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Review #1, by Elliot 16th: Strangers

22nd August 2011:

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Review #2, by Wandering_Alone 16th: Strangers

28th August 2007:
Please continue this story. I really like it!!

Author's Response: no, sorry, that's not very likely to happen. it just kinda died in my hands. :P i would love to continue it but i don't have any idea where to go with it. i'm sorry. :)

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Review #3, by HarryDraco4ever 16th: Strangers

29th May 2007:
Can't wait for the next chapter.

Author's Response: i'm sorry to say that you might have to wait a whil to a LONG while for that. i've been on a mega writers block for months now... but i'm not giving up hope yet!

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Review #4, by wandgirl 16th: Strangers

14th March 2006:
its so good! you Abslutely have to update soon! i am just loving this story- what is wrong with ron? and how does the glass fit in with it? i can't wait to find out!

Author's Response: you reviewed! i love you! you actually read the whole 16 chapters? i am impressed! actually i must say i am momentarily focussing on another story of mine i really want to finish... it's called Shades Of Grey ^^ but i am glad you like it so much and will try to update as soon as possible!!!

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Review #5, by Brooke Valentine 16th: Strangers

6th February 2006:
Brooke: Well that was quite marvolous if I do so myself wouldn't you say so too Mr. Barbados?

Mr. Barbados:Mmm, yes quite right you are miss Brooke, quite right. I found it to be...how can I put this, sensual to the imagination and very stimulating to the mind. Makes one think and wonder.

Brooke:Yes I definitely agree just as my friend so eloquently put it we do so hope for you to update. Extremely marvelous, oh yes you must simply continue.

Mr. Barbados: Oh yes becuase well it would be quite ghastly if you didn't. *laughs snobbishly* Oh well than ta-ta!

Author's Response: well, i am glad you enjoy my story so much, but maybe you could turn down the spam-ish reviews a little? i am really thankful for you reviewing my story and i wouldn't want to be forced to have one of your reviews deleted because you were too far off topic, okay? i really appreciate your enthusiasm though! go you!

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Review #6, by flutterby 16th: Strangers

22nd January 2006:
short chapter, but i think it was needed, even if it doesn't really advance the main plot. but it was needed to have ron see how things are changing in his life. wonderful chapter!

Author's Response: yes, sometimes i think nothing-chapters are really necessary. i'm glad i was able to make you happy and hopefully we'll see each other in the chat sometime? i haven't been there for pretty long... i hate school.. but hey! thanks for the review! ^^

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Review #7, by flutterby 15th: Breathing -Revisited

22nd January 2006:
wow, what a great chapter!!! *sigh* i haven't had much time to read anything lately expect for today i looked and there's not one chapter of this to read, but two! anyways, another awesome chapter. poor ron. *huggles ron* anywho, i must read the next chapter, great job!

Author's Response: yes, yes, yes, TWO! i spell it: T-W-O! ^^ lool i am so happy that there are people that are still reading and reviewing after 16 chapters of DA and still think it's a good story! i love you flutter!

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Review #8, by jynx67 16th: Strangers

22nd January 2006:
Short chapter, yes, but it is well written. I like your descriptions of everyone. Ron, in just this short time, has realized that everything around him is changing. Perhaps he'll realize the same about himself soon. :) A few small grammar errors, but you've improved so much, Lisa. Wonderful chapter.

Author's Response: thank you and one day i'll day because of typos and english grammar, i'm telling you... i just had this inspiration about what molly is doing when nobody's home, in school or at work and how lonely she must feel... i'm glad you're still reading this story and that you still like it!

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Review #9, by jynx67 15th: Breathing -Revisited

12th January 2006:
Oooh, Lisa! This is a great chapter and so mysterious! I am wondering about Ron's dreams. And you killed Percy! Oh, and Hermione is still flirting with Ron. I wonder if Seamus is the jealous type. ;) I do want to say that your writing has improved immensely. There are a couple of minute errors, but nothing to seriously worry about. Nice job!

Author's Response: wait... she is? hmm... i seem to be a subcounscious Hg/R shipper because i never noticed. ^^ i am so very glad about your comments and this one really made me grin! yes, percy's dead, it's all part of my big plan.. you'll find out about it soon!! if you haven't figured it out by now... ^^ yes, i wonder what it was about as well... i am still struggling with the fine things of my plot, like why and how exactly and so on... ^^ i'm happy you still enjoy this story!!

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Review #10, by Orange Feather 15th: Breathing -Revisited

10th January 2006:
Great story, my throats getting clogged though...so I can't say much..keep writing, its good...*blinks*

Author's Response: that makes two readers with a clogge dup throat... *points at brooke* seems to be the common reaction to this chapter. i was really proud of it because i felt i brought over the angst quite well and i'm glad you enjoyed it and left a review!!

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Review #11, by Brooke Valentine 15th: Breathing -Revisited

10th January 2006:
Brooke:*Jaw drops* Amazing....I never knew that...I mean I was...I read the part with...and I just...you made...I'd say more but....Pablo...take it away...

Pablo: Okay she say she like the story and everything, but she cant like answer since she got the throat clogged, but listen, I try to tell her this is bad to not get the throat clogged, you know, but she get to happy, she dont take time to breath the air, but yea she got her throat swollen...and stuff it not pretty, she get too excited and then you know all that happen so I got to say the stuff for her since she all excited and stuff...well adios, I got to take her to the hospital now to get her medicine...thanks for letting us read this amazing story! *wheels her in the wheel chair* Okay let's go excited girl...

Author's Response: em, yes.... i'm glad brooke enjoyed it and i hope she'll be better soon... *blinks*

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Review #12, by firefawn 14th: Old Times and New Times...

