on the sugerquill, but i've heard of it. I dunno bout andromeda, she could be a Gryff or a Slyth.

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