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Review #1, by mrsmolly T or D in 42'

9th July 2007:
please up date

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Review #2, by mrsmolly Cathy to Lily

4th April 2007:
COOL, please update!

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Review #3, by Reka Mina Kintar T or D in 42'

27th January 2007:
Well, I like the plot, but it's a bit confusing. I don't know if this is just me, but i'd kind of like rose to explain to cathy and lily what's going on. Plus- what was the point of them switching? I don't know but right now i'm left with a lot of questions, which is good, but i think some of them should have been answered by by now.

Author's Response: I agree, I was just too lazy to have them put in their earlier. Chapter Nine will explain a lot, I think. Thanks for the review, though!

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Review #4, by Please please update T or D in 42'

1st November 2006:
would you please please please update soon i really reallly want to read the rest of this story!!! thank you

Author's Response: I promise I will, as soon as I have my computer back (it died, and I'm on my neighbour's). So, I'll write it, and put it up as soon as I can with out failing my classes!

Thank you so much for the review!

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Review #5, by Anonymous T or D in 42'

24th September 2006:
I’m loving this story! Such a great idea to have James’ mother as the prankster and his father as the responsible one. Can’t wait for the 9th chapter.

Author's Response: Thank you so much! I can't wait for it either! (I should write it shouldn't I?)

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Review #6, by white_blossom T or D in 42'

18th September 2006:
This is such a cool idea for a story! I never thought of James' parents too much but you've made them into two really fantastic characters in themselves. I love it, especially Richie. He's cute. And McGonagall aswell, she rocks! I hope you update soon :-)

Author's Response: Thank you! And I will! (sooner or later, but maybe somewhere inbetween)

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Review #7, by person who's way too lazy to sign in T or D in 42'

9th September 2006:
I love the idea of this story and can't wait for the next chapter(s)!! :) You're a great author and should really update this story as soon as possible.

Author's Response: Thank you so much! I will now that my head's larger than Texas probably!

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Review #8, by Aretmis2 T or D in 42'

30th August 2006:
please update!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
come on please please please!!!!

Author's Response: I will! Eventually...
Come one I will I will I will!

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Review #9, by mimesrppl2 T or D in 42'

24th August 2006:
this is good!update soon

Author's Response: Thank you! I'll try!

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Review #10, by Hurt T or D in 42'

23rd August 2006:
this is sooo original! Wow.. but ehm are we going to hear about how to break the Curse?

Author's Response: Eventually I will get to the point of the acual plotline, which is the curse. I'm getting there, slowly, but surely, I am getting there.

Thank you immensely for the review!

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Review #11, by Infantasia The Royal Pranksters

22nd August 2006:
Wow...I slightly confused. Your story is great, with it's complicated twists and thoughtful plot, but I do have to say, I am a bit startled by what's been going on. First off, is Cathy the main character, or is Lily? And second of all, if Lily is Cathy and Cathy is Lily, then they're falling in love with the Potters of their time period, right? Which means, Lily will have to marry Richie Potter and give birth to James? And as for the Potter's curse, what is it, exactly? Eep, sorry, a lot of questions. Maybe I should just hold my horses and wait till the next few chapters to have them answered. Yeah, I think I'll do just that. I'm getting ahead of myself here. Anyway, great going with the first seven chapters, and I'm eagerly awating the eighth :)

Author's Response: Alalalala, I had no idea it was thoughtful! Oh, yay, and I thought it looked like random ramblings...

Both Cathy, and Lily are the main characters, or protaganists (my new word of the day), since no one ever said that you couldn't have more than one main charater. So both of them are.

Secondly, of course not! They we both eventually get back to their own times and Cathy'll marry Richie, an so on.

The curse... will eventually be made clear. It may not be in the eighth, or the ninth, hellfires, it may not even be clear by the sixteenth (supposing there is going to be a sixteenth), but eventually it will all be as clear as a glass window (a dusty window, prehaps, but a window nonetheless).

Thank you so very, very much for the review, and don't worry, I enjoy questions immensely. The more the merrier, i say.