31st December 2005:
Your authors notes at the end of each chapter never fail to amuse me. :) Lol I love the 'I think' he had a fight with Hermione line. What do you mean you think!? Your the author! LOL But seriously this is great, and I love how you are showing gradually that something is wrong with Ron, be it whatever it is. :)

Author's Response: lol, thanks a lot... by now i have kinda lost ideas for author's notes and i think i might only continue them for this story in the way i have made them so far. i'm glad you enjoy this story and.. wel... what happened between H and hr is a little foggy anyways... ^^ thanks for the review! it means a lot!

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Review #13, by Cyde 14th: Old Times and New Times...

24th December 2005:
Yay i can't wait to here more on ron and harry's midnight adventure XD lol that sounded weird. oOoO merry early christmas !!!!!!!!!!!

Author's Response: hmm... well, ron has a thing for guys after all... ^^ but, no, he's in love with seamus so nothing happening in that direction! merry xmas to you too and thanks for reviewing!

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Review #14, by dark kia 14th: Old Times and New Times...

23rd December 2005:
good please wright more

Author's Response: lol, glad you liked it! more is on the way!!

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Review #15, by jynx67 14th: Old Times and New Times...

22nd December 2005:
Oh, poor Ronniekins. He's so sick. :( Aw, but at least Seamus got him to smile. It made him feel a little better. I love how reckless Harry is being. This is great. You've written another fantastic chapter. Excellent job, Lisa!

Author's Response: jynxie you make me feel so fidgety and happy inside! ^^ i have to reread what i've written so far because i haven't continued for some time... ^^ i'm glad you liked it that much though! i really appreciate your reviews!! <3<3<3 ^^

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Review #16, by Brooke Valentine 14th: Old Times and New Times...

22nd December 2005:
Oh good soon I say! Update chapter! Update soon!

Author's Response: er... i take it you liked it, yes? ^^ lol, i'm glad you did and apparently i made you speechless...

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Review #17, by flutterby 13th: Confusion

14th December 2005:
oooo, a mystery! i can't wait to find out...well...everything. you've got a great story so far, i'm really liking it. yay! i can hardly for the next chapter!!!

Author's Response: muaahaahaaa *evil laugh* ahem... it will take a while for the mystery to be solved, as you can imagine, so... i'm glad you like it! yay! i like the DA stories of mine because people like them. ^^ am i making sense? anyways, thanks a lot for reviewing!

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Review #18, by Brooke Valentine 13th: Confusion

13th December 2005:
Awe poor Seamus, oh well keep it up!

Author's Response: you think he's poor now? he'll be much poorer in later chapters! ^^ updates on the way! ^^

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Review #19, by Brooke Valentine 12th: Prologue

13th December 2005:
Oh like the first chappie so far...onto the next!

Author's Response: i'm glad you do, and thanks for the review!

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Review #20, by cking 13th: Confusion

13th December 2005:
i was reading the review, and i read jynx's, and i totally agree. this is an awesome story =D i cant wait till you update

Author's Response: updates are on the roll as we speak. i'm glad you enjoy this story and i hope i'll be able to keep the story interesting!

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Review #21, by jynx67 13th: Confusion

12th December 2005:
Hm, you've built quite the mystery here, Lisa. I'm very curious as to what is going on with Ron. I'm sure it has something to do with the cut he recieved previously. And what's with him not wanting Seamus to touch him? For a while there, that's all he wanted. I love your Harry. You portray him so well. I noticed a few little errors, nothing major and most are words that spellcheck wouldn't get. You've just used the wrong spelling. I cannot wait for the next chapter!

Author's Response: yaya, that's a part of the mystery, jynxie. ^^ i think the cut-sickness-relation is quite obvious, the actual secret is what and when and who ^^ i haven't really spent much time thinking about harry, i don't like writing him, but in chapter 6 or so i'll try a first: i'll do a harry POV chapter! i hope you'll like it! ^^ and the spelling that's my... ya, my hobby you could say and my spellcheck isn't working for english texts, sadly... but i'll check it! i'm glad you still enjoy this story!

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Review #22, by jynx67 12th: Prologue

5th December 2005:
Short, but a relatively good chapter, Lisa. I like this being more from Seamus' point of view. Now we get to see his side of the relationship. A couple of spelling and grammar errors, but nothing major. You are getting to be a natural writer!

Author's Response: this one is even better than the other one.... i'm afraid we won't stay with seamus POV for the next fove chapters or so... i#vE been thinking, as the story is called DA i could switch POV, you know, from harry to hermione, other members to keep it from onyl being ron and seamus! thanks for reading and reviewing!!!!! ^^

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Review #23, by cking 12th: Prologue

4th December 2005:
*screams* hahah =D ive been waitng awhile for this story! i cant wait till it gets finished

Author's Response: lol, i'm glad you're happy! it will take a little longer to be finished than DA1.... but why do you want to wait till it comes to that? read it chapter by chapter! ^^ thanks a lot for reviewing!!

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Review #24, by flutterby 12th: Prologue

4th December 2005:
HURRAH!!! yay for sequels!!!! weeeeeee. great first chapter, though there were a couple of typos...nothing major though. i loved it. YAY!

Author's Response: muaahaaahaaa TYPOS! muaahaahaaa *falls over* great, i know they're in there, i am the TYPO QUEEN, i tell you! ^^ i'm glad you lied it and reviewd me!! yay indeed!!!

Author's Response: speaking of typos: ^^ lied should be liKed and reviewd should be reviewEd... thank you very much ^^

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Review #25, by katieweasley 12th: Prologue

4th December 2005:
YAYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!! i love ur story!!!!!!!!

Author's Response: YAYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! she loves my story!!!!!!!! ^^ thanks a lot for telling me! yay for you as well!

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