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Review #1, by Draconia_Snowmantle_Snape Twelve

29th April 2009:
this a good story so far I hope you update it soon as I can't wait to find out what happens

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Review #2, by casey granger Twelve

2nd August 2007:
one of the best hp fan fictions yet that i have read.
and since there are only to on startgate, I can say it is the very best in its own catagory!

I only have one question because of the referance to both Jake as General of the stargate program and Mitchell, what season is this from or is a compilation of multiple seasons?

PS. Where is Vala Mal Duran in all of this, that would have made another interesting wist to the story.

waiting for more and loved every minute of reading all the chapters!!!

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Review #3, by mrsmolly Twelve

16th May 2007:
i love stargate sg-1!
will you please update pretty please!

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Review #4, by mrsmolly Chapter 8-10

4th April 2007:
please update soon!

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Review #5, by SilverTongue Twelve

4th February 2007:
I love you 'Two Worlds' story. Simple wonderful. I can not wait for you to write for. I do hope you write soon. I love all your stories and can not wait for more.

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Review #6, by mrsmolly Chapter 5-7

26th January 2007:
please update

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Review #7, by Kali_Byrne Chapter 1-4

2nd December 2006:
This story is cool!!!
I love Stargate so much!!
Do you live in America, cos i would love to know what series Stargate is up to over there?

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Review #8, by mrsmolly Twelve

25th November 2006:
i love hp and sg-1

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Review #9, by gaul2 Twelve

6th September 2006:
really great chapter, wonders if another one will come out, byes

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Review #10, by Jade Twelve

2nd September 2006:
Update soon! I'm enjoying this.

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Review #11, by Dovasary Potter Twelve

2nd August 2006:
Oh, my God! Thor is drunk... that's a scary thought. Snape is a bit less... evil than usual. Anyway, great story and update soon!

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Review #12, by Bee Twelve

19th July 2006:
YIPPIE! Write more please. I really like this story. At first, I didn't think I would, but its one of my favorites. MORE, MORE, MORE! PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE

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Review #13, by Charligirl Twelve

3rd May 2006:
ok, i will start off witht the simple wow thios story is like totally original, and i can see that actually becoming a episode of SG1. i beg you to write the next chapter. omg wow. please keep writing.

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Review #14, by Heather Twelve

24th April 2006:
I love this story line and I havn't seen very many SG-1 and Harry Potter crossovers. My two favorite addictions in one place...I have only one word...AWESOME! Can't wait for the next update!

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Review #15, by Raggedyelf Twelve

20th April 2006:
Hoooohhh boy this story is intense! I like it. Keep it up! I'm adding it to my list of favorites. When are you going to update it?

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Review #16, by freakshow Twelve

28th February 2006:
Great story! my two obbsessions combined! i think i might die!

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Review #17, by naf Twelve

30th January 2006:
very insteresting story, great job

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Review #18, by Miss Tina Lynn Chapter 1-4

25th January 2006:
I love the whole concept of mixing the two story lines together. I really like how this story is developing and I am very interested to find out who the men are in the red robes are. Keep the wonderful parts coming!

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Review #19, by Tigerseye_and_Padfoot Twelve

23rd January 2006:
Come on! Very good! Cant wait till the next chapter to post!

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Review #20, by Potter's Army Twelve

16th January 2006:
Yeah, It is going to get very interesting!!! So, Please update it soon (^^) Thank you very much for this Great chapter!! but if you ask me, it is a little bit short...

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Review #21, by Ash Pendragon Twelve

15th January 2006:
thanks for fixing the other chaps much apreceated :D great chapter

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Review #22, by Anne Chapter 11

8th January 2006:
I love it !! :) It is kinda sorta confuzzling but I'll get that... Homer joke was hilarious. I had a nice laugh. I <3 your stories and hope you dont stop 'em~!

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Review #23, by Ash Pendragon Chapter 8-10

20th December 2005:
same in this chap i get to "You don't really believe this, do you, Jack?" Daniel asked his best friend. "I thought you didn't believe in magic? All the things he said that would make me Harry Potter would have to be magic. Hell, you can't even call their wands by their given name. He," Daniel spat as he waved at Snape, "is just reaching. He wants to confuse us, make you lose your trust in me. He's only co then nothing

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Review #24, by Ash Pendragon Chapter 1-4

20th December 2005:
i get to "Well, this was great and everything, but I really need to be getting back," Daniel explained. "I'm afraid, Dr. Jackson, that and then it shuts off were is the rest????????????

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Review #25, by Ash Pendragon Chapter 11

20th December 2005:
great story but i think im missing parts in it can u see y that is thanks

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