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Review #1, by Karley K R Chapter 7

8th May 2007:
Ooh! Please update sometime soon! This chapter was really good, I wonder why no one has reviewed. Hm...
ANYWHO, please, please, please, PLEASE update.
KKR out!

Author's Response: I'll try, I'm a bit busy with school at the moment though, so it might be a little while yet. Thanks so much for the review!

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Review #2, by green_eyes_red hair Chapter 1

26th January 2007:
i kinda want to know which death eater this is could you put it in the authors note? otherwise very good.

Author's Response: The character isn't a Death Eater-she was acting under the Imperius Curse. Her name is Angelica. Thanks for the review anyway

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Review #3, by Padfootz_luvr Chapter 6

26th September 2006:
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Author's Response: ok that'd be great thanx!!! i'll contact u wit the details!

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Review #4, by tjwhermione Chapter 1

7th September 2006:
Sorry, I haven't read the chapter yet, but I wanted to send you the toaster I promised! Here's the link:

Enjoy your toaster and thanks for reading/reviewing Voldie-Ninja!! ; )

Author's Response: ok thanx hehe...toastie!

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Review #5, by Houlestar Chapter 3

10th January 2006:
THis is interesting. I have a friend named Gaby, just random, but there you go.

Author's Response: Yeah, I used to have a friend called Gabby too but we sort of fell apart. Thanx for the review anyway

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Review #6, by Houlestar Chapter 2

10th January 2006:
Well it isn't defined so much yet, so it is hard to say whether or not it is good or bad.

Author's Response: Ok, it'll be explained more as the story goes on

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Review #7, by Houlestar Chapter 1

10th January 2006:
Interesting, not passing judgements yet.

Author's Response: Thank you

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Review #8, by Golden_Snitch Chapter 3

6th January 2006:
Ouch! That can't be good...

Author's Response: I know but it had to happen, it's important for the coming chapters

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Review #9, by Golden_Snitch Chapter 2

6th January 2006:
Good use of description, nice work!

Author's Response: Thanx...again!

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Review #10, by Golden_Snitch Chapter 1

6th January 2006:
This is good, kind of scary. Do we find out if the person is an oc or an existing character? I guess I'll just have to read and find out...!

Author's Response: The person is an oc. Thanks for the review!

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Review #11, by Samhaina Chapter 1

30th December 2005:
No I'm confused. Is it a guy, or a girl that is the main character? Well anyways. It's very good, very descriptive! If you are still looking for someone to make you a banner, I would do it for you!

Author's Response: Thanks! The main character is a girl her name is Angelica and a banner would be great!! Thanks again!

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Review #12, by Socccerina Chapter 1

6th December 2005:
Sounds interesting, update soon!

Author's Response: Thanks i will

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Review #13, by stephanie_potter Chapter 1

6th December 2005:
i like you're story, but who is the main character? it really confused me and is still, well update soon byex~x~x

Author's Response: thankyou i will update, sorry I forgot to add the name of the main character into the story you'll learn more about herr in the next chapter her name is Anjelica

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Review #14, by ashley5895 Chapter 1

6th December 2005:
i like it so far. cant wait to read it.

Author's Response: thanx

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Review #15, by HELENz Chapter 1

6th December 2005:
I like this... but... Who is the main charactor here?

Author's Response: thanx Anjelica is the main character-she's the one telling the story

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