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Review #12, by magic_is_real_believe_it The Royal Pranksters

29th June 2006:
haha funny!!!

Author's Response: *snort* That's how I wrote it...

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Review #13, by mosa_hufflepuff Crystal Ball

27th May 2006:
This is too funny! Lily trying to be a trouble maker sounds like me (although I am not as up tight). It's funny to see the name Richie and the way he acts. Sounds a lot like my boyfriend. Freaky! LOL Update soon.

Author's Response: Whoa... I am so disturbed right now. Thank you for the review, and I'm working on the next chapter!

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Review #14, by QUEEN Lily To Cathy

21st May 2006:

Author's Response: Cool!

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Review #15, by JenTigerPotter Crystal Ball

25th March 2006:
Hilarious! Me friends and I woulda said somethin different, though. But still, hilarious! Update soon! Who here hates the fact that we can't post any more stories or chapters from Fri. 24 March till Tue. 28 March? I do! Please update asap!

Author's Response: Thank you so much! I here hates it! It sucks!

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Review #16, by PRINCESS Cathy to Lily

11th March 2006:

Author's Response: Thats nice, and all, but what does that have to do with anything?

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Review #17, by QUEEN Lily To Cathy

11th March 2006:

Author's Response: Okay. Thats nice. Thanks!

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Review #18, by HiJane_2 Hogwarts 42'

10th February 2006:
I like your stories and how you write! w When you write the diloge is always funny! Keep writing and submit the next Chappie Soon!

Author's Response: Thank you! I'll probably submit now! Thank you again!

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Review #19, by LostMaeblleshire Hogwarts 42'

23rd January 2006:
I haven't reviewed this chapter yet? How very strange indeed... *mutters to self* I still am loving this story, what with the different generations mixed with familiar characters. Minerva was definitely not quite what I was expecting! Quite a shock there, although it's rather delightful to read about our young Minnie. ^_- Great chapter!

Author's Response: Thank you! I know, I some how could never picture a young Minervia being the way she is today... so I made her the opposite! ^_^

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Review #20, by mosa_hufflepuff Hogwarts 42'

9th January 2006:
It's funny reading about Richie Potter because my boyfriends name is Richard! lol! And he is shy too! THis story is intresting, but I hope you explain why they were switched later in the story.

Author's Response: Thanks! Right now I'm still trying to figure out why I had them switch, as well. I'll think of something... eventually...

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Review #21, by LostMaeblleshire Cathy to Lily

28th December 2005:
Really, I stumbled across this chapter on accident. I was just staring at my favourites list, and was like... wait... lol. Must have been validated in this mass-validation frenzy, eh? Er, sorry for rambling. Anyway, it was a bit confusing at first, but I was able to work out exactly what was going on after I remembered what had happened in the previous chapter and prologue. I really love, though, how you had her and "Minnie" talk and interact, because I thought it was rather neat. Everyone seems to be switching about, and I'm eager for more! Too bad you can't update soon. *sigh* (I apologise if this review makes no sense at all. >_<)

Author's Response: Accident, eh? I think the management has gone a bit koo-coo. Thank you! The very SECOND the submissions are open, I'm submitting four, and maybe five. That way if they close again, I'll have more waiting than I did. Your review made PLEANTY of sense, maybe a bit too much sense...

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Review #22, by totsandtaters Prologue

27th December 2005:
this would be a brilliant story if you just cut the terrible scenes out of this story. nothing at this age is supposed to serious and vulgar - just a word of advice.

Author's Response: At what age? There's vulgar? This is news to me. I had no idea!

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Review #23, by mystery_prophecy Lily To Cathy

25th December 2005:
its good, i like it...funny too

Author's Response: Double trouble, boil, and bubble.

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Review #24, by mystery_prophecy Lily To Cathy

25th December 2005:
its good, i like it...funny too

Author's Response: Why thank you! I tried to make it less funny, and more serious... but that never seems to work...

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Review #25, by rebecca everette Prologue

23rd December 2005:
very cool

Author's Response: Very Thank you!

